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This thread will be the home of the Phelan MWC vs. Ivy Challenge.  
In the interest of simplifying the seeding process for match-ups, I'd like to go to a system inspired by the Phelan ACC-Big 10 Challenge.
Our system will rank teams based upon the average number of CONFERENCE WINS for each team for the previous 2 seasons.
Ties will be broken by average RPI.
Teams will be ranked 1-12 and matched against their like team from the other conference.
If this results in a repeat of last season's challenge, seeds will be flipped as necessary for more variety.
Home and away will be determined based upon last season's venue - if you played at home last season you'll default to on the road.
If both teams played at home/on the road in last season, the home team will be team with fewest overall challenge home games. Ties broken randomly.
9/16/2013 11:45 AM (edited)
Season 65 will be the inaugural season for the challenge, and the seeds based on the criteria are as follows:

1 - AFA
2 - BYU
3 - Utah
4 - TSU
5 - CSU
6 - New Mexico
7 - N. Texas
8 - UNLV
9 - SDSU
10 - TCU
11 - WY
12 - Denver


1 - Fordham (24)
2 - Bucknell (22)
3 - Boston U (21)
4 - Princeton (19)
5 - Penn (19)
6 - Cornell (18)
7 - Harvard (16)
8 - Columbia )15)
9 - Duquesne (14)
10 - Brown (12)
11 - Yale (8)
12 - Dartmouth (4)

We will start off with the odd numbered match-ups being home games for the Ivy, and the evens as away.  No specific week will be designated as a mandatory challenge week; hopefully this allows more flexibility and ease for participation.  I would like to keep my games around week 5, but that's just a personal preference.  Good luck this season, get these games scheduled, and the challenge begins in season 65!

9/21/2013 2:17 PM (edited)
Season 65 results:

Air Force 57 @ Fordham 46

Bucknell @ BYU  (DNP)

Utah 62 @ Boston U. 65 (OT)

Texas Southern 57 @ Princeton 70

Colorado St. 58 @ Pennsylvania 60

Cornell @ New Mexico (DNP)

Harvard 49 @ N. Texas 63

Columbia 58 @ UNLV 79

SDSU 47 @ Duquesne 62

Brown 54 @ Texas Christian 58

Wyoming @ Yale (DNP)

Dartmouth 58 @ Denver 65

Inaugural season results:  MWC - 5, Ivy - 4

Game(s) of the Year

-Pennsylvania's Joshua Williams hits the front of the rim with 3 seconds left on the clock, leaving the game tied, only to follow his shot and nail the game winner at home against Colorado St.

-Boston U. forgets about the first half while hosting Utah, only managing to put up 14 points; they respond by outscoring the Utes 38-24 in the 2nd to force OT where they eventually pull out the win.

Season note(s)

-Home teams went 8-1, with the only home loss dealt to simmy.


Season 66 pairings:

Texas Southern @ Fordham

Princeton @ Utah

North Texas @ Harvard

Air Force @ Bucknell

Cornell @ BYU

Duquesne @ Colorado St.

Denver @ Columbia

Boston U. @ New Mexico

Pennsylvania @ Wyoming

UNLV @ Brown

Yale @ San Diego St.

Texas Christian @ Dartmouth 
11/7/2013 8:19 PM (edited)
so who won?
11/7/2013 2:44 AM
I strongly encourage any coach involved in the challenge to chip in and add some flavor and color if willing and able, as it is not my strongest suit.  More statistical breakdowns, personal recaps, banter, challenge awards, anything at all.  I will add more as we progress.  The "All Things Ivy League" thread is a shining example of the exponential relationship that exists between coaches' investment and the payoff.  The more the better.  If you are unable, lack time, or even apathetic that is perfectly fine; the purpose is enjoyment and enrichment.  Do not feel pressured!  I am certainly far from being the most capable driver of this bus, so please don't hesitate if you have anything at all.  Whether it is a raw idea or a refined breakdown, fire away!
11/7/2013 8:59 PM (edited)
Season 67 Pairings:

North Texas @ Duquesne

Bucknell @ Utah

Texas Southern @ Princeton

Fordham @ Air Force

Colorado St. @ Harvard

Boston U. @ BYU

UNLV @ Cornell

Brown @ TCU

SDSU @ Columbia

Penn @ Denver

New Mexico @ Dartmouth

Yale @ Wyoming
12/3/2013 1:06 AM
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