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Posted by smokey57 on 10/5/2013 2:06:00 AM (view original):
Malone, I thought for sure you would snake carter on me. The 99-00 was really a great player on my ZPL prog team. Plus carter had good results in the Clash. Probably should have taken kobe, but I'm from boston and have to draw the line somewhere.
I have Wilkins playing SG.  He will give me a rebounding advantage there while still keeping an eFG just over 50% with a high rate of usage.  I needed assists badly and I wasn't sure that I could get the assists I needed in the fourth round...44 picks later at that.
10/5/2013 4:29 PM
I have my 3 man core now, malone, carter & strickland. All in all, not bad, I can definately work with this core group. I'll probably put malone @ C, carter @ SF & strickland @ PG. That could change in a pick though. Usage is good @ tiers 1,2 & 3, guess I'll look for a few tier 4 guy's. Def could be better, but for this decade it should be good enough. eFG% is good for the era. This draft is going to be somewhat difficult...lol.
10/7/2013 1:12 PM
Once we all get to three, is anyone going to do evals?
10/7/2013 1:49 PM
DeeDeeEl-3 Goofy Evals

1) seapilots - Shaquille O'Neal, C. Weatherspoon, Derek Harper, Hersey Hawkins - couple of nice guards drafted in the 3rd and 4th round for this team. hawkins will play above his rl stats in the sim. i have used him many times and he has always outperformed. i like the weatherspoon pick and he always shows up to play. one of the more consistent players in the sim. little variance from his stats. shaq is a beast. not a fan of harper, though. well balanced group with 2 reliable scorers, some def too. quad - B

2) longtallbrad - Dennis Rodman, Mitch Richmond, Arvydas Sabonis, Kenny Anderson, - beginning to love this team. it's not an eye-opener, but it's gonna be sneaky deadly, and damn difficult to beat. sabonis's 25% usage along with richmond's usage will make for a formidable scoring punch. anderson was ok, but there were a few better pg's available. still, this is a tough act to beat. nice frontcourt! quad- B+

3) tanguma44 - Michael F. Jordan, Antonio McDyess, Elton Brand, Dale Davis - not a fan of brand's 90-ish season(s), but it's gonna be good enough to provide more punch in this lineup of the 3 big usage men, thanks to the great dale davis pick! and so many good seasons to choose from too. his usage goes from 9% all the way to 15%. options! how nice. good def. who cares about his ft%. doesn't take too many. mcdyess fouls, but does everything else well. scary team. quad- A-

4) skypilots - Hakeem Olajuwon, Kobe Bryant, Danny Manning, big usage here for 1 ball, and sky has found an even bigger fouler than hakeem in manning, yet for the negatives here, there are more positives: def, boards, steals and all-around toughness. trio- B

5) smokey57 - Karl Malone, Vince Carter, Rod Strickland, - 2 ball hogs with opposing efg% yet could work well together if surrounded by 3 tier and 4 tier scorers. strickland seems like a ho-hum choice since there were 1 or 2 excellent pg's still available with better def and efg% and with much less usage, yet strick is underrated and quite effective as a no. 3 scorer... still (depending on what version smoke uses) he is still a 20+ usage guy. gl going forward. trio- B-

6) dskantor - David Robinson, Reggie Miller, Avery Johnson, this is a very nice looking trio so far who bring their own skill sets to the table. drob is gonna be a force and a top 3 MVP candidate, reggie will do his thing from the ourside and avery is a strong, yet underrated dishman. boards, scoring, 3's and dimes so far. good start! trio - B+

7) rubnsly - Tim Duncan, Tim Hardaway, Eddie Jones, i'm no longer convinced of duncan's "value" in the sim anymore. seems to underperform and is inconsistent, yet rub had to take him when he did. i like the hardaway pick who will offset duncan's occasional no-show games. eddie jones going late in the 3rd round? that's a steal. 55% efg-19% usage and hits 143-3's, 80 def. nice. trio-B+

8) kdforester - Kevin Garnett, Dana Barros, Detlef Schremp, brother, ya got a dime? "hell yes," kd will answer (3 players who share the ball). i like shremp's 51% arc shooting, as well as his dimes and being 99% ef at the 2 slot. some boards, some 3's, some dimes and some efficiency working here. good building so far trio-B

9) steelers821, Scottie Pippen, Buck Williams, Hot Rod Williams, triple-scoop of hagen-daz. strong def, boards and efficiency. pippen is gonna be a gem in this league. liked the hot rod pick to team with big-buck. toughness all-around. trio- A-

10) badja - Patrick Ewing, Larry Bird, Nick Anderson,badja's love affair continues with the anderson pick, and why not? efficient as hell and gives plenty of room for bird and ewing to operate. these 3 guys bring a little of everything to the table including def and balanced usage. nice building. trio-B+

11) cmcafeeky - Charles Barkley, Kevin Johnson, Brad Daugherty, def- what is that? don't need no stinkin' def in the sim. as bad as the def is here, the scoring is even stronger and quite efficient. daugherty's 57% is very nice along with chuck's all-around game and johnson's dimes and 3's (80+). lots of usage so far, but not off the charts and i feel these 3 are gonna gel well. trio A-

