ODL XLIV "Evaluation" Topic

I know I really appreciated when Nate, Vance, Ash, and others did this last session. With one total championship, I will be the first to say that I am completely under-qualified to actually evaluate the picks, but I will provide some commentary while adding the ADP of each player selected during the XLIII-XL Drafts. (Much like Nate did last session)

Let me CLEARY state that this is just for fun, and I am FAR from an expert. For actual team building advice, please check Ash's posts in SimLeague Basketball Forums.

Please feel free to add your own commentary and Enjoy!

9/14/2013 3:40 PM (edited)
Team 1- iccoachb MJ [ADP 4.5] (5,3,4,6) Gary Payton [ADP 69.25] (76, 60, 87, 54 ) Alonzo Mourning [ADP 80.5] (85, 70, 67, 100) Cedric Maxwell [ADP 107.75] (169***,84,95, 83) Charles Oakley [ADP 103.5] (99, 87, 103, 125)

FROM NORTH...CAROLINA...AT GUARD...6'6"... MICHUUUUUUUUUL...JORDAN! Coach shocks the world with this one, but should we be surprised that the greatest to ever do it goes first overall? The answer to that is ...yes? ADP of 4.5 overall in the last 4 ODL's, MJ is about the equivalent of taking Marshawn Lynch in your Fantasy Football League. Great player, but Adrian Peterson was available. iccoachb seems to be stuck in Smokey's Way back machine with two more 90's studs, Gary Payton and Alonzo Mourning. Love Payton here. Elite rebounding/ Defensive PG. A little light in the AST% area, but not really. While you have nice rebounding guards, still need a lot of help on the glass. Welcome back to the ODL, Cedric. Oakley also goes around ADP.

Team 2- banditone Moses [ADP 4.5] (6,4,7,1) Shawn Kemp [ADP 61.75] (53, 65, 83, 46) Clyde Drexler [ADP 46] (52, 37, 39, 56) Don Buse [ADP 151.75] (169***,100,169***,169*** ) Rodney McCray [ADP 152.5] (169***,103,169***,169***)

Ash told me last year that if I was going to use a certain version of Wilt, I would have been better taking Moses 2nd overall. Spoiler Alert, he was right. (Get use to it, newbies.) Moses is such a strong player with elite rebounding skills. Always exciting to see what talent he gets paired with. I like the idea that Kemp can backup Moses, but also play with him. I'm not as concerned with the fouls, but am nervous for the TO's. Not sure which Drexler you are planning on using. Without your master plan, hard to see what the thought process is with him. I know a lot of good seasons go undrafted, but I am surprised Buse and McCray have had a tough time sticking in the ODL.

Team 3- Steelers821. Rodman [ADP 3] (3, 5, 1, 3) Wes Unseld [ADP 62] (49, 91, 49, 59) Steph Curry [ADP 111] (57, 169***, 169***, 49) Blake Griffin [ADP 155] (113, 169, 169, 169) Bobby Phills [ADP] (NA)

In North Korea, the ODL Power Rankings have Kim Jong Un as the first overall pick and then (no more "and then") Dennis Rodman. While I do disagree with #1 on their list, I can find some common ground with Rodman. Solid D paired with obviously elite rebounding is a great start for any team. Adding Unseld here shows a focus to D and boards. I think Steelers 3rd pick is becoming very clear...we will see. I would have liked to see more usage here then Steph Curry, but I guess you still have time. Blake is one of those guys that most likely doesn't need to be drafted ever year. Has a chance to make sense here. Phills doesn't hurt you and is a plus defender, but not much more then minutes. (Which in this league is value in its self)

Team 4- Natenoy Wilt [ADP 2.75] (2,1, 3, 5) Ray Allen [ADP 27.75] (37, 25, 27, 22) Kobe Bryant [ADP 63.75] (67, 75, 58, 55) Clifford Ray [ADP 101] (97,111,105,91) Danny Green [ADP 156.5] (169,169,169, 119)

