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Okay mikee1 are you really going to use Marion at the SG position??? Just curious what you are up to pal.
9/28/2013 1:15 AM


I concede that my two most recent draft teams were horrible. My last ODL team was fatally flawed because I had a rotation that was completely devoid of an adequate assist rate, so my guys under-performed their RL efg’s. My Wilt for 50ppg team was flawed because the overall D was far too weak.

However, this squad has addressed the issues of my previous two drafts. I drafted almost 2,500 RL assists, giving me a weighted assist rate of .6525 or 31.3 per 48mpg. My weighted ast% is 73.1% if you are in the camp that ast% drives efg% and not assist rate. Starting rotation 68.5% ast% and rate over .60, and when Art Williams plays his 18mpg this balloons as high as a 90%+ ast% and a .86 assist rate. My starting lineup has a creb of over 128.

The weighted average of my D is 69.27, with a starting lineup of 71.6 D ave. My fouls are 1439 in 19,140 minutes for a rate of .075. Yes, that is a tad shy on minutes, but Wilt can go for 48mpg most of the season and with the “clear the bench” option in blowouts his fatigue level should remain in-check.

And all of the above is nothing more than the gravy on top of the true strength of this squad. RL arc shooting of 767 for 1891 or 40.6%. RL fg of 3534 for 7055, or 50.1%, so if my shooting mirrored RL my efg would be 55.5%. However, my kicker is that Wilt accounts for over 19% of my RL possessions, and he will hit close to 70% (and should be closer to 75-80% when Art Williams is on the court). So, Wilt will be in the ballpark of 16 to 18 fga per game, not to mention the fouls he will manage to draw.

My PER% is close to 27% at a 40% rate, so +3 is the natural way to defend my squad. But what will Wilt do against a +3 setting?

All I can say is that any team lucky enough to land Wilt (and smart enough to use the correct version) should NEVER be ranked 1st on anyone’s board in the division draft, regardless of his recent success or lack thereof.

But I am pretty happy about this division. Should be very competitive, no one I expect to lose 6+ times to, but no one I expect to flat out dominate either.

9/28/2013 3:30 AM (edited)

Making some assumptions on the versions but here is what I see:

V Badja:

McAdoo 73D, K Love 30 D, maybe Andersen and his 100 D shifts over to guard Wilt some: advantage Wilt. Allen guards the low usage Andersen so his liability is minimized. Kobe 90D, Green 84 D v. Deron 70D and Nick Anderson 62 D: advantage Kobe/Green.  I’ll likely use Allen at PG for this matchup to keep him away from the 100D of Andersen.

V jcred

Versions will matter a lot here but I see some serious foul monsters down low, so Wilt should draw a ton of fouls. Guarding KG might be tough, so Kobe likely ends up at SG for this matchup, guarding the SF position. Some tough D here with AK47 as well, so Allen is highly likely to stay at PG to draw Mark Price.

V icoachb

The one team FOR SURE that I’ll start Ray Allen at SF against. MJ may still shift over to SF on D to defend Allen and Zo down low will be a pain for Wilt. This is a very difficult matchup and I’m very interested to see what versions will be used, only real advantage may be that this team appears to be seriously lacking in terms of long-range shooting.

V eleibowitz

Another very difficult matchup across the board, not looking forward to Superman on Wilt. Barbosa v. Ray Allen should equate to a nice boost for Allen, and Allen on Mark Jackson won’t hurt much, but Manu will hold his own and this team has inside/outside scoring.

V Ash

No matchup with Ash could ever be “easy” per se, but I am looking forward to playing Allen at PG here and drawing Steve Nash, while Kobe and his 90D picks up Nash on the other end. Major board disadvantage here and guarding the Mail Man will suck, but hopefully Boe and his high foul rate will translate into numerous trips to the stripe for Wilt. I see some serious shootouts in this series.

9/28/2013 3:27 AM
Best of luck Nate, I wish you had posted your starting 5 and their stats.  Totals assists really don't mean anything.  The fact that none of your starters has over 17% assists will limit your shooting bump.  I know it shouldn't but that just seems to be how it works.
You'll give up 20creb% to several teams including Ash and me at the SF position.  You do have nice defense and eFG and you have Wilt.  but you also have Clifford Ray who fouls a lot and draws almost none:(
9/28/2013 11:19 AM
Posted by badja on 9/27/2013 9:47:00 PM (view original):
Wow the ATL is insane.  HOLY SH1T
I didn't want to be in the same conference with Scud let alone the same division
9/28/2013 3:58 PM
i should rename my squad, paper tiger. no worries, Ma-lone, i'm at the controls, good for a -2 digression for the team.
9/28/2013 4:23 PM
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