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Posted by onside on 11/23/2013 12:25:00 PM (view original):
Geez.  Words cannot explain how annoyed I am I got ousted with the first vote.
11/23/2013 12:37 PM
OK, I have all the bids.  I'll start working on who won them and post everyone's games shortly.
11/23/2013 12:55 PM
Note:  I'm posting the games that each of you won the bid on, and showing what the others bid.

1st Entry Rec'd - redraider

NCAA Football
1 - 1 Alabama over Chattanooga (Bid 112) (polabonez 32/dublinuf 25)
1 - 3 Ohio State over Indiana (Bid 129) (polabonez 32/dublinuf 25/hookem 20)
1 - 7 Clemson over Citadel (Bid 101) (polabonez 32/dublinuf 25)

0 - Detroit over Tampa Bay (Bid 126) (hookem 95/dublinuf 25)
0 - Houston over Jacksonville (Bid 126) (hookem 75/dublinuf 25)

NBA (Sat)
0 - Milwaukee over Charlotte (Bid 9)
2 - LA Clippers over Sacramento (Bid 9)
2 - Indiana over Philadelphia (Bid 9)
2 - Washington over New York (Bid 9)
0 - Atlanta over Boston (Bid 9)
2 - Houston over Minnesota (Bid 9)
2 - San Antonio over Cleveland (Bid 9)
2 - Denver over Dallas (Bid 9)
0 - Golden State over Portland (Bid 9)

NBA (Sun)
0 - Brooklyn over Detroit (Bid 9)
2 - LA Clippers over Chicago (Bid 9)

Total - 17
11/25/2013 12:21 AM (edited)
2nd Entry Rec'd - dublinuf

NCAA Basketball (Sat)
1 - 1 Michigan St over Oklahoma (Bid 25)
1 - 3 Louisville over Fairfield (Bid 25) (redraider 12)
1 - 11 Memphis over Nicholls St (Bid 25) (redraider 12)
1 - 12 Wisconsin over Oral Roberts (Bid 25) (redraider 12)
1 - 23 Creighton over Tulsa (Bid 25) (redraider 12)
1 - 24 North Carlolina over Tulsa (Bid 25) (redraider 12)

NCAA Basketball (Sun)
1 - 6 Duke over Vermont (Bid 25) (redraider 12)
0 - 10 VCU over Georgetown (Bid 25)
0 - 14 Michigan over Charlotte (Bid 25)
1 - 17 Oregon over San Francisco (Bid 25) (redraider 12)
1 - 19 New Mexico over Davidson (Bid 25)
1 - 22 UCLA over Chattanooga (Bid 25) (redraider 12)

0 - Green Bay over Minnesota (Bid 25) (hookem 25/redraider 9)
2 - Arizona over Indianapolis (Bid 25) (hookem 25/redraider 9)

NBA (Sat)
2 - Miami over Orlando (Bid 25) (redraider 9)

Total: 14

11/25/2013 12:23 AM (edited)
3rd Entry Rec'd - polabonez

NCAA Football
1 - 2 Florida St over Idaho (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)
0 - 4 Baylor over 10 Oklahoma St (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)
0 - 5 Oregon over Arizona (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)
1 - 11 South Carolina over Coast Carolina (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)
2 - 22 LSU over 12 Texas A&M (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)
1 - 13 Michigan St over Northwestern (Bid 32) (hookem 30/dublinuf 25)
0 - 14 UCLA over 17 Arizona St (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)
1 - 15 Fresno St over New Mexico (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)
2 - 19 Wisconsin over 25 Minnesota (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25/hookem 15)
0 - Kansas State over 20 Oklahoma (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)
1 - 21 Louisville over Memphis (Bid 32) (dublinuf 25)

NHL (Sat)
0 - Carolina over Boston (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
2 - Minnesota over Winnipeg (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
2 - Toronto over Washington (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
2 - Montreal over Pittsburgh (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
0 - Detroit over Ottawa (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
2 - Philadelphia over NY Islanders (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
2 - St. Louis over Dallas (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
2 - NY Rangers over Nashville (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
0 - Phoenix over Anaheim (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
2 - Chicago over Vancouver (Bid 40) (redraider 8)
0 - Los Angeles over Colorado (Bid 32) (redraider 8)
2 - San Jose over New Jersey (Bid 32) (redraider 8)

NHL (Sun)
2 - Carolina over Ottawa (Bid 32) (hookem 25/redraider 8)

Total: 27
11/25/2013 12:23 AM (edited)
4th Entry Rec'd - hookemhorns

NCAA Football
2 - 8 Missouri over 24 Ole Miss (Bid 55) (polabonez 32/dublinuf 25)
1 - 9 Stanford over Cal (Bid 65) (polabonez 32/dublinuf 25)
1 - 23 USC over Colorado (Bid 50) (polabonez 32/dublinuf 25)

