10/12/2013 1:50 PM
Thank You. Looks like a bad string assignment on the final step. I'll get this patched up.

10/12/2013 3:22 PM
Ohio St vs Illinois in Bava. All receivers had negative YAC
10/12/2013 3:32 PM
10/13/2013 12:06 AM
Looks like it was a TD that was called back by penalty, and there was a glitch in the scoring summary.
10/13/2013 7:32 AM
All WR have negative YAC in playoff games.
10/15/2013 9:54 AM

10:34 Own 30 3rd & 5   OFF: Pro-Set    DEF: 4-3
96 QB John Johnson
97 OL1 Raul Arias
97 OL2 Keith Houston
97 OL3 Antonio Jackson
97 OL4 Anthony Whitley
98 OL5 Justin Bauer
98 TE Scott Gonzalez
98 RB1 David Gibson
97 RB2 Charles Watson
97 WR1 Scott Cisneros
97 WR2 Paul Espinoza
94 DL1 John Johnson
97 DL2 Gary Ward
97 DL3 Anthony Avila
95 DL4 Robert Williams
94 LB1 Robert Cote
97 LB2 Robert Hill
95 LB3 John Brown
97 CB1 James Adams
99 CB2 Anthony Crawford
98 SS Keith Patton
96 FS Gary Patterson

Defense lines up for a run. John Johnson takes the snap and drops back to pass. The defense is starting to get pressure on Johnson. Johnson throws to Gibson behind the line of scrimmage (very short). Gibson makes the catch. Patton gets a hand on Gibson to bring him down at the CUP 39. 9 yard gain.

3 0
10:05 Own 39 1st & 10   OFF: I-Formation    DEF: 4-3
94 QB John Johnson
96 OL1 Raul Arias
95 OL2 Keith Houston
96 OL3 Antonio Jackson
95 OL4 Anthony Whitley
96 OL5 Justin Bauer
96 TE Scott Gonzalez
95 RB1 David Gibson
96 RB2 Charles Watson
96 WR1 Scott Cisneros
96 WR2 Paul Espinoza
92 DL1 John Johnson
95 DL2 Gary Ward
95 DL3 Anthony Avila
93 DL4 Robert Williams
91 LB1 Robert Cote
95 LB2 Robert Hill
94 LB3 John Brown
96 CB1 James Adams
98 CB2 Anthony Crawford
97 SS Keith Patton
95 FS Gary Patterson

PENALTY on MVUP, Facemask, 16 yards, enforced at MVUP 45.

3 0
9:32 45 1st & 10   OFF: Pro-Set    DEF: 4-3
93 QB John Johnson
95 OL1 Raul Arias
93 OL2 Keith Houston
94 OL3 Antonio Jackson
94 OL4 Anthony Whitley
95 OL5 Justin Bauer
95 TE Scott Gonzalez
94 RB1 David Gibson
95 RB2 Charles Watson
94 WR1 Scott Cisneros
94 WR2 Paul Espinoza
89 DL1 John Johnson
94 DL2 Gary Ward
94 DL3 Anthony Avila
91 DL4 Robert Williams
89 LB1 Robert Cote
93 LB2 Robert Hill
92 LB3 John Brown
94 CB1 James Adams
96 CB2 Anthony Crawford
95 SS Keith Patton
94 FS Gary Patterson

Defense lines up for a pass with a cover Medium. Blitz by Crawford. John Johnson takes the snap and drops back to pass. The defense has heavy pressure on Johnson. Johnson throws to a covered Gibson (Brown) at the MVUP 40 (Short). Gibson makes the diving catch and is down. 5 yards on the play.

16 yards on the facemask?


10/15/2013 11:28 AM
Even better, it looks like a dead ball foul.  They lined up and a spontaneous facemask broke out.

10/15/2013 12:06 PM

The phantom tackler again. Somebody messed up, but I don't know who to bench.
 OFF: Notre Dame Box    DEF: 4-4

Defense lines up for a run. Blitz by Lucas. Dean Bailey takes the snap and drops back to pass. The defense has heavy pressure on Bailey. Bailey throws to a covered Brady (Peterson,Bailey,Thomas) at the RPI 47 (Medium). Brady reaches out to pull in the catch. Brady slips the tackle of Tackler and gets into the end zone. 63 yards gain. TOUCHDOWN.

10/15/2013 1:57 PM
Thanks Stingray, I'll check that out. 

HeyMon, facemask is a play that's tacked on to the final results of the play. Looks like that play gained 1 yard and the facemask was added on to that. 

I'm working on getting the actual play to show up before the penalty, but it's a little confusing right now. Turns out this way is a bit confusing too. They are not spontaneous, just doesn't print out play yet. 

Thanks Tribewriter, I'll get the tackler fixed. 

10/17/2013 3:06 PM

Defense lines up for a pass with a cover Long. Blitz by Freeman. James Murphy lines up in shotgun and takes the snap. The defense has heavy pressure on Murphy. Murphy rolls out of the pocket. The defense has heavy pressure on Murphy. Willis (Norton) is covered at the RU 21 (Medium). Pickett (Norton,Perry) is covered at the RU 24 (Medium). Murphy throws to a covered Hall (Bridges,Perry,Williams) at the RU 22 (Medium). Pass is knocked down by Williams.INTERCEPTION by RU (Andre Williams) at the RU 42.

The play-by-play says, "Pass is knocked down by Williams" and then "INTERCEPTION by RU (Andre Williams)..."

Hard to do both.

10/17/2013 7:09 PM
Hard, but not impossible. 
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