As the previous Wilt owner, I used the '62 Wilt. Honestly, I wish I would have taken Nate and Ash's advice and given the '66 Wilt a go. The usage is low, but I think you open your team up to draft the best player available in the later rounds, rather then building around your super-duper star and team identity. We will see if Nate takes his own advice or if the draft shakes out and a different Wilt is more appropriate. Look out ODL, Nate has paired arguably the best inside/outside offense possible with the addition of Ray Allen. It is a great start, but still a lot of work a head with the $$$ evaporating quickly. Looks like '66 Wilt is a lock with these guards. I like Kobe, but I think AST% or the rebounding will take a hit depending on if one of these guys is the PG or the SF. Nate makes an interesting point that Kobe will shift attention away from Ray, but I think the Ast% is really in trouble. The addition of Ray might help bit. Green doesn't have the usage to back up Ray or Kobe.  Will be fun to see how it plays out.

Team 5- Skypilot Kareem [ADP 4.25] (4, 6, 5, 2) Mookie Blaylock [ADP 56](47, 55, 56, 66) David Thompson [ADP none] (169***,169***,169***,169***) Chris Webber [ADP 148.75] (91, 166, 169, 169) Dan Roundfield [ADP] (NA)

Depending on what you plan to do with him and the team you are looking to build, Kareem (AKA Roger Murdock) is one of those special bigs I could easily see going before Wilt. I don't what Joey's Dad says,  he is a solid  defender. Starting to sound like a broken record, but he is a big reason you see so many owners respond "closer to one" when draft time comes around. Mookie is the end of the line for 90def/30Ast% guards. Solid start. Not a fan of David Thompson here. Mookie is a good start, but need to find another outside threat to avoid a -3 spacing issue for Kareem. Could address it at the 3, but still need rebounds. Webber and Roundfield are cool teammates. I wanted both these guys. 

Team 6- Seapilots LBJ [ADP 2.25] (1, 2, 2, 4) Patrick Ewing [ADP 119.25] (169***, 90, 153, 65) Buck Williams [ADP ] (61, 80, 32, 38) Reggie  Miller  [ADP] () Swen Nater [ADP] ()

What can be said about LeBron, besides take the 12-13 version and play him at PG. I would have imagined that he was widely considered the best in the sim. The only big flaw would be lack of minutes and receding hairline.* After being undrafted last season, Ewing is a guy I was hoping to build around but it seems Sea beat me to him. Another great example that some really good seasons can go undrafted in this league because $$$. Good minutes from Buck Williams. Low usage grinder fits well with these two. Miller and Nater are both great specialists, but trouble on D.

Team 7- Eleibowitz Dwight [ADP 9] (11, 7, 11, 7) Manu Ginobili [ADP 48] (39, 57, 44, 52) Robert Parish [ADP ] (42, 39, 41, 62) Clarence Weatherspoon [ADP] ( ) Mark Jackson [ADP] ()

This is the guy I was hoping would fall to me at #10. Dwight Howard is solid defender and an elite rebounder/scorer. Should we assume he goes back to the 11th pick next year? Manu is another interesting guy. I think I like the 04-05 season the best. very unique skill set for sure. Lots of options with Parish here. Plenty of good seasons. Not an Ideal back-up for Dwight when he is out, but a very good player on his own.  Excited to see what you do with him. Clarence has low fouls and okay D. I like Mark for the money.

Team 8- Coachcroft Durant [ADP 15.75] (8,23,17,15) Rajon Rondo [ADP 88] (56,34, 169***, 93) Elton Brand [ADP 50.25] (35, 42, 57, 67) Pau Gasol [ADP ] ( ) Troy Murphy [ADP] ()

Has the Durant love gone too far? I'll say no. A no-brainer top ten pick with an obsolete ADP of 15.75 with his 12-13 season now available. Rondo is a good fit with Durant.  Unselfish defender that completes this back court. Brand is another defender that rebounds well for his position. Anytime I like a team too much, money must be a concern. Gasol and Murphy are two more guys I was looking for in the later rounds. Gasol is a stable in the ODL, but Murphy is the guy you look for if you miss out on Kevin Love.

