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This progressive will use mechanics used in real life baseball teams. We will use the years 1902/2013.  First there will be a draft to select the base team you would like to start with ex. 2013 Pittsburgh Pirates.  The first team that drafts in team draft will draft last in the player draft.  1902 teams will progress and 2013 will regress. Once we have drafted our teams we will have a 8 round draft to get additional players.  We will have 28 total players.  25 regular rosters and 3 minor leagues.  Each year going forward there will be 2 events a rookie draft which will feature that years first year players or last year players.  Then will be a free agency period.  From year to year the maximum amount of players selected will be 7.  


The initial year draft will be a normal serpentine draft for a maximum of 10 rounds.  so you essentially have to keep 18 players from the team you selected.

Draft will be non serpentine style and only have rookies and last year players.  You will need to advise we how many rounds you want to use for rookies/last year players.  Before the draft starts.

Draft order will be worst to first.  I'm hoping with the free agency money teams will not tank.  Tie breakers will be broken by home wins.

Free Agency

After the draft all the players that are not first year and last year players will be able to picked up via free agency.  Each owner will send me the dollar amount they would like to spend on a player.  The dollar amount will be based on wins the previous season.  Each win is $1.  The team that spends the highest wins that player and will be deducted from there pool.  If you do not get the player no money is subtracted. Each owner can only spend as much money as they have though.  Example if you have 120 wins in the first season you can't say 120 Barry Bonds 120 Greg Maddux it's got to equal 120 total.  This will last for multiple rounds.  The catch will be a team that spends too much money for a player may have no money and still needs players. They will get as many 200K players to fill out there roster for that one season as needed. The most players you can send me per round is the total number of players you need.  So here is another example.  You draft 4 players in the draft you need 3 then from Free Agency since the total number per year is 7.  You can send me 3 max.  Once all the owners send me who they want I open the site-mail and see who gets who and subtract the amount.  They we do that again until all teams have the right amount of players.  Also,  money from year to year will carry over.  So if you want to be cheap or had a bad year you can save money for a player maybe that had one great year you don't want to spend money on their first year.

Minor League

After the draft and free agent period we will submit roster 25 regular team and 3 minor league players.  Player do not like being in the minors.  Once a player is in the minor for 3 total years they will be released and available the next years free agency pool.  The owner of the player will not be allowed to bid on him(he is holding a grudge for not playing).


There will be none


Trading of draft picks will be allowed,also you can trade for money as well.  You still have be no more than 28 players.  Also in season trading of money can only be the win total you currently have.  


Team #1  (35-20) Gary Gaetti

Team #2  (15-40) Kirby Puckett

If you wanted to trade you could say I will give you Gary Gaetti and 25 dollars for Kirby Puckett giving you more spending power in free agency.

Draft picks can only be traded one year in advance.  So if we are on 1903/2012 you can trade for the 2012 draft year or the 2011 draft year.

Split seasons

Split season will be handled like this.  the team they ended with in 2013 or they started with in 1902 will have rights to that player

Salary Cap:  None
Clones:  Obviously not since it's a progressive.

Keepers will be due at the 120 game mark. 

Any questions feel free to ask.

10/4/2013 1:21 AM (edited)
Interested Owners:


10/3/2013 7:13 PM
Are you starting with 12 -2013 teams and 12 -1902 teams, or are you starting with 24 -2013 teams and just drafting the *players* from 2013 and 1902?

And why does the one who drafts first in the team draft also draft first in the player draft?
10/4/2013 12:35 PM (edited)
no the person that drafts first in the team draft will draft last in the player draft.  Sorry I messed up the wording

first they will draft a team, they we will throw the players not selected in the pool and draft those players. 

It will not be any specific breakdown it could be 7 1902 teams and 17 2013 teams depends who people want in the draft

10/4/2013 1:20 AM

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