Best $90M Team Ever?-Season 18 (FULL) Topic

Start with any team in history, and include at least 20 players from that team and year on your final roster. Up to 5 players on your final roster may be selected from other teams from your chosen year.
All teams from 1885 through 2013 are potentially eligible, however, some teams will not be usable because they have fewer than 20 WIS eligible players available. (Teams & seasons are not necessarily exclusive to one owner.)
As long as a player is identified by WIS as being from your chosen team, he is eligible even if he was traded during the season and his stats are combined from more than 1 team. For example, if you chose the 1964 Cardinals, you could use either the version of Lou Brock using only his Cardinal stats, or the one using his combined Cardinal/Cub stats. However, if you chose to use the version using only his Cub stats, he would not count as one of your 20 original roster players.
No clones, DH, WW, AAA or trades. You must use the park that your chosen team called home in your year of choice. Teams will be aligned chronologically. This is a public league, so no spots can be saved through the forum. Please join by entering your team in MLB106799. Thank you!
10/5/2013 10:08 PM (edited)
Teams in so far:
1981 Astros
2003 Blue Jays
1977 Phillies
1969 Twins
1953 Dodgers
1966 Twins
1986 Mets
2011 Phillies
1994 Reds
2000 Blue Jays
1978 Red Sox
1961 Yankees
1965 Giants
1998 Blue Jays
1969 Orioles
1997 Braves
1985 Cardinals
1968 Reds
2004 Cardinals
1976 Reds
2013 Tigers
1969 Orioles
2013 Cardinals
10/6/2013 3:13 PM (edited)
I'm going to step on the 2003 Jays' toes a little, and take the 2000 Blue Jays.  I apologize, didn't see the 2003 version was taken until after I put a team together. Let me know if not OK.
9/24/2013 1:57 PM
1961 Yankees
9/26/2013 5:22 PM
1941 NYY
9/27/2013 12:40 PM
1965 Giants
9/27/2013 2:48 PM
I may repick using a 2013 team if the new players are introduced prior to our league filling.

Edit:  We'll take 2013 Tigers
9/30/2013 10:55 PM (edited)
I couldn't resist this one, give me the 1993 SF Giants but I will continue to explore other options
10/1/2013 4:30 PM
Sounds great JDH!  That will bring us up to 20 teams, although only 17 have entered their rosters.  Note that this is a public league, so I can't save spots via the forum.  Please join by entering your team in MLB106799.  Thanks!
10/2/2013 9:45 PM
we switched to the 1997 Braves
10/3/2013 3:32 PM

I'm going to assume that the owners who said they were entering with the 1968 Reds & 1941 Yankees have decided not to join.  So, there are 6 open spots right now.

10/3/2013 9:38 PM
soup, yes i am still in with the 68 REDS...
10/4/2013 1:48 AM
OK, we now have 21 teams entered with approved rosters, so we'll be ready to start very soon.  Only room for 3 more teams.  I can't save spots via the forum, so please join by entering your team in MLB106799.  Thanks!

Note: 2013 teams are now eligible, and we currently have no teams entered from years prior to 1953.
10/6/2013 8:23 AM (edited)

We're full now--thanks!

10/6/2013 9:49 PM (edited)
If somebody backs out, let me know
10/6/2013 11:43 PM
Best $90M Team Ever?-Season 18 (FULL) Topic

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