12) scudmissle - John Stockton, Moses Malone, Alvin Robertson, losing derrick coleman was a big hit, yet drafted robertson instead. not a bad trade-off i guess, but took the squad in a whole new direction in which the jury is still out. there are dimes here, def, a few 3's and 20% (+1 or -1% either way) usage across the board. if i can draft that "elusivie" big man in the 4th, then this might turn out to be a competive squad trio-B
13) kacyon - Gary Payton, Jeff Hornacek, Bo Outlaw, nice backcourt tandem that will work well together. payton boards and shoots 3's, though he is a bit in-efficient, hornacek is very efficient. balanced. outlaw plays def, low usage and is a wonderful SF guy to stop all those sf scorers in this league. nice start, but bigs will be hard to find in the late rounds. trio- C+

14) jkaye24 - Alonzo Mourning, Terrell Brandon, Latrell Sprewell, 27%+27%+24% usage. hmmm, but these 3 will make it work provided there are enough dimes to improve efficiency. both brandon and sprewell dime, but not that much. however i like the feel of this team. good def. gonna be fun to watch. trio-B+

15) benjihall - Dikembe Mutombo, Kevin McHale, Mark Price, - 3 distinct role players here. quite nice on paper. love the price pick. mchale and dikembe will become good buds. inside-out working well. all 3 are good ft shooters and are efficient. good squad. trio- A-/B+

will finish later. tired. got to go to bed. 2:20 am in china

16) jhsukow - Magic Johnson, Wesley Person, Cedric Ceballos,
17) amerk1180 - Jason Kidd, Kevin Willis, Derrick Coleman,
18) dh555 - Shawn Kemp, Charles Oakley, Darrell Armstrong,
19) natenoy - Grant Hill, Mookie Blaylock, Glen Rice,
20 eleibowitz - Anfernee Hardaway, Larry Nance, Pervis Ellison,
21) carbonjones - Chris Mullin, Anthony Mason, Vin Baker,
22) 98average - Horace Grant, Terry Porter, Gheorghe Muresan,
23) malone9975 - Robert Parish, Dominique Wilkins, Mark Jackson,
24) thomcat - Chris Webber, Clyde Drexler, Vlade Divac,
10/7/2013 9:27 PM (edited)
Well, Anderson was a legitimate but safe pick.  I was REALLY hoping that everyone else would continue overlooking that perfectly decent season of Ervin's, and that Big Ben's low minute season would remain my little secret.  Wishful thinking.
10/7/2013 8:45 PM
i'm afraid, brad, after the mchale pick, then the moses pick, then the bird pick... owners started to fine-comb through the lower ranked salaries for value... since there is no cap. lots of creativity is possible. no more freebies!
10/7/2013 9:15 PM
Yeah no one has overlooked anything thus far!  Was hoping for Nervous Pervis.
10/7/2013 9:37 PM
Yeah, I'm learning that I'm not smarter than anyone else in this draft.  There are a couple of low minute guys I was coveting with my fourth rounder, including Ben W., but I just couldn't bring myself to take that leap again after Sabonis.  Chickened out and went for more minutes.
10/7/2013 10:02 PM
steelers, buck, hot rod and jayson? tell me that the name, williams, had nothing to do with your 4th round pick...
10/8/2013 7:17 AM
Lol I did notice it but I just saw his insane oreb and went for him. Although I may want to change my movie toward something with Williams in it
10/8/2013 4:54 PM

steelers I was coverting those o-rbs too. The big men in this decade have rather disappointing def's..thinking about the matchup's makes me cringe. Every board hog I looked at had crap for def, finally I said screw-it, what's Ben's numbers look like...2000min's, 111/236rbs, 9.7use & def93. BINGO..we have a winner!!!! I think I'll end up using Carter @ SF and Malone @ C, therefore I needed a very low usage @ PF to get my off. spacing right. Also Wallace gives me a def93 to go with Malone's def90 in the paint. I ran a very specifc search for PG..Avery Johnson went, leaving only Rod Strickland. Rod is all about floor his floor game. By the time I reached the 4th, the mins cap was down to 24mpg (~2000min's) for me. I was resigned to a 12 man team from the start,19,800 min's should be more than enough..I'll go lower if I have too.

