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Rookies (5):

P Brooks, Durant Georgia Tech $1,023,000
P Kapinos, Jeremy Penn State $978,750
P Kern, Brett Toledo $1,974,375
P Pakulak, Glenn Kentucky $2,085,000
P Paulescu, Sam Oregon State $1,310,625

11/18/2013 8:31 PM (edited)

Cuts & Undrafted (11):

P Berger, Mitch NFL Cut $1,266,375
P Feagles, Jeff NFL Cut $1,598,250
P Frost, Derrick Northern Iowa  $1,354,875
P Hodges, Reggie Ball State $1,443,375
P Johnson, Dirk NFL Cut $1,310,625
P Koenen, Michael NFL Cut $1,177,875
P Moorman, Brian NFL Cut $1,620,375
P Plackemeier, Ryan NFL Cut $1,288,500
P Podlesh, Adam Maryland  $1,509,750
P Turk, Matt NFL Cut $1,377,000
P Zastudil, Dave NFL Cut $1,797,375

11/23/2013 8:19 AM (edited)
Extra Players (EXPs) - The following low-priced final season players are available for use by any team to complete your rosters after the 2008 Draft.  Each team will take any two of the following players.

9/14/2013 10:14 AM
Extra Players (EXPs):

Quarterbacks (5):

QB Dorsey, Ken EXP $325,000
QB Huard, Damon EXP $325,000
QB Johnson, Brad EXP $325,000
QB Leftwich, Byron EXP $517,324
QB Losman, J.P. EXP $325,000

11/18/2013 10:34 PM (edited)
Extra Players (EXPs):

Running Backs (8):

RB Alexander, Shaun EXP $366,675
RB Askew, B.J. EXP $668,421
RB Duckett, T.J. EXP $797,602
RB Hall, Andre EXP $882,248
RB Hunt, Tony EXP $478,348
RB Johnson, James EXP $543,314
RB Jones, Kevin EXP $682,496
RB Pope, P.J. EXP $876,058

11/18/2013 10:34 PM (edited)
Extra Players (EXPs):

Wide Receivers (25):

WR Baker, Dallas EXP $325,000
WR Bumpus, Michael EXP $325,000
WR Davis, Chris EXP $325,000
WR Davis, Craig EXP $325,000
WR Ferguson, Robert EXP $325,000
WR Franklin, Will EXP $325,000
WR Hall, Roy EXP $325,000
WR Hardy, James EXP $325,000
WR Holt, Glenn EXP $325,000
WR Jackson, Chad EXP $325,000
WR Jackson, Dexter EXP $325,000
WR Jennings, Adam EXP $325,000
WR Jennings, Adam EXP $325,000
WR Jennings, Adam EXP $325,000
WR Jones, Mark EXP $325,000
WR London, Brandon EXP $325,000
WR McMullen, Billy EXP $325,000
WR Middleton, Brandon EXP $325,000
WR Robinson, Kevin EXP $325,000
WR Sanders, Steve EXP $325,000
WR Stanley, Derek EXP $325,000
WR Taylor, Courtney EXP $325,000
WR Wilford, Ernest EXP $325,000
WR Williams, Paul EXP $325,000
WR Williamson, Troy EXP $325,000

11/18/2013 10:33 PM (edited)
Extra Players (EXPs):

Tight Ends (17):

TE Angulo, Richard EXP $325,000
TE Curtis, Tony EXP $325,000
TE Foschi, John Paul EXP $325,000
TE Hodel, Nathan EXP $325,000
TE Lawrie, Nate EXP $325,000
TE Madsen, John EXP $325,000
TE McHugh, Sean EXP $325,000
TE Mustard, Chad EXP $325,000
TE Ortega, Buck EXP $325,000
TE Putzier, Jeb EXP $325,000
TE Putzier, Jeb EXP $325,000
TE Rader, Jason EXP $325,000
TE Robinson, Jeff EXP $325,000
TE Santi, Tom EXP $325,000
TE Schobel, Matt EXP $325,000
TE Wilcox, Daniel EXP $325,000
TE Wrighster, George EXP $325,000

11/18/2013 10:34 PM (edited)
The Available List is updated for all Cuts.

I will update the Extra Players List by the weekend.

11/13/2013 7:35 PM
I will post the Extra Players Lists tomorrow, Tuesday......

11/18/2013 8:32 PM
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