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Reverse Sudoku

Numbers that owners used for round 1 are reversed for round 2.  Example: 08 41 63 72 95 becomes 80 14 36 27 59. All other rules from round 1 apply.

9/4/2013 11:24 PM
Posted by Donburgh on 9/4/2013 11:24:00 PM (view original):
Reverse Sudoku

Numbers that owners used for round 1 are reversed for round 2.  Example: 08 41 63 72 95 becomes 80 14 36 27 59. All other rules from round 1 apply.

I am not a huge fan of themes where you don't have control over your team.  This would be an example of where some teams might have an advantage over others just by what their years were.  You have no control over this without having prior knowledge that was going to be a 2nd round theme.  People can argue whether deadball pitching gives you an advantage, but I think it does give a slight cost benefit.  Now some teams would be lucky and have this option to draft deadball innings while others wouldn't, and neither party had any control over it.  
9/5/2013 12:21 AM
Yeah, I agree, can't do a theme like this without advance notice.  It's also a little too similar conceptually to what's already happening with the 120M league in this round.
9/5/2013 7:14 AM
How about a league where the team must draft one pitcher over $15 mil and one batter over $15 mil and draft the rest of the team twisting teammates of the high salary players?
9/5/2013 2:11 PM
Everyone picks 1 player that must be on every roster and we can use any season that player played. Each player must have 10 seasons minimum to choose from. The 25th player can be a wild card up to each individual owner.
9/6/2013 12:23 AM
^ We played that theme a few years ago and it didn't work. Too many people nominated odd players who had zero or one  Simworthy seasons.
9/6/2013 1:19 AM
League Name: No Place Like the Road
Salary Cap
 $100 Million

Description:  Build a team around away team advantage instead of the classic homefield advantage.  

Pick your home park :     PNC Park (+2 +1 -1 -2 -1) or Kingdome (-2 +1 -1 +2 +2)

If you picked PNC Park, your hitters must be low average high power players.  (Team hitting totals AVG <.250, HRs >250).  They will struggle at home, but do better on the road for the teams that picked the Kingdome.  If you picked PNC park, your pitching will give up lots of hits.  (Team OAV > .270)  Once again, they will struggle at home and prefer to start on the road.  

If you picked the Kingdome, your hitters must be high average, low power slap hitters. (Team hitting totals AVG > .320, HR <50, SB <50.I don't want everyone falling back to the OL strategy of high average, high SB hitters.  I would like to see some new ideas.)  Your slap hitters are going to fail to drive the ball at home, but like batting on the road at PNC Park.  If you picked Kingdome as your home field, your pitchers are going to give up the long ball.  (Team pitching totals HR/9 >1.20)  

DH: No
WW: No
Trades: No
Clones: No
Injuries: Turned On
SLL: Not allowed 
Multi-team players: No restrictions (i.e., you can use partial or combined), 
Ballpark: Anything
300K Exception: None
Team Name: Anything

Division Alignment: Random

Possible adjustments :  

I went with team totals because of the difficulty of trying to find MI that would have low AVG and high HR totals.  There are not many out there I think too many teams would end up looking very similar.  Since the theme already had team totals for hitting, I went with team totals for pitching.  That could be changed to per player restrictions easily enough.  I set the cut off numbers at points where I thought there still would a large enough pool of players to select from, but still be high enough that you have to restrictive on your choices.  These numbers can also be easily adjusted.  

9/9/2013 1:37 AM

This just popped into my head...

World Series Matchup

  • Pick one season and build your roster from the two WS teams
  • You must use 12 players from each team
  • Your 25th player can be any free agent not from one of those teams but must be from the same season
9/11/2013 10:06 AM
Posted by toddcommish on 9/2/2013 9:50:00 PM (view original):
Why not just take the 24 $100M rosters of the first round, and make a blacklist?