Team 9- Ashamael Karl Malone [ADP 9.75] (7, 10, 8, 14) Tom Boerwinkle [ADP 53] (31, 62, 76, 43) Steve Nash [ADP 60.75]  (68, 61, 54, 60) Brandon Rush [ADP ] (  ) Kenneth Faried [ADP] ()

With an ADP of 9.75, the Mailman, IMO, always seems to slip a couple of spots. He is an high-volume, effective-scorer who also is an elite defender and isn't going to hurt you on the boards. Malone was public enemy #1 to my 10 year-old self after he "stole" an MVP from MJ, but as I've grown older, I get it. I'm happy someone grabbed him before TheYard could build another powerhouse with him, bummed it was Ash, especially right before me. This is the 3rd straight year Ash has selected a big with his first pick. Goes big again with Boerwinkle. He has emerged recently as the "passing center" but that doesn't give him enough credit being that he is also an elite rebounder. Ash gets his "soccer player" here with Nash and Malone is going for 60% from the field.  Ash is keeping Karl Malone happy with the Rush and Faried picks. Not going to pretend like I know better then Ash, but I think know where he is going with one of his next picks.

Team 10- jhsukow Chris Paul [ADP 13] (15,14,10, 13) Chauncey Billups [ADP 37] (46, 38, 37, 27) BIll Walton [ADP ] (26, 41, 40, 57) Anthony Mason [ADP  ] (  ) Paul  George [ADP ] ( )

I was  hoping for  Dwight or Karl, but will have to find a way to survive  with my 3rd choice, Chris Paul. While it can be very tempting to rest him in hopes to play him for 48 minutes against Nate, I promise I will not. For me, I'd still take LeBron to run the show, but Chris has the best "traditional" PG season. That is until Cliff Paul is added to the system**. I PROMISED myself I wouldn't go back-to-back guards this years, but I like what I have in the back court. Lowish tov%, capable defenders, high ast%, and Billups should be in the top twenty in total 3's attempted. Walton was a big panic move on my part. I'm starting to think I've made a huge mistake. Really happy with Mason falling to me; I'm using him at the 3. Paul George is going to be all over the place for me...maybe a misstep. 

Team 11- Malone9975  Shaquille  O'Neal [ADP 9.25] (12,9,6,10) Oscar Robertson [ADP 26.75 ] (16, 43, 13, 35) Horace Grant [ADP 55.75] (72, 54, 52, 45) Charlie Ward [ADP ]  (  ) LARRY SANDERS! [ADP] ()

For a guy complaining he missed out on Karl Malone, you would think I would have been allover Shaq. DREB% is a little light, but solid OREB%. Sneaky defender with a  couple 80 seasons. While Oscar's seasons cost big money, I can't help but think about them as a value. So many consistent minutes. More reason I almost went "closer to 24", because he was next on my board. Not loving being sandwiched between Malone and Ash, that's for sure. Solid pick going NBA JAM Superstar, Horace Grant here. Ward could have been the missing piece for a couple of teams, but Malone gets him here. LARRY SANDERS! , like Ward, adds another defensive stud.

Team 12- felonious David Robinson [ADP 11] (9,13,14, 8) Donyell Marshall [ADP 39.5 ] (36, 46, 35, 41) Mel Daniels [ADP 46] (50, 56, 42, 36) Mo Cheeks [ADP ]( )  Chris Mullin [ADP] ()

Doesn't matter if you have pick 1 or 24, in the first round you don't want a player with a obvious weakness. That is the biggest reason  David Robinson has an ADP of 11. Elite defender, solid 4pt. usage player that doesn't hurt you on the boards. A great pick that lets you draft the best available in round 2. Donyell Marshall continues to go in the second round. 2pt Usage, good efficiency, but rebounds is why he is a here. Marshall could play the 2, I guess. Mel Daniels is a solid pick, but would  have liked to see the backcourt addressed here. Cheeks is another reason I'm kicking myself a bit on CP3. Get your bigs earlier i guess. Fun to see if Mullin and Marshall play together or the same position. 

Team 13- dh555 Charles Barkley [ADP 8.75 ](13, 11, 12, 9) Tyson Chandler [ADP 32.5 ] (38, 29, 29, 34) Brent Barry [ADP 57.5] (59, 40, 62, 69) Zelmo Beaty [ADP ](  ) Jerry West [ADP] ()

Not a liability, but a bit light defensively. Barkley is the gold standard for 4 pt usage. Not the cleanest player, but someone who with few exceptions will be winning the rebounding battle at the SF position.  [SOCCER PLAYER] Chandler is that Mount Rushmore of efficient scorers, but not much usage. Matching his D and Barkley's boards is a good start. DH has a plan  and it is working. Nice balance with ODL darling,  Brent Barry.  Zelmo helps, but West is awesome here.

