Clash #2- Shaq/Kobe vs Garnett/Pierce (7 spots) Topic

Clash of the Titan's #2

Shaq & Kobe vs Garnett & Pierce

This should make for a monster 'Clash of the Titan's'. Garnett & Shaq are the top 2 ranked centers in 'Clash of the Titan's' #1, and have earned their place in the 'Clash'. I have included their running mates Kobe & Pierce in this edition. The 12 Garnett/Pierce teams in the Eastern Conf and the 12 Shaq/Kobe teams in the Western Conf. Now for some East coast vs West coast..'Run-n-Gun' basketball!!!

The best Shaq/Kobe and Garnett/Pierce teams will meet in the league Finals for the...

                                                     ***Clash of the Titan's***

Format - open league
Teams - 1st 'in', 1st choice (we have 12 of each pairing)
Banned Players - Wilt, MJ, 2012-13 LBJ & 2012-13 Durant
(Wilt & MJ will get their turn, LBJ & KD had their turn)
Salad Cap - $52M (the best years run ~$19M)
No Clones
No Rookies
No Waiver Wire
No Net


I have 7 open spots, 2 teams per owner..OK

Do I have any Taker's..?
10/21/2013 1:28 PM (edited)

Garnett / Pierce Conference    vs   Shaq / Kobe Conference

smokey (returning)                                                 logain (returning)
jhsukow (returning)                                                copernicus (returning)
malone (returning)                                                  skypilot (returning)
thisredbox (new)                                                     98average (returning)
benjihall (returning)                                                coolmay (returning)
pedromart (new)                                                      kdforester (returning)
superrobb420 (new)                                                smokey57
skypilot                                                                     ncmusicians

10/21/2013 1:26 PM (edited)
The problem with Jordan is the 2012-13 LBJ is really the best pairing .Because 'Clash' #1 was LBJ vs KD, I'll need to hold that pair back for a couple more 'Clash's'. I like Bird vs DrJ and Stockton vs CP too. Maybe a Bird/Dr J vs KD/LBJ someday. Tell me who you would like to see. Please no more than 2 player pairings like Kobe/Shaq, I don't think I want 3 players like Garnett/Pierce/Allen. You want him with your own money buddy. lol
8/30/2013 5:22 PM
Shaq/Kobe - am I to understand that I can use LBJ as long as it's not 12-13?
8/30/2013 5:43 PM

yes, you can use any LBJ or Durant except 2012-13 year. Sparky truely loves the 2012-13 year of LeBron  & Durant, they're monsters. That and we just used them in 'Clash' #1.

8/30/2013 6:25 PM (edited)
I'd like to still see Rodman Vs. (Ben) Wallace

do we have to use them when they were teammates, or are the Twolves years are okay?
8/30/2013 7:02 PM
Any year for any of the player's career is OK, there are no restrictions on the years used.
8/30/2013 7:13 PM
Maybe we could match the top PG's with Rodman & Wallace, like Rodman/Stockton vs Wallace/CP.
8/30/2013 7:15 PM
Shaq and Kobe
8/30/2013 7:18 PM
logain are they about 1"x1" on your monitor or full size? They're about 1"x1" on my monitor.
8/30/2013 7:36 PM
logain have the graphics in the main post been reduced on your monitor.
8/30/2013 7:54 PM
Thx, I pulled them instead of messing around with it.
8/30/2013 8:02 PM
Garnett pierce
8/31/2013 12:53 AM
Garnett Pierce
8/31/2013 8:11 AM
Not to be too different...but - Pierce and Garnett.

Just to be clear, I want Constance Garnett. She was an English translator of nineteenth-century Russian literature.

She has the little-known triple-double of 10.2 FTA/48, 19.5 steal/48 and 12.1 periods/48.
8/31/2013 7:22 PM
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Clash #2- Shaq/Kobe vs Garnett/Pierce (7 spots) Topic

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