Can i get everyones opinions on rank of importance for you among the attributes for qb: strength, GI and Tech. Also which is more important for less interceptions GI or Tech?
9/17/2013 7:18 PM
Tech is the most important, GI next, Strength next.  In my opinion crappy Tech causes more picks. 
9/17/2013 8:34 PM
The notion, as I have always understood it, is GI goes to his decision about where to throw the ball, tech addresses the accuracy of his throws, and strength is about his ability to get it to the spot quickly. Weakness is any of them can lead to interceptions.

For my part, I focus on on GI first, tech second, and strength third.

9/17/2013 9:47 PM
Technique is king, then GI then Strength. (This is coming from the King of Passing in D-3 Yost my teams/ players hold almost all passing records. ;)
9/18/2013 2:14 AM
Agreed on TECH then GI as the top 2.  ELU is underrated, in that it can help avoid sacks and possibly gain more yards on scrambles.
9/18/2013 11:05 AM
Tech, GI, STR, ( ELU, SPD, ATH ) I have had at least 4 in the record book for Yardage and TDs. With 6 total that that won the Heisman Award. More that did really well.
9/19/2013 12:39 AM
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At D3, I focus on Tech, GI.  Almost equal, but I go with Tech as the most important.  I used to have GI as most important, but have had much better performance in the last 10 seasons or so since I started putting Tech first.  This past season I had my first D3 Heisman winner (but that was from an all shotgun attack).

Again, speaking from D3 only, I don't put much emphasis on STR.  You cannot have STR of 1...but I dont worry about it as long at its over 25 when recruited.  I also like Hands.  I basically have my "minimum" levels for the other attributes when recruiting.  I put a RS on every QB recruit and let him grow.

I run full time wishbone at D2 and D1AA, and QB is not that important in my scheme.  But I think that STR and some of the other attributes start making more of a difference at the higher levels.
9/20/2013 9:35 AM
i always go GI, then TEC, dont really care about strength unless it's abysmal.
9/20/2013 11:48 AM

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