Team 14- Smokey57 John Stockton [ADP 24](29, 27, 23, 17) Bob Lanier [ADP ] (45, 30, 167***, 167***) Alvin Robertson [ADP148.75 ] (169, 114, 169,143) Alex English [ADP ] (  ) Gus Johnson [ADP] ()
Stockton doesn't have a lot of usage and is low on threes, but the story here is AST% and defense. I'll chalk this one up to personal preference, but, as his previous owner, I can't help but think someone else fits better in this team identity. Bob Lanier has shot up the draft board in the last 3 years. Second apperance on Smokey's squad during that time. I'm sure I'm going to be proved wrong, but I think some people are  falling in love with players in other leagues right now. (Random 3, DDL, other Progs) Let's see if Alvin Robertson can do it in the ODL. English and Johnson makes me think Smokey is still looking for another starter.

Team 15- 98average  Artis Gilmore[ADP 17.25](17, 18, 15, 19) Terry Porter [ADP 64.5](43, 67, 66, 82) Bobby  Jones  [ADP 69] (40, 64, 61, 111) Sidney Moncrief  [ADP ](  ) Andrew Bogut [ADP]  ()

This is a bad, bad man right here. I love this player in the sim. The only way you don't take Gilmore in the top ten is if you think you can find a big in the later rounds. I don't think we will all be so lucky. Terry Porter is a very efficient scorer. I like the 90-91 season, but you have options which helps in the middle rounds. Bobby Jones makes this a super sneaky team.  I like the balance. Moncrief and Bogut continue to bring balance. I don't want any part of this.

Team 16- TheYard2 Larry Bird [ADP 15.5 ](10, 17, 19, 16) Marcus Camby [ADP 34.75](34, 36, 30, 39] Andrew Bynum [ADP 64.75] ( 63, 73, 70, 53) Joakim Noah [ADP ] ( ) Andre Iguodala [ADP] ()

Safe to assume Bird will play the 2 here. TheYard2 is someone who really seems to have a good feel on the draft each year. Pair that with Bird's overall play, we can also assume he will find the best available running mate in the second round for The Legend. Well, as predicted, TheYard has set the team up really nicely here. They are light in usage with the addition of Camby, but added a great piece. Ugh. Really digging this team with the Bynum addition. 3 guys I'd love to have. Love the most recent Noah season, but another guard and more usage might be tough to find in the 5th...maybe not. Noah and Iggy are two of my current favorites. I can't even imagine a world where in RL Bird, Bynum, and Noah are on the same team. The internet/Twitter would most likely shut down.

Team 17- cmcafeeky Magic Johnson [ADP 17.75 ](23, 21,16, 11) Jerry Lucas [ADP 26](30, 22, 21, 31] Hakeem Olajuwon [ADP 45] (33, 15, 64, 68) Larry Nance [ADP ] (  ) James Harden [ADP] ()

I like to play Magic at the 2 guard, which might be a good time to  remind everyone I've never finished over .500 in this league. I think I need to phone a friend on this Jerry Lucas***** pick. I don't think I'm smart enough to figure out why he goes in the first two rounds in this league. Nate has taken him twice,maybe he can explain it to me. Hakeem has been going way to early in the last couple years. This seems good. Larry Nance is a steal here. Play that 90 season at the 3? Harden has 2 very different seasons in play IMO.   After all the Lucas confusion talk on my part, this ends up being close to my PPL team. 

Team 18- Badja Bob  McAdoo [ADP 94](73, 81, 53, 169***) Deron Williams [ADP 43](60, 44, 38, 30) Kevin Love [ADP 43.25] (51, 51, 45, 26) Nick Anderson [ADP ] (  ) Chris Anderson [ADP] ()

With an ADP of 94, I really don't hate McAdoo here. I think owners have allocated the money elsewhere in the past and that's why he has gone so late, if at all. Deron Williams a nice player in the ODL, but not one I think I'd reach for which, let me remind you, is probably a good sign for Badja this season. Kevin Love is so unique. 30 Dreb% while hanging out on the perimeter 21%of the time. Badja gets 'just enough" of everything again here with Nick Anderson.  Solid pick for a backcourt running mate for Deron. More then a couple sad owners when Chris Anderson's name was called. Love can breath a sigh of relief.