This forces everyone to come up with new players.
This is the most challenging for the "elite".  Basically, you're saying that NONE of the players that the 24 top managers used in the previous round will show up in this round.  In all likelihood, you'll have no Joss (or probably any 1910 Naps), no Mathewson (or any 1907 Giants), no Ruth.... none of the usual $100M suspects.
9/11/2013 11:32 AM
The blacklist idea is in the lead. It's a simple concept yet challenging. Although I'd probably make it a blacklist of players from all 96 round-one $100M teams.
9/11/2013 2:00 PM
I did a quick tally, and there are 1389 unique players from the 96 round one $100M teams.  Although only 459 of these players were used more than once.  And of these 459, only 393 were players over $300K in salary (on average).  If I go with this theme, maybe I use a blacklist of only the 393 players.  Don't see a big need for blacklisting a bunch of 200K-300K players.
9/11/2013 2:11 PM
Here is a list of those 393 players

Aaron, Hank Cirillo, Jeff Giusti, Dave Lajoie, Nap Oquendo, Jose Simmons, Al
Abernathy, Ted Clark, Jack Glavine, Tom Lake, Steve Ordonez, Magglio Simmons, Ted
Adams, Babe Clarke, Nig Gomez, Lefty Lapp, Jack Ozuna, Pablo Simon, Mike
Adams, Mike Cobb, Ty Gonzalez, Adrian Latman, Barry Pagliarulo, Mike Smith, Bryn
Aguilera, Rick Cochrane, Mickey Gonzalez, Luis LaValliere, Mike Palmeiro, Rafael Smith, Charlie
Alexander, Pete Coleman, Vince Gooden, Dwight Lazzeri, Tony Park, Chan Ho Smith, Frank
Alomar Jr., Sandy Collins, Eddie Gossage, Rich Leach, Terry Peckinpaugh, Roger Smith, George
Alomar, Roberto Collins, Jimmy Gott, Jim Leonard, Dutch Pendleton, Terry Smith, Lee
Alou, Felipe Collins, Ray Grabarkewitz, Billy Leyritz, Jim Perez, Odalis Smith, Ozzie
Ames, Red Combs, Earle Granderson, Curtis Ligtenberg, Kerry Peters, Gary Smoltz, John
Anderson, Brady Cone, David Graney, Jack Lilliquist, Derek Pfiester, Jack Snider, Duke
Aparicio, Luis Cormier, Rheal Griffey Jr., Ken Lillis, Bob Phillips, Tony Sojo, Luis
Appier, Kevin Cox, Danny Griffey Sr., Ken Lindeman, Jim Piazza, Mike Speaker, Tris
Baerga, Carlos Cravath, Gavvy Grimes, Burleigh Lloyd, Graeme Pierce, Billy Spooneybarger, Tim
Baker, Frank Cromer, Tripp Grove, Lefty Locker, Bob Pierre, Juan Stahl, Jake
Banks, Ernie Cuellar, Mike Guidry, Ron Lofton, Kenny Plank, Eddie Stanley, Mike
Bautista, Jose Curtis, Cliff Haller, Tom Loney, James Plunk, Eric Steele, Elmer
Bay, Harry Dahlen, Bill Hammaker, Atlee Lopez, Javy Polanco, Placido Stinson, Bob
Belanger, Mark Davis, Eric Hart, Jim Ray Lowe, Derek Polonia, Luis Strang, Sammy
Bell, David Davis, Tommy Headley, Chase Luderus, Fred Poole, Jim Strawberry, Darryl
Bell, Heath Dawson, Andre Helton, Todd Lundgren, Carl Posada, Jorge Sullivan, Billy
Bemis, Harry Deleon, Jose Henderson, Rickey Lynn, Fred Pratt, Todd Surhoff, B.J.
Bender, Chief DeRosa, Mark Herges, Matt Maddux, Greg Purtell, Billy Sutton, Don
Benz, Joe Devlin, Art Hernandez, Keith Maddux, Mike Quinn, Jack Sweeney, Mark
Berger, Heinie Dickey, Bill Hernandez, Roberto Magrane, Joe Quisenberry, Dan Sweeney, Mike
Bernhard, Bill Dimaggio, Joe Herr, Tom Mamaux, Al Raines, Tim Tanana, Frank
Berroa, Angel Dinneen, Bill Hershiser, Orel Manto, Jeff Ramirez, Manny Taylor, Dummy
Birkbeck, Mike Dipino, Frank Hickman, Charlie Manzanillo, Josias Reed, Steve Tettleton, Mickey