NFL Football
2 - Pittsburgh over Cleveland (Bid 50) (redraider 9)
0 - Kansas City over San Diego (Bid 75) (dublinuf 25/redraider 9)
0 - Chicago over St. Louis (Bid 50) (redraider 9)
2 - Carolina over Miami (Bid 35) (dublinuf 25/redraider 9)
2 - Baltimore over NY Jets (Bid 65) (dublinuf 25/redraider 9)
2 - Tennessee over Oakland (Bid 85) (dublinuf 25/redraider 9)
0 - NY Giants over Dallas (Bid 30) (dublinuf 25/redraider 9)
0 - Denver over New England (Bid 65) (dublinuf 25/redraider 9)

NHL (Sun)
2 - Detroit over Buffalo (Bid 65) (polabonez 32/redraider 8)

Total: 14

11/25/2013 12:25 AM (edited)
What's funny. Is I already told hookem that after this vote, we could expect your revamp for support.

And I'm 100% for keeping it in the forum.

Immunity is going to mean everything, but hookem and I won't be separating. Unless he wants too, of course. But you were throwing him away and I made the decision to run with him to the end prior to me winning immunity. Had I not, that immunity vote was going to hookem. And so was my other idol. Just in case you guys came after me on the backdoor.

So, depending on what happens this challenge, there could be a stalemate.

Unless red chooses to come with hookem and I of course.

Think about it red. Dubs was going to throw you away next. You didn't even know how much hookem and I just saved you until now.

His last cry for support is valiant, I agree... But it's a desperation move since he lost his power in the game.

We only have room for one "hero"
11/23/2013 1:22 PM
Posted by dublinuf on 11/23/2013 12:04:00 PM (view original):
Posted by psap on 11/23/2013 7:55:00 AM (view original):
Posted by dublinuf on 11/23/2013 4:55:00 AM (view original):
Posted by psap on 11/23/2013 1:29:00 AM (view original):
wow.  Good times!  finally some action.
GL final four.

The 4-3 vote for Arfy started said action, but I digress.

Yah, that why it sucks to be out.  Details only known to those still remaining in the game.
Basically, the loose discussion was to get rid of raiders at 7, hookem at 6 and Arfy at 5.

But the last time the talk came to eliminate one of his big allies, he had refused to vote for horvie at the last second and we had to go to a tiebreaker.

So, I was fairly certain at five that he would have used the idol he played last night on Arfy (which he would have, he already told me last night), and then one of the three of me, tsut and mb would be screwed. So, we voted with raiders and got rid of Arfy.

He retaliated by getting rid of tsut using hookem, which was possible because Tyson won the immunity challenge and didn't have to worry about himself. He got  a bonus of mb not voting. Otherwise, tsut and I had already discussed voting 2 for hookem, 2 for pola and then if pola had played that idol on hookem, he would have essentially eliminated himself.

I would say it is a fun Final Four on all respects. Tyson and I have been working together since the very beginning but guarding ourselves with other allies because we both never 100 percent trust each other. My biggest ally was tsut and his was Arfy. My secondary allies were mb and raiders (well at least ever sense stalagna threw me tsut, pola and ahrens under the bus) and his at one point was horvie, potentially da_goat as well. I never talked much to either, so I can only be assured on my end.

I have no idea how the next vote will go no matter who wins immunity.

I play the game pretty simply, I want one of my allies or myself to win, because I think it is harder to guarantee a self win (and after the game csudak can confirm that I have consistently said that as long as tsut, pola, me or mb won (once he took stalagna's place at a key juncture) I would be happy. Of course, those opportunities got cut in half last night.

It's a crazy game. Always has been

I laugh at the people who believe Survivor is not about loyalty. It is extremely about loyalty. The tough part is figuring out who everyone is most loyal too. I believe Tyson was most loyal to Arfy and not me, so I engineered Arfy leaving. Tyson responded by believing that I was most loyal to tsut and not him (he was right by the by) and he eliminated tsut.

Win or lose, I think I probably played my best game. If Tyson wins the next immunity, I will probably lose. If he doesn't, after sleeping on it, I will have to vote for Tyson to go home, and I don't know if that will mean anything or not. But rest assured, I don't believe any notion that he wants to sit with me at the final 2. He wants to sit with someone else.

Personally, I think we are going to have a Final three because they are eliminating to eight jurors if we have a Final 2. On the other hand, they may be hoping for a tie so they can have a big challenge at the end.

So, I will now present  the only way raiders and hookem can win this game.

If Tyson doesn't win immunity, I will vote for him. I am stating it publicly and I am expected that if I didn't that no one on the jury should ever vote for me to win.

