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8/29/2013 4:52 PM
It's really sad that I have a Jr TE with 897, who hasn't had a pass thrown his way in 2 seasons. It makes me wonder why recruit , or do the testing for you guys, when I STILL CAN"T GET MY TE'S INVOLVED IN THE GAME PLAN, actually Oriole can't get them involved. I wonder if he'll catch a pass before he graduates? Can that part of the engine be so difficult,or time consuming to adjust? We have been asking this same question for months, and not a damn thing has been done about it. Absolutely absurd.
8/29/2013 7:35 PM
Not sure which is worse: the tight end issue or the starter issue.  I recruited a Tight End that I promised to start, and I named him the starter and he has played every game.  Of course, he is useless in the pass game, and is only getting credited with biweekly starts while his work ethic drops.....

Now, I understand there are priorites.  Fix the crazy pass issues for instance.  But why are other issues being worked on when these two issues continue to annoy the hell out of the players who give the developers feedback?  Is the feedback not being heard?  I know people would really really like the Tight End and starter issue fixed.  Why is other stuff more important right now?  

My gut feeling is this - Beta is done.  THey are making the game they want regardless of what we say.  We may or may not hear about updates, which seems indicative that feedback (or even coaches) are not neccesary for version 3 to go foward.    
8/29/2013 11:06 PM
Guy's, we ask him to let us know what he was working on and he's doing exactly that. I for one feel much better about 3.0 just knowing what's going on and knowing that eventually oriole will be working on the TE issue as well as every other issue until he/we "get 'er done"!
8/30/2013 1:02 AM
I agree, and I like the approach of getting a full handle on the entire game engine before trying to address bug fixes.  Fix one thing, and if you don't have a full grasp on the code, it's likely you break something us.

8/30/2013 8:36 AM
Not trying to sound negative.  Obviously if I am still here following the forums and playing my team I have not given up on version 3.  Seems to me that having an entire position MIA is a priority though, while the starter issue has been getting fixed since the first season.  The frustration is not at Oriole, but at the situation.  If he has too much to do to address the issues, he should have some more help. 
8/30/2013 9:27 AM
 samson75: "If he has too much to do to address the issues, he should have some more help. "

+1. I agree 100% and don't understand if GD just isn't a high priority or if the powers that be feel like it will happen when it happens...
8/30/2013 7:32 PM
i dont know if its just me but ive never had an issue with the starters not getting credit. my TE's are uninvolved, but i think the bigger issue is the fact that the engine is a crap shoot at best.  i lost a conf game to SIMAI Iowa State today 10-7, that i beat by 3-4 TD's in every test game I ran.  I also drove the length of the field during the last 3:09 and didn't attempt the game tying FG from the 20 yrd line....2&1 at the 20 with :06 left and i run a passing play out of SG that gains 16 yrds. Game Over.
8/30/2013 7:42 PM
I don't think the powers that be (FOX), could care less. "What if sports" is probably just a tax write-off for them. If they cared, v3 wouldn't be dragging on for 7 months with very little (if any) improvement.  If they cared, they would be listening to how unhappy and restless, the paying customers are. If they cared, and if  WIS is understaffed, they would hire additional, knowledgeable employees. If they cared, they would either get v3 up and running, or it would get shut down, now, and stay with v2. That's what I'd do if I were running the show. But, I don't think that FOX really cares about WIS, or even keeps up with it. So here we all are, losing interest every day. Nothing changes, just the same old story.
8/30/2013 11:49 PM
That all said, and no offense to the team on this project, but so you think they sent in the "A" team here?

8/31/2013 12:36 AM
"I pity da fools!"
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