Bishop, Max Douglas, Phil Hoeft, Billy Marichal, Juan Remlinger, Mike Tewksbury, Bob
Bogar, Tim Doyle, Larry Hoerner, Joe Martin, Russell Renteria, Edgar Thigpen, Bobby
Boggs, Wade Drysdale, Don Hofman, Solly Martinez, Dennis Reulbach, Ed Thomas, Frank
Bonilla, Bobby Durham, Leon Horlen, Joe Martinez, Edgar Ripken Jr., Cal Thome, Jim
Borbon Jr., Pedro Dykstra, Lenny Horton, Ricky Martinez, Pedro Rivera, Mariano Toney, Fred
Borton, Babe Easterly, Ted Hoyt, Waite Martinez, Ramon E. Roberts, Robin Traynor, Pie
Boyer, Ken Eckersley, Dennis Hundley, Todd Mathewson, Christy Robinson, Wilbert Tudor, John
Bradley, Bill Edmonds, Jim Hurdle, Clint Mattingly, Don Rocker, John Turner, Terry
Braxton, Garland Ehmke, Howard Innis, Jeff May, Lee Rodney, Fernando Urbina, Ugueth
Bresnahan, Roger Ellsworth, Dick Isringhausen, Jason Mazzilli, Lee Rodriguez, Alex Valentin, John
Brett, George Evers, Johnny Jackson, Joe McCovey, Willie Rodriguez, Ivan Varitek, Jason
Brock, Lou Fairly, Ron Jackson, Mike McDaniel, Lindy Rolen, Scott Veras, Quilvio
Brown, Kevin Falkenberg, Cy Jackson, Reggie McGann, Dan Ruffing, Red Verlander, Justin
Brown, Mordecai Farnsworth, Kyle Jeter, Derek McGee, Willie Russell, Reb Vizquel, Omar
Broxton, Jonathan Fassero, Jeff John, Tommy McGinnity, Joe Ruth, Babe Wade, Cory
Buckner, Bill Fernandez, Sid Johnson, Howard McGraw, John Ryan, Nolan Wagner, Billy
Buhner, Jay Fernandez, Tony Johnson, Randy McGraw, Tug Saberhagen, Bret Wagner, Honus
Burdette, Lew Ferry, Jack Jones, Barry McGuire, Deacon Saito, Takashi Walsh, Ed
Burke, Tim Fisk, Carlton Jones, Chipper McKnight, Jeff Sallee, Slim Weaver, Buck
Burkett, John Flick, Elmer Jones, Doug McMichael, Greg Sanchez, Rey Wetteland, John
Butler, Brett Floyd, Cliff Jones, Todd Meredith, Cla Sandberg, Ryne White, Doc
Byrne, Bobby Foster, George Joss, Addie Mesa, Jose Santo, Ron White, Gabe
Cabrera, Jose Fournier, Jack Justice, David Millwood, Kevin Schalk, Ray Wilkins, Rick
Cabrera, Miguel Foxx, Jimmie Karger, Ed Mitchell, Willie Schang, Wally Williams, Bernie
Caminiti, Ken Franco, John Karsay, Steve Moore, Earl Schilling, Curt Wilson, Don
Camnitz, Howie Franco, Julio Kauff, Benny Morgan, Cy Schreckengost, Ossee Wilson, Willie
Candelaria, John Furcal, Rafael Kelly, George Morgan, Joe Schulte, Frank Wiltse, Hooks
Canseco, Jose Gaetti, Gary Kemp, Matt Moyer, Jamie Scott, Mike Wolfgang, Mellie
Carey, Max Gagne, Eric Kent, Jeff Murphy, Danny Seanez, Rudy Wood, Joe
Carlos, Cisco Galarraga, Andres Kershaw, Clayton Murray, Eddie Seaver, Tom Worrell, Todd
Carlton, Steve Garciaparra, Nomar Key, Jimmy Myers, Randy Seitzer, Kevin Wright, Jaret
Carpenter, Cris Gardner, Larry Kling, Johnny Nehf, Art Seymour, Cy Wynn, Jim
Carter, Gary Gehrig, Lou Knickerbocker, Bill Nelson, Gene Shaw, Bob Young, Cy
Cepeda, Orlando Gentile, Jim Koenig, Mark Offerman, Jose Shawkey, Bob Youngs, Ross
Cey, Ron Gibson, Bob Koonce, Cal Ojeda, Bob Sheckard, Jimmy Zimmerman, Heinie
Chance, Frank Gibson, George Krause, Harry Olson, Gregg Sheffield, Gary  
Charlton, Norm Giles, Brian Kroh, Rube O'Neill, Paul Shocker, Urban  
Cicotte, Eddie Gilkey, Bernard Kuo, Hong-Chih Ontiveros, Steve Shuey, Paul  
9/11/2013 2:13 PM
Although, that being said, there are quite a few really good players in the subset of players used exactly once.  Here are 291 of the highest salaried players used exaclty once.    Maybe I should blacklist these guys too.