Team 19- ThisRedbox Dwyane Wade [ADP 14](18, 8, 9, 21) Anfernee Hardaway [ADP 36.75](32, 31, 51, 33) Gerald  Wallace [ADP 83] (139, 50, 69, 74) Serge Ibaka [ADP ] (  ) Tree Rollins  [ADP] ()

I don't get Wade in this league, but once again, I'm not qualified to breakdown players. Penny Hardaway might not leap off the page, but he has a great, great season. WIS doesn't show tov% but Penny plays a pretty clean game and brings this team another defender. Good teammate for a ball hog like Wade. Tough to maximize Gerald Wallace with so many Guard minutes accounted for. Not a reach at all, IMO, just maybe not the best fit. D-Fense! D-Fense! D-Fense! adding Serge here will be interesting to check TRB's box scores. Red needed a center. Rollins is another good fit for a Wade team.

Team 20- jkaye24 Ben Wallace [ADP 18.75] (19, 20, 18, 18) Julius Erving [ADP 37](20, 19, 25, 84) Dirk Nowitzki [ADP 91.5] Kevin Johnson [ADP ] (  ) Ryan Anderson [ADP] ()

Big Ben is a great value who plays within his own ability. Getting 100 Def for a this league is always great and a beast on the boards. Another great start. You take Ben in the 1st hoping someone like  Dr. J will be there. Great defenders. 10-11 Dirk  would be a good idea here. With Kevin Johnson and all these guards being available, kicking myself a bit grabbing 2 so earlier. Ryan Anderson , along with Dirk, is a teammate I'm excited to see play with Dr. J.

Team 21- scudmissile Tim Duncan  [ADP 24.25 ] (14, 28, 26, 29) BIll Russell [ADP 21.75 ](21, 12, 31, 23) Marques Johnson  [ADP 69.75] (77, 63, 81, 58) Walt Frazier [ ADP ] (  ) Wes Person [ADP] ()

Pretty polarizing player in ODL. I think 14 is way too early for Duncan, but after 26, 28, 29.is too far. 21-24 makes sense. Russell is a great guy for a 47 mill cap. Personal preference I guess, I'm just a little surprised to see him go after Ben Wallace. Love Marques here. You said you think you have taking the best player available after three rounds, which sounds very arrogant, but I think is 100% true. Really like this team. Clyde makes Scud 4 for 4? I think so. Starting 5 seems complete with Person. With so many good teams, it looks like another sub .500 season for me.

Team 22- beachcomber Jason Kidd [ADP 22](24, 24, 20, 20)  Scottie Pippen [ADP 30](27, 33, 36, 24) Amare Stoudemire [ADP 73.5] (90, 68, 63, 73) Roy Tarpley [ADP ] (  ) Brad Daugherty [ADP] ()

Kidd**** goes right on cue at an ADP of 22. Really dynamic player.  Some flaws, but his strengths are elite. Tang likes to use the 9-10 season, not that means anything  to a  brand new SIM player like beachcomber...Makes the back end of the draft really an exciting place to draft. Pippen adds another defensive, rebounding guard. Could be a matchup nightmare for some teams. Really like Amare.  Pretty caviler of me to think he would fall to me in the fourth. Not sure how Tarpley fits here. I guess you are thinking the 87 year. Outside of rebounds, which were a need, seems like a misstep. Daugherty or Amare should be on a team, probably not both.

Team 23- jcred5 Kevin Garnett [ADP 18] (22, 16, 22, 12) Dikembe Mutombo [ADP 34.25](44, 32, 33, 28) Paul Pierce [ADP 49.75 ] (69, 45, 43, 42) Mark Price [ADP 111.5] (87, 77, 113, 169) Andrei Kirilenko [ADP] ()

02-03 Garnett at the 3. eFG% is the flaw, but I think everyone would be happy to grab him at #23. Not sure which Mutombo is going to used. You have options. Price is nice fit here. Interesting team that will be interesting to see what years are selected. I think Pierce has 2 or 3 very interesting seasons for this team. Price is another guard that can spread the floor for Jcred as well. AK going to be a backup? What's the plan, Jcred? Maybe it depends on who is there in three picks.

