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I am a newbie.  I am retired and have played a variety of baseball card games.  (Strato-APBA)  I am interested in replaying different seasons.
Is there interest in replay leagues here?  I am interested in late fifties and the sixties, my childhood.  The 64 season is of great interest as a Phillie fan.  Any insight about replay leagues would be helpful.  Thanks
9/9/2013 11:10 PM
Replay Leagues do exist dlcunc31...single season versions can be found in the Theme League Classifieds from time to time. If you are looking for replay leagues that progress from year to year, then I suggest looking at Progressive Leagues in the Progressive League Classifieds.

Good luck finding the right league to play in and sitemail me if you have any questions about the game. I also recommend reading as much as you can in this thread since you are retired and have the time to do so ;). It will help you understand the nuances of the game.
9/10/2013 2:03 PM
Thanks.  I have noticed so many players stacking their teams with dead ball pitching in open leagues.  It may lead to theme leagues.  My pitcher the great Bo Belinsky hit in 9th trailing by 3.  That makes no sense in real life, a prior life or even simulation baseball. Oh well, live and learn.  Thanks again
9/10/2013 3:00 PM
hello dlc. would like to comment, without having to use the "quote" feature, about your two posts, on the ninth and tenth.

my short experience with apba was because of my love for stratomatic. tried apba on approx. a half dozen seasonal replays. similarly, those replays were also played with stratomatic, wherein the stratomatic replays produced a more realistic overall number satisfaction. am simply stating here that my experiences with apba, do not compare with stratomatic. still to this day, stratomatic seems even more reliable than the numbers and situations u describe here.

i was there during the same time-frame u describe. when stratomatic finally split cards, righty vs. lefty, i began to create my own cards, for any player, to experiment with. was so excited to share different ruth cards in draft leagues with my friends. we were a small group of about 12 to 15 of us. the work by hand was tedious, but neccessary, and it was always good to rely on the help of those friends, as they demanded the same accuracy, too.

u are also free to start your own league, and fine tune it to your goals of replaying a season, or three. i think u have a better chance at a more satisfying experience by forming your own baseball diamond to play on. the bo belinsky i grew up with, was an angel, and nobody went to angel games to see an angel. they went to see mickey mantle, or whatever stud was on the visiting teams roster. when i grew up, koufax was in town. did it ever matter whenever any other pitcher pitched?

i wish u well. and would like very much to continue reading of people here who know, or knew, stratomatic. 
9/10/2013 5:04 PM (edited)
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