Allen, Dick Concepcion, Dave Gwynn, Tony Lobert, Hans Pinson, Vada Tannehill, Jesse
Allen, Ethan Coveleski, Stan Halladay, Roy Lord, Harry Podsednik, Scott Tartabull, Danny
Alou, Matty Crawford, Willie Hamilton, Billy Lowe, Bobby Pollet, Howie Teixeira, Mark
Anderson, Fred Crone, Ray Hands, Bill Luque, Dolf Porter, Darrell Templeton, Garry
Atkins, Garrett Cronin, Joe Hauser, Joe Lush, Billy Puckett, Kirby Tenace, Gene
Averill, Earl Cuyler, Kiki Heath, Jeff Macfarlane, Mike Pujols, Albert Tesreau, Jeff
Bagwell, Jeff Damon, Johnny Hendrix, Claude Maddox, Garry Randolph, Willie Thomas, Gorman
Bailey, Bob Daulton, Darren Henrich, Tommy Magadan, Dave Reed, Ron Thompson, Fresco
Bancroft, Dave Davis, George Hinchman, Bill Magee, Sherry Reese, Pee Wee Thomson, Bobby
Beckett, Josh Davis, Harry Hoiles, Chris Malone, Pat Reyes, Jose Tiant, Luis
Belcher, Tim Davis, Jody Holtzman, Ken Marion, Marty Reynolds, Carl Tinker, Joe
Bell, Jay Davis, Willie Hooper, Harry Martinez, Ramon Rice, Harry Titus, John
Belle, Albert DeCinces, Doug Hornsby, Rogers Mathews, Eddie Rice, Jim Tolan, Bobby
Bench, Johnny Delgado, Carlos Howard, Frank Matlack, Jon Rigney, Topper Torre, Joe
Berkman, Lance Demaree, Al Howard, Ryan May, Carlos Rijo, Jose Trachsel, Steve
Biggio, Craig Dibble, Rob Hrbek, Kent Mays, Willie Rixey, Eppa Trosky, Hal
Blair, Paul Dietz, Dick Hubbell, Carl McCarver, Tim Rogell, Billy Tulowitzki, Troy
Blake, Casey Driessen, Dan Hughes, Roy McGregor, Scott Rogers, Steve Uhle, George
Blauser, Jeff Duffy, Hugh Hunt, Ron McGriff, Fred Rolfe, Red Vance, Dazzy
Blue, Vida Dye, Jermaine Hunter, Catfish McGwire, Mark Rollins, Jimmy Veach, Bobby
Blyleven, Bert Dykes, Jimmy Hurst, Bruce Medwick, Joe Rose, Pete Vickers, Rube
Boddicker, Mike Earnshaw, George Iguchi, Tadahito Messersmith, Andy Roseboro, Johnny Waddell, Rube
Bonham, Tiny Evans, Dwight Jackson, Larry Meyers, Chief Roush, Edd Wainwright, Adam
Bowa, Larry Everett, Carl Jackson, Travis Miller, Dots Rowe, Schoolboy Wakefield, Tim
Bradley, Phil Farrell, Turk Jenkins, Fergie Minoso, Minnie Ruel, Muddy Walker, Gee
Brecheen, Harry Felsch, Happy Jennings, Hughie Morris, Hal Russo, Marius Walker, Harry
Brouthers, Dan Ferrell, Rick Jimenez, Ubaldo Morton, Guy Sabathia, C.C. Walker, Larry
