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Private World Rules:
minimum 55 wins in a single season.
minimum 120 wins in any two consecutive seasons.

also for general HBD rules of play, consult:

0 AL Teams

AL North
- 14th Pick:  Slipped a little this season but was a playoff team the 3 seasons before this one.  Has 2 20M contracts that still have 4 years on them.  Also has 2 8M contracts with 2 years on them.  Also has 3 contracts at 5M-6M with a year or two on them.  Hasn't had any high draft picks recently, due to being successful and signing FA's.  Picks in the last 2 years are still with the team, but highest pick was in the 40's or so.  Seems like a veteran team that could compete soon, but may not be a lot in the farm system.

 AL East - 20th Pick:  Another team that slipped this past season after 4 consecutive division championships.  Has 2 8M-9M contracts with 3 years left on them.  And 4 4M-6M contracts with no more than 2 years left on them.  Seems like most picks in the first 5 rounds are still with the franchise.  Doesn't seem in too bad of shape salary wise, and has some talent to compete right away.

AL West - 15th Pick:  After 6 consecutive playoff appearances, this team slipped a little and missed the playoffs this past season.  Has been the highest payroll team in the league for a few years.  Not very many draft picks from rounds 1-5 are in the system.  I'd classify this as a veteran team that is ready to compete, but the farm system could probably use some work.

AL West - 4th & 18th Pick:  This franchise has been in the playoffs most of the seasons in the history of the league.  Had an owner abandon the team in the middle of the season last year, and had a replacement fill in to finish out the season who did the best he could in the situation.  This team had been over .500 the previous seasons before the last one.  Has one 20M contract that has a few years left on it.  Also has more than a handful of veteran contracts too.  Seems to have almost all of round 1-5 draft picks still in the system from the last few years.  Doesn't seem like this franchise is in too bad of shape, just needs some tlc.

AL West - 1st Pick:  This franchise has a rough stretch the last 6 or 7 seasons.  The previous owner was winning a little more each season, but put the team on auto pilot around the trade deadline, and it lost a lot more games than it probably should have.  There are 7-10 veteran contracts to deal with.  It seems though almost all of the draft picks are still with the franchise from the last few seasons.  Should be some young talent in the system.  Might take a season or two, but seemed to be on the right track before last season.

0 NL Teams

NL North - 5th Pick:  This franchise has had a tough run the last decade worth of seasons.  A lot salary room to play with.  Only has a few draft picks from the last few season's still in their system, but does have 3 players picked in the top 10 in the last 4 years. 

NL East - 16th Pick:  Has had 4 different owners over the last 4 seasons, but has played roughly .500 in that time.  The previous 7 or 8 seasons before that, competed for division championship and made the playoffs for the most part.  Doesn't have a lot tied up in veteran contracts.  Seems to have most of the picks from rounds 1-5 still in the system.  Seems like a franchise in decent shape needing someone with a long term plan to take it back to contending status.

NL East - 3rd Pick:  Had a run of quite a few season where the franchise competed for the division championship, but seems to be on the downswing now.  Has a few bigger contracts (4M - 8M) but it seems most come off the books the next season or two.  Seems to have a majority of the draft picks from rounds 1-5 still in the system.

**Like anything, do your own homework on each team.  I could have easily missed something as I am going through these teams.

10/27/2013 9:11 AM (edited)
9/27/2013 9:55 AM
Great League, This will be my second HBD season and all the guys were great. If you are new, you will receive all the help you need!
9/27/2013 9:08 PM
9/29/2013 7:49 PM
10/6/2013 6:42 PM
I have an interest in either team. I have had alot of success in the one league I have played in and was about to stat rebuidling that team. The league I am in is having trouble getting the league started though so I may switch to possibly here. Are there any other leaue restrictions besdes the amount of wins stated above?
10/24/2013 12:43 PM
Ok Trent, I will give the NL team a run.  Is there any flexibility to the win minimum for new owners?  Send me the password, and I will get in.
10/24/2013 3:37 PM
Min win is the only rule we have thus far.  At this point, the min win rule is what it is.  I started a poll in the league to see if there is interest in the league about modifying it.

tajohn invite has been sent.

hirschjt, sent you a site mail.

10/24/2013 7:18 PM (edited)
The Sandlot (S27) Full Topic

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