Team 24- mikee1 Kevin McHale [ADP 34.5 ] (25, 35, 46, 32) Shawn Marion  [ADP 28.25 ](28, 26, 34, 25) Carlos Boozer [ADP 65.5 ] (54, 85, 60, 63 ) Jose Calderon [ADP 112.5 ] ( 101, 101, 79, 169) Willis Reed [ADP] ()
Kevin McHale is an elite scorer, but light on the boards. If only the was a SG with 18/21.1 DReb%...Seems like adding Marion to the mix is a match made in heaven. Two solid defenders is a great start, but it's a long wait to 72. Mikee gets to go light on defense here aftert aking to defenders early. Gets a great rebounder/scorer in Boozer and adds a nice PG in Calderon. Hope there is enough money for the '69 Reed season. 

*In a league that every player is trying to be the next Jordan, can LeBron just lose the headband already and shave his head?

**In a league where this happens, I wish Paul would actually play with that mustache.

***I don't think this is how Nate handled it, but if a player goes undrafted in a season, I will enter the draft position as 169.

****Is anyone going to be surprised if Kidd starts playing 48 mins a game? How would you even know to join this league with ZERO experience...GET ME, BOB LEY OR 30FOR30...I need answers.

9/23/2013 10:35 PM (edited)
9/13/2013 6:56 PM
9/13/2013 9:58 PM
After the first three picks, I think owners are already looking ahead to team identity and salary cap management. Nothing has been "too cute" yet. In my mind there is a top 11 that really are much more interchangeable then we have seen in years past.
9/14/2013 12:20 PM
Not that it is all that interesting, especially until rounds two and three, but this page is up to date.
9/16/2013 10:54 AM
Thanks for doing this. :-) Keep it up!

...Even if you trash my picks. ;-)
9/16/2013 11:13 AM
yes nice contribution, keep up the good work
9/16/2013 2:53 PM
Hey, I'm eagerly awaiting a berating of my second pick. :)
9/16/2013 6:37 PM
***I don't think this is how Nate handled it, but if a player goes undrafted in a season, I will enter the draft position as 169.


Yea, I used 3-year ave and if a player was not selected in one of the previous three then it was an ave of the two he was selected. If he was only selected once then his ave was NA.

169 works as well, but some guys either get taken early or not at all. Some really good seasons go undrafted, but generally these seasons are expensive and teams cannot afford them in the later rounds once they lock in too much cap space.
9/16/2013 6:47 PM
Great job with this btw, I KNOW how long it takes to put this data together, your time is appreciated.
9/16/2013 6:48 PM
I really appreciate this; it adds a fun dimension to the draft. I would like to participate but, outside of WIS, I'm much more of a football aficionado.  Plus, while I've had some WIS success, i have nowhere near the experience a lot of you guys do. :)
9/16/2013 7:09 PM
"Good teammate for a ball hog like Wade. "

I bet someone said that when LeBron join DWade's court. :D

Obviously Penny isn't LeBron, but I've made LBJ/MJ work, so this might be the poor man's version.
9/16/2013 8:36 PM
Maybe we could set up some way for a sort of peanut-gallery to comment on the draft picks? Mayhaps we could sm you our comments on picks to be added, or something. Sort of like how espn or the dp show has fan input. I'd like to give some feedback on picks but I'm in no way the expert you are. I've had pretty nice success, but mostly in OL leagues, so I don't want to overstep my expertise. :)
9/16/2013 8:45 PM
Posted by thisredbox on 9/16/2013 8:36:00 PM (view original):
"Good teammate for a ball hog like Wade. "

I bet someone said that when LeBron join DWade's court. :D

Obviously Penny isn't LeBron, but I've made LBJ/MJ work, so this might be the poor man's version.
Lol, it is a bit dramatic. That 08-09 season isn't as bad as I thought. I remembered (incorrectly) that Wade's top three money seasons were sub 50 eFG%. 51.6 isn't great, but it is doable with everything he brings to the table.
9/16/2013 8:50 PM
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