GAPL needs 2 for 1923 season Topic

The GAPL is looking for two owners for the 1923 season.  We are a 12 team progressive league that started in 1901.  We have nine great owners.  The Boston Braves of the National League and the Chicago White Stockings will each have a top four pick in the lottery.  

As of this morning, we are 103 games into the season.  Draft order is set at the 120 game mark.  When we have a draft order I will post the pick the team will have. The Chicago team will be a lottery team. If you are interested in a team please let me know. 

Great American Progressive League

This league will start with the 1901 season and work our way through the history of baseball.

Full League Rules

* WIS 4 with 12 teams, 2 leagues, 1 division (6-6), 2 playoff teams, no interleague play and a balanced schedule
* Exculsive Player ownership
* No Waiver Wire
* Six Below Average AAA Fielder and four Below Average AAA Pitchers
* Alignment will be as close to possible to the NL/AL

Progressive Rules

* Opening draft will be a snake style draft 1-12, 12-1. Draft Order will be determined using Your number will be the order you sign up in. (i.e. the first person signing up will be 1, etc.)
* 25 man roster limit to start. As we progress and add enough players we will draft the extras into AAA
* There are 358 players available in the 1922 draft. 
* 1902 draft and on will be determined using the standings at the Transaction Deadline. Bottom four teams will be put in a lottery using Michigan Lottery Daily 4 drawings.
* Picks for the 1923 season CAN NOT be traded until the 1922 season starts.
* Any player you draft that disappears and re-enter the WIS database in later season can be placed on the IR list
* Only full season verisions of the player can be used. No partial seasons
* Players become eligible to be drafted when the first appear in the WIS Database
* Team names must have the State, City or Borough of the stadium's location. The nickname is up to you. You can use the orginal nickname or one you make up.
* When your team switches stadiums in real life you must do the same.
* You can change cities in future years but you must use one of your first three draft picks to select the Stadium.
9/16/2013 6:54 PM (edited)
Chicago White Stockings (owner: Billcf7) TAKEN
Comiskey Park (I) (Chicago White Sox: 1910-1990)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Rip Collins 1922 Boston Red Sox SP $4,891,324
Whitey Glazner 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates SP $4,199,641
George Mogridge 1922 Washington Senators SP $5,331,152
Herman Pillette 1922 Detroit Tigers SP $7,249,231
Bob Shawkey 1922 New York Yankees SP $7,756,863
Red Causey 1922 New York Giants RP $1,574,165
Jim Joe Edwards 1922 Cleveland Indians RP $2,107,855
Fred Hofmann 1922 New York Yankees C $714,500
Frank Snyder 1922 New York Giants C $3,790,239
Walter Holke 1922 Boston Braves 1B $2,155,919
Stuffy McInnis 1922 Cleveland Indians 1B $3,509,112
Danny Clark 1922 Detroit Tigers 2B $1,130,837
Bill Wambsganss 1922 Cleveland Indians 2B $3,444,337
Mike McNally 1922 New York Yankees 3B $1,370,621
Milt Stock 1922 St. Louis Cardinals 3B $3,868,666
Frank O'Rourke 1922 Boston Red Sox SS $1,279,696
Roger Peckinpaugh 1922 Washington Senators SS $3,297,507
Turner Barber 1922 Chicago Cubs OF $1,547,056
Bill Cunningham 1922 New York Giants OF $2,294,170
Chick Fewster 1922 Boston Red Sox OF $1,878,533
Bernie Friberg 1922 Chicago Cubs OF $2,104,409
Bert Griffith 1922 Brooklyn Robins OF $2,041,680
Cliff Heathcote 1922 St. Louis Cardinals OF $2,389,993
Elmer Miller 1922 Boston Red Sox OF $1,917,806
Sam Rice 1922 Washington Senators OF $4,644,676
9/16/2013 6:52 PM (edited)
Cleveland Crusaders (owner: occsid)
League Park (II) (Cleveland Indians: 1910-1946)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Joe Bush 1922 New York Yankees SP $7,677,544
Eric Erickson 1922 Washington Senators SP $2,708,924
Jesse Haines 1922 St. Louis Cardinals SP $4,059,961
Percy Jones 1922 Chicago Cubs SP $2,597,084
Rube Marquard 1922 Boston Braves SP $3,473,584
Dazzy Vance 1922 Brooklyn Robins SP $5,931,046
Hal Carlson 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $2,679,187