Bumbry, Al Fitzsimmons, Freddie Johnson, Charles Mueller, Bill Sanchez, Freddy Wallach, Tim
Burkett, Jesse Foster, Rube Johnson, Walter Mumphrey, Jerry Sanderson, Scott Waner, Paul
Burns, Bill Fox, Pete Jones, Andruw Munger, Red Santana, Johan White, Bill
Burns, George Francona, Tito Jones, Sam Musial, Stan Sax, Steve Whitney, Pinky
Bush, Donie Freeman, Buck Jordan, Brian Nagy, Charles Schmidt, Mike Williams, Billy
Caldwell, Mike Frisch, Frankie Kaat, Jim Neagle, Denny Schoendienst, Red Williams, Cy
Campaneris, Bert Fryman, Travis Keeler, Willie Nettles, Graig Schupp, Ferdie Williams, Matt
Cano, Robinson Garvey, Steve Keller, Charlie Nichols, Kid Scott, Everett Willis, Vic
Capra, Buzz Gehringer, Charlie Kelley, Joe O'Connell, Danny Sewell, Joe Wills, Maury
Carbo, Bernie Giambi, Jason Klein, Chuck O'Doul, Lefty Seybold, Socks Wilson, Chief
Carpenter, Chris Gladden, Dan Knoblauch, Chuck Ott, Mel Shore, Ernie Winfield, Dave
Cash, Dave Goslin, Goose Koosman, Jerry Overall, Orval Sievers, Roy Winn, Randy
Castillo, Luis Green, Dick Koslo, Dave Owen, Frank Singleton, Ken Witt, Mike
Cerone, Rick Greenberg, Hank Koufax, Sandy Owen, Marv Smith, Reggie Wood, Wilbur
Chandler, Spud Gregg, Vean Kremer, Ray Palmer, Jim Spahn, Warren Wynegar, Butch
Chapman, Ben Greinke, Zack Kruk, John Parrish, Lance Speier, Chris Yastrzemski, Carl
Chapman, Ray Grich, Bobby Lansford, Carney Paskert, Dode Staub, Rusty Young, Dmitri
Chase, Hal Gubicza, Mark Larkin, Barry Peavy, Jake Stone, John Young, Eric
Clarke, Fred Guerrero, Pedro Leach, Tommy Pedroia, Dustin Stovall, George Yount, Robin
Clemens, Roger Guillen, Carlos Leiter, Al Petrocelli, Rico Sundberg, Jim  
Collins, Ripper Guillen, Ozzie Leonard, Dennis Pettitte, Andy Sutcliffe, Rick  
Colon, Bartolo Gura, Larry Lindstrom, Freddy Phillippe, Deacon Swift, Bill  
9/11/2013 2:17 PM
I'll give it some more thought, but keep those theme ideas coming.
9/11/2013 2:18 PM
Not that it affects me (I think I'm 98th out of 96 players), but BOTH blacklists would certainly force some new ways of team-building.  Perhaps a ballpark blacklist would cap it all off...
9/11/2013 2:44 PM
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