10/8/2013 10:24 PM (edited)
Natural Born Killers

    Name DEF Pos   Min Pts FG% 3Pt% FT% OReb Reb Ast TO Stl Blk PF
    John Stockton     80  PG    35.0  14.7  54.2  44.9  80.4   0.7  3.1  12.3  3.3  2.4  0.3 2.6
    Moses Malone     70   C    30.6  15.6  47.4  37.5  78.6   3.9  9.1  1.1  1.8  0.9  0.8 1.7
    Alvin Robertson     90  SF    32.1  13.6  48.5  36.5  75.7   2.4  5.7  5.5  2.6  3.0  0.2 3.4
    Reggie Lewis     80  SG    37.4  20.8  50.3  23.8  85.1   1.4  4.8  2.3  1.7  1.5  1.3 3.1

4th round was such a hard pick for me. was eyeing 4 players that brought different skill sets to the team. a 3 point maniac, a big time board man with lousy def but excellent %'s, a mid-level board man who scored, and a big with great def and average boards. then there was reggie and his "clean" game and sound def. i liked his usage and fta's, too.

my team has taken on a new direction in each round since the moses pick. i suspect this will continue through the subsequent rounds. all-in-all, i'm a bit worried about boards, but i think i can shore this weakness up. on the other hand, i like the soundness of this squad thus far.

i suspect there are going to be a great many surprises in this league when play begins.
10/9/2013 1:35 AM
Very surprised Jerome Williams made it to me.  I don't know if that going to make it a winning team but I don't think its going to hurt..

Name Team Pos Usage% 2pt%# 3pt%# eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Stl% Blk% D
Anfernee Hardaway 95-96 Magic PG 25.5 57.1 31.1 54.9 4.9 8.1 23.9 2.5 0.8 83
Pervis Ellison 91-92 Bullets C 22.6 53.8 33.6 54 8.7 22.1 9 1 3.9 62
Larry Nance 91-92 Cavaliers PF 19.1 53.9 0 53.9 8.1 16 9.4 1.2 4.5 100
Jerome Williams 99-00 Pistons PF 14.3 56.9 0 56.4 14.6 26.9 4.2 2 0.6 35

10/9/2013 4:37 AM

Twelve Monkey's

player                    gm   min     pts      fg%    3pt%  ft%     orb    drb    ast   tov    stl     blk     pf       def

Karl Malone
          82    36.6    27.4    55.0    0.0    75.5    2.4    9.9    4.5    2.8    1.4    0.6    2.6      90

Vince Carter         82    38.1    25.7    46.5   40.3   79.1    1.8    5.8    3.9    2.2    1.3    1.1    3.2      69

Rod Strickland     82    35.2    17.2    48.3   20.0   74.9    1.5    4.5    9.0    3.1    1.8    0.3    2.1      56

Ben Wallace         81    24.2     4.8    50.3      0.0   47.4    2.6    8.2    0.8    0.8    0.9    1.6    2.0      93

Chris Dudley        82    27.4     5.5    40.6      0.0   46.2    4.0    9.3    0.4    1.0    0.5    1.5    3.5      60

Micheal Williams 79   34.8    15.0   49.0    24.2   87.1    0.9    3.6    8.2    3.0    2.9    0.3    3.3      80


Name                         Pos        Usage%   2pt%#   3pt%#   eFG%   OReb%   DReb%   Ast%   Stl%   Blk%       

Rod Strickland              SG             22.0        48.4        20.2      48.4        4.1           9.1           29.9      2.2     0.5           

Micheal Williams         PG             19.1         49.8        24.5      49.5        3.0           7.8          26.8      3.5     0.4 

Vince Carter                  SF             30.0         47.6        40.2      49.3        4.9         11.4          13.7      1.6     1.8            

Ben Wallace                 PF              9.7          50.5          0.0       50.3      11.1         23.8           4.3       1.6     3.8           

Chris Dudley                 C             11.4          40.3          0.0       40.6      14.6         21.9           1.7       0.9     3.4            

Karl Malone
                 PF             32.7          55.3          0.0       55.0        8.3         23.4          15.6      1.8     1.0             


10/12/2013 12:35 PM (edited)

anfernee and nance provide some serious attitude for this well balanced team without a dominant scorer, however, there are many arc snipers still available who also dime-up a little, which is the one glaring weakness. i assume that is your next focus, and there are some nice dishmen left who shoot a few 3's. jerome williams was a player i was looking at closely before i pulled the reggie lewis trigger. just couldn't stomach the weak defense from him, but his board %'s were in the top 3 remaining players. nervous pervis was a solid pick. interested to see who you have in mind for the 5th round. not sure if this squad is a 2nd round playoff contender yet, but it looks good enough to be invited to the dance (so far). gl in the 5th.

smokey's 12 monkey's

every time i look at the mailman and carter duo it makes me cringe a bit. for some reason these two do not belong on the same floor together, EVER, yet i can't help sensing how well this is gonna work out in this league. an opposing team better have some high caliber defensive specialists to slow one of these guys down, impossible to slow both of them, and with strickland  and the mailman dishing, and even carter, these guys can share the ball. i am hoping the usage% keeps these guys ball-hogging, thus inefficient, but i do not think this will be the case. didn't like the wallace pick in the 4th, then i realized his very low 9% usage was the perfect fit. still, he is extremely one-dimensional, but maybe that's exactly what was needed. the jury is out on the strickland pick and his tier 2 (3) usage. looks like a sure bet to make the playoffs... not sure if smokey can calm this bunch of monkeys into a cohesive unit to go deep into the dance, but it's looking good so far. kind of disappointed were in the same division. glad i've got alvin robertson to D-up on carter.
10/9/2013 2:41 PM
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