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Malachi Kittridge C
10/13/2013 12:18 AM
jack clements
10/13/2013 1:36 AM
  Round 19-  Saturday  (10/12)  
  CLEVELAND INDIANS  (1915-1949)  
1) elleryq  (REV) LOU BOUDREAU
2) terry00  (WC) Earl Averill
3) SpotSell  (WC) Joe Gordon
4) spoonfed  (REV)  (WC) Joe Evans
5) dilligafdbp Glenn Myatt
6) horus_6 Stan Covelski
7) scaljay  (REV)               WILD CARD --> LARRY WALKER
8) antoncresten  (REV) Les Nunamaker
9) daddyzander  (REV)  (WC) Odel Hale
10) gbakker  (REV)  (WC) Hal Peck
11) loudawg10  (REV) Lew Fonseca
12) joshkvt BILL DAHLEN
13) reddtrain  (WC) Bob Caruthers
14) pmars2001  (REV)  (WC) Dad Lytle
15) The Taint  (REV) Tom Parrot
16) jbar8888  (REV)  (WC) Barry McCormick
17) BastanRedsox  (WC) Pop Shriver
18) toddleduc  (REV)            WILD CARD --> ALBERT PUJOLS
19) jlrunruh  (REV)  (WC) Bill Lange
20) pick1or2  (REV)  (WC) Scott Stratton
21) mpitt76  (WC) Bob Glenalvin
22) darthhoosier  (REV) 8:30pm
23) mikemundt  (WC) Malachi Kittredge
24) Vindex24  (REV)  (WC) Bill Moran
10/13/2013 2:17 AM
I will take P George McQuillan
10/13/2013 9:15 AM

Seattle Mariners

A Rod
10/13/2013 11:12 AM
P Karl Best
10/13/2013 11:31 AM
Ichiro Suzuki
10/13/2013 12:12 PM
Posted by horus_6 on 10/13/2013 11:31:00 AM (view original):
P Karl Best
I play in a fantasy baseball league with Karl and his brothers.

Early Sunday random fact.
10/13/2013 12:28 PM
That's really cool.
10/13/2013 12:56 PM
proxy for anton-   Kenji Johjima
10/13/2013 12:58 PM
Jrunrah and I have made a trade. Bill Lange for Rod Beck.
10/13/2013 12:59 PM
  Round 20-  Sunday   (10/13)  
1) terry00  (WC) CHUCK KLEIN
2) SpotSell  (WC) Jack Clements
3) spoonfed  (REV)  (WC) George McQuillan
4) dilligafdbp ALEX RODRIGUEZ
5) horus_6 Karl Best
6) scaljay  (REV)  (WC) Ichiro Suzuki
7) antoncresten  (REV) Kenji Johjima
8) daddyzander  (REV)  (WC) 1:30pm
9) gbakker  (REV)  (WC) 2pm
10) loudawg10  (REV) 2:30pm
11) joshkvt  (REV) 3pm
12) reddtrain  (WC) 3:30pm
13) pmars2001  (REV)  (WC) 4pm
14) The Taint  (REV) 4:30pm
15) jbar8888  (REV)  (WC) 5pm
16) BastanRedsox  (WC) 5:30pm
17) toddleduc  (REV)  (WC) 6pm
18) jlrunruh  (REV)  (WC) 6:30pm
19) pick1or2  (REV)  (WC) 7pm
20) mpitt76  (WC) 7:30pm
21) darthhoosier  (REV) 8pm
22) mikemundt  (WC) 8:30pm
23) Vindex24  (REV)  (WC) 9pm
24) elleryq  (REV) 9:30pm
10/13/2013 12:59 PM
Last time we said that trades would be allowed before the season started in this league.
10/13/2013 1:04 PM
I know we had discussed it some but I don't think it was ever changed from In Season Only...

I know in all of the past versions we couldn't trade until the season started & the rules at the top of the Thread say "TRADES ALLOWED- once the season starts" so I know some people will gripe & complain if we deviate from the stated rules...

I assume you want the good Lange- is there any way you guys could do a multi player trade to get the salaries closer?

10/13/2013 1:16 PM
I'd have to agree with todd.  Rules is rules.
10/13/2013 1:25 PM
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UNO ! 2 - League # MLB107133 Topic

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