Hugh McQuillan 1922 Boston Braves RP $4,522,388
Lou North 1922 St. Louis Cardinals RP $3,539,963
Otto Miller 1922 Brooklyn Robins C $1,591,727
Bob O'Farrell 1922 Chicago Cubs C $5,161,387
Rube Bressler 1922 Cincinnati Reds 1B $200,453
Jake Daubert 1922 Cincinnati Reds 1B $7,000,345
Joe Judge 1922 Washington Senators 1B $4,663,397
George Cutshaw 1922 Detroit Tigers 2B $3,185,174
Frank Parkinson 1922 Philadelphia Phillies 2B $4,421,100
Fred Haney 1922 Detroit Tigers 3B $2,061,404
Bobby Lamotte 1922 Washington Senators 3B $1,671,292
Russ Wrightstone 1922 Philadelphia Phillies 3B $3,577,277
Topper Rigney 1922 Detroit Tigers SS $3,821,919
Max Carey 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates OF $7,112,744
Shano Collins 1922 Boston Red Sox OF $2,453,121
Max Flack 1922 St. Louis Cardinals OF $1,807,904
Johnny Mostil 1922 Chicago White Sox OF $4,609,214
Tris Speaker 1922 Cleveland Indians OF $7,922,748
9/10/2013 9:21 AM
Philadelphia A's (owner: robboogi) TAKEN
Shibe Park (Philadelphia Athletics: 1909-1952)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Petie Behan 1922 Philadelphia Phillies SP $968,449
Stan Coveleski 1922 Cleveland Indians SP $6,536,688
Bill Doak 1922 St. Louis Cardinals SP $2,982,255
Red Faber 1922 Chicago White Sox SP $10,768,884
Sam Jones 1922 New York Yankees SP $6,735,117
Rollie Naylor 1922 Philadelphia Athletics SP $3,483,367
Elam Vangilder 1922 St. Louis Browns SP $8,249,622
Rasty Wright 1922 St. Louis Browns SP $3,645,027
Garland Braxton 1922 Boston Braves RP $1,197,983
Chief Yellowhorse 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $1,929,885
Patsy Gharrity 1922 Washington Senators C $2,915,901
Johnny Gooch 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates C $3,704,417
George Sisler 1922 St. Louis Browns 1B $9,705,259
Lew Fonseca 1922 Cincinnati Reds 2B $3,570,079
Jimmy Johnston 1922 Brooklyn Robins 2B $4,927,978
Ivy Olson 1922 Brooklyn Robins 2B $3,837,568
Del Pratt 1922 Boston Red Sox 2B $4,787,223
Tony Boeckel 1922 Boston Braves 3B $2,818,019
Andy High 1922 Brooklyn Robins 3B $3,989,931
Pat Duncan 1922 Cincinnati Reds OF $5,591,684
Tommy Griffith 1922 Brooklyn Robins OF $2,442,161
Cliff Lee 1922 Philadelphia Phillies OF $3,668,615
Hack Miller 1922 Chicago Cubs OF $4,144,343
Hy Myers 1922 Brooklyn Robins OF $5,502,059
Jack Smith 1922 St. Louis Cardinals OF $4,011,371
9/16/2013 6:52 PM (edited)
I'll take Cleveland
9/10/2013 5:30 PM
I'll take the A's
9/10/2013 11:04 PM
Welcome both of you. I will give you access to the forum tomorrow.
9/11/2013 10:28 PM
Still need one for the Chicago franchise. 
9/16/2013 3:40 PM
Boston Braves (owner: italyprof)
Braves Field (Boston Braves: 1915-1952)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Virgil Cheeves 1922 Chicago Cubs SP $3,887,508
Jimmy Ring 1922 Philadelphia Phillies SP $4,557,576
Urban Shocker 1922 St. Louis Browns SP $9,060,510
Tom Zachary 1922 Washington Senators SP $5,225,633
Jim Brillheart 1922 Washington Senators RP $2,391,260
Tony Kaufmann 1922 Chicago Cubs RP $2,901,445
Tiny Osborne 1922 Chicago Cubs RP $3,919,532
Allan Russell 1922 Boston Red Sox RP $2,026,288
George Smith 1922 Philadelphia Phillies RP $3,254,220
Hank Gowdy 1922 Boston Braves C $2,516,646
Bubbles Hargrave 1922 Cincinnati Reds C $3,555,760
Val Picinich 1922 Washington Senators C $1,551,029
Ray Grimes 1922 Chicago Cubs 1B $6,010,142
Donie Bush 1922 Washington Senators 3B $707,258
Heinie Groh 1922 New York Giants 3B $2,782,274
Hod Ford 1922 Boston Braves SS $3,645,779
Rabbit Maranville 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates SS $6,180,235
Specs Toporcer 1922 St. Louis Cardinals SS $2,540,797
Carson Bigbee 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates OF $5,900,185
Joe Evans 1922 Cleveland Indians OF $840,204
Les Mann 1922 St. Louis Cardinals OF $1,331,808
Bob Meusel 1922 New York Yankees OF $4,047,816
Reb Russell 1922 Pittsburgh Pirates OF $3,107,829
Joe Schultz 1922 St. Louis Cardinals OF $2,466,393
Jack Tobin 1922 St. Louis Browns OF $4,981,588
9/16/2013 6:52 PM
Still looking for two but would settle for someone taking the Braves. 
9/27/2013 10:39 PM
GAPL needs 2 for 1923 season Topic

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