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From the FAQ:

A shot has been attempted. Whether this is a three-point attempt is strictly based on the shooters ratio of three-point attempts to non-three-point field goal attempts. The chance that a player has of making the shot is based on his shooting percentage, the assist rates of his teammates, his defender’s stop percentage (captured by defensive rating) and to a lesser extent the other four player’s stop percentages and the block rates of all five defensive players
9/27/2013 4:39 PM
I know we all focus on the advanced stats and ast%, but if you believe the FAQ it is "assist rate" and not the advanced ast% that leads to an efg bump. IMO and efg bump occurs in the sim at around .625 cumulative assists per minute on the floor, regardless of the ast% on the floor.

Ast% is directly responsible for crediting an assist to a given player, but from my own experience if you have .625 (which equates to 30ast per 48m) on the floor then a bump is very likely. 
9/27/2013 4:44 PM (edited)
In the HDP progressive last season we were using 07-08 and 77-78. I noticed something significant about the difference between a rotation that included Ronny Turiaf versus Amir Johnson. Turiaf has an ast% of 10.8 but an ast rate of .0877, while Amir has an ast% of 5.1% with a rate of only .0377. Turiaf in RL had an efg of 47.4% and Amir had a 55.8%.

When I played Turiaf my ast rate was over .625 and he shot in the 55% efg range, more than 8 points higher than IRL. But when I used the same rotation with Amir instead not only did the entire team shoot worse but Amir had an efg well south of 50%.

I've run into the same kind of issue in the recent theme leagues, anyone else see any results like this?
9/27/2013 5:02 PM (edited)
again... old language that was not updated after the advanced stats were put into play.  It's ast% now.  Verification.

9/28/2013 1:46 AM
also it's helpful to keep in mind that most of the WiS NBA faq was written by a person not particularly comfortable or adept in using words 
9/28/2013 9:02 AM
it comes from 2 stocktons and a lebron at C. atleast that is what  2 of my fingers think
9/30/2013 6:01 PM
Fg% bump where does it come from? Topic

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