If both of you vote for him as well and we all get to the Final 3 and I am right, then I think I have a good chance of winning. If we really are going to the Final 2, then beat me at immunity and the two of you vote together to eliminate me.


The only way that hookem or raiders can win is to play each other at the end. I will hold no ill will toward either of you. For the record, if Tyson wins immunity, then you two have to vote with him against me. It is the only way you can win. Then you have to hope it isn't a Final 3 and eliminate Tyson with the next vote.

This is your path to winning. Just remember who was honest with you about that. I hope you both vote with me if Tyson doesn't win immunity. I understand that the tendency from hookem's perspective would be to stick with Tyson because Tyson just saved him, but he did that because of the Arfy blindside, not because he has a loyalty toward you.

Think it through. You have to eliminate one of us and hope it is a Final 2 and then eliminate the other one of us. I am willing to gamble at this point. I am going to take a stab to win now that my alliance is all watching after last night.

Best of luck to all. Fine with finishing fourth to try and come in first.

I will be honest, though. This IS the main reason I didn't want to eliminate you last vote. It's the fun factor that matters.
11/23/2013 1:29 PM
Touching, Tyson.

I have no question you would stick with hookem until the end. Why wouldn't you. You believe you can beat him. Just like you believe you could beat Arfy which is why you had set up us to blindside him.

I told hookem up front when I was voting for him and why and I did so in a sitemail long before the vote. He may stick with you, but the only chance he has to win is to eliminate us both.

If he plays to the end with you or me, he will lose.

You know it.

I know it.

He knows it.

Currently, we have equal power in the game, Tyson. Either the two of them go with one of us, or the stalemate challenge will determine which of us is going to win. I am fine either way. Just offering them an alternative. Best of luck either way. I don't mind losing to you. Was the absolutely correct move by you last night.

11/23/2013 1:33 PM
Nah, dubs. The correct move would have been to eliminate you last night.

This way was just more fun.

For love of the game.
11/23/2013 2:00 PM
OK, auction results and picks are posted above.  Everyone happy with what they got?  See any mistakes in transcribing the bidding?

On a side note, there are 3 NBA games on Sunday that no one bid on.
- Phoenix vs Orlando
- Utah vs Oklahoma City
- Sacramento vs LA Lakers

And only 1 game was bid on by all 4 castaways:  Ohio State over Indiana, won by redraider.

I'll probably get a Saturday update of the scores done late tonight.  We'll get the final result posted Sunday night.  Tribal Council will be on Monday night.

Good luck guys!

11/23/2013 2:18 PM (edited)
Posted by polabonez on 11/23/2013 2:01:00 PM (view original):
Nah, dubs. The correct move would have been to eliminate you last night.

This way was just more fun.

For love of the game.
Perhaps, but from that stand point, the correct move was to eliminate you instead of Arfy. And come to think of it, the correct move would have been to eliminate you at 10 when I could have gone with katz and that group.

Or even with stalagna at nine.

And the problem that both those proposals to me had was leaving out tsut. Because honestly, I think I have done much more to preserve your life in this game than the reverse.

Yes, because you had two immunity idols you had a chance to eliminate me last night and you deserved that. But you have controlled very little of where the votes went in this game, and you and I both know it.

But hey, no one should ever let us play together this deep. Crazy things happen.

And the fact remains.


You are better at challenges that I am, and therefore if you don't win this, they should both vote for you. I personally believe that hookem probably won't. Saving someone with any immunity idol can get a lot of loyalty. He may want to help you win for that.

He may not care if he wins. That's his call, and I would not fault him either way. People play for different reasons. Even if I thought I would lose to tsut at this point, were he left, I wouldn't turn on him.

The things is, though, you would. If your position was switched with hookem, you would vote for you to be eliminated.

Nonetheless, I think you will probably win immunity and it will be a moot point.

11/23/2013 2:33 PM
Even though its playing out in public for your own specific reasons - thanks for playing it out in the forums!!
11/23/2013 2:35 PM
So you see no irony in the fact that you are guiding hookem and red in "how to win" and their necessity to "take me out here" considering that hookem for sure wouldn't have a chance to win 2 days ago had your plan succeeded. And more than likely, red neither.

I applaud the effort. But I think both of the others see what I see.

A desperate move by a general who lost his command is what I see.

I have no doubt I had less say in the voting all game. You have called the shots, I admit. I have had no choice but to sit back, whatch as the people I have been working with go one by one, and abide my time....

Thats the thing. We were all just working on you, mb, and tsut time. I knew that I had no choice but to wait until the time is right.... When us little people could stand up against the wrecking force of the survivor game.

That time has come, and right now... The power has shifted to the "irrelevants".

But now you want them to join up with you as well?

Found it. The irony.

11/23/2013 3:06 PM
The plot thickens! 

Amusing guys!  Thanks!

11/23/2013 3:28 PM
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