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Oh daily GotN writeups, how we've all missed you.  Good luck in the new season everyone, let's get to it.

#21 Piedmont (0-0)(bunkerbuster) at #5 New York U. (0-0)(ajlillie)
We kick off the non-conference slate with an interesting matchup between two teams that both had one loss campaigns last season.  Both finished the regular season undefeated, won their conference tourneys, but then lost in the NT.  Both are ranked to start off the season and looking to restart impressive runs.  This is the first meeting between these two coaches and the home team NYU Violets are favored by 7.

Also considered: #12 Wentworth Tech at #23 Willamette, #15 Northland at John Carroll, Emmanuel at #18 Howard Payne, and #20 Johnson and Wales at Penn St. Altoona.

Sim blowout watch: Goucher is wasting no time in setting the early pace for big spreads as they are a 91 point home dog hosting #3 Texas Lutheran.  Washington (MO) is close behind as they're getting 87 points hosting the Gorloks of #7 Webster.

Like last year, the ITaLRbHAGotN featured game will return once the conference season starts up.  It believes that absence makes the heart grow fonder.
10/11/2013 3:18 PM

The Way Too Early FInal Four

Hopefully all the principles have redshirts set, if not too bad. I'm stuck playing guard dog at a homecoming dance this evening (Bless me father, for I have sinned...) so this posting is a now or never sort of thing. As always, selections are in alphabetical order.

Colorado -- Coming off a 23-7 campaign that saw it advance to the second round of last year's national tournmant, Colorado looks solid for bdpoor this year. The Ath/Spd/Def triumverate starts out in the low 50s. There's seven upperclass types and six of the 12 on the roster begin the year ranked 600+, including a pair of 700s.

Emory -- Phalla is trying to downplay his team in the media and make Millsaps appear to be the team to beat in the University. I'm still not buying the shuck'n'jive from aa coach fielding a team with a starting 64 Ath rating and a Def tha'll begin the year at 60 (the speed is "only" 49). Emory was 25-8 last season adn reached the Elite Eight. My biggest concern here is IQs as it seem, for a team with 8 juniors and seniors some fo the IQs are lower than one would antisipate being the case.

Texas Lutheran -- For the second season in a row, the previous year's PIT champion rides that wave to mention in the WTEFF. Blapo and Texas Lutheran went 27-6 last year. It's still a youngish team with only five seniros and juniors total, but there's still good speed with a team breakdown of 53-50/53 in the big three and three players with speed scores of 70+. While there isn't a 700-rated player on the roster, there are five players who begin the year at 650 or better.

Webster -- One of the faster teams to be found this season with four ball handlers able to go 70+ in the speed department. The big three starts at 53/54/48, which is solid for a team not predicted as Final Four material for the pollsters. Webster si coming off a 30-2 season that ended with an appearance in the Sweet 16. One of those programs that's always there, five players begin the year rated 600 or better.

Others considered: Louisiana, Millsaps, New York Univ., Palm Beach Atlantic, Ursinus, US Merchant Marine and Wentworth.

10/11/2013 3:31 PM
The top four teams all won but apparently the voters were most smitten with Colorado as they become our new #1 team.

Last Night
#9 Piedmont 88   New York U. 64
This one wasn't very close thanks to starting Piedmont point guard Robert Prill exploding for 32 points, he was a couple shy of taking half his team's shots.  New York U. didn't have an answer as both of their starting guards and one off the bench all eventually fouled out.  Not pretty for the home team.  Piedmont and bunkerbuster shoot all the way up into the top ten with the win while New York U. and ajlillie fall down into the others receiving votes section.

Also considered: #14 Willamette held off Wentworth Tech 71-60, #12 Northland got the close road win over John Carroll 83-79, #15 Howard Payne got past Emmanuel 67-61, and #24 Penn St. Altoona won a low scoring affair over Johnson and Wales 54-46.

Sim blowout watch: Goucher almost lost by 70 but they still covered against #6 Texas Lutheran 55-121 and Washington kept it closer and covered at home to #18 Webster 56-95.

#23 Simpson (1-0)(dshook30) at #13 Ozarks (1-0)(timmytfk)
Both teams won last night and now they're looking to climb higher in the rankings.  The Simpson Storm rolls into the Ozarks where a new-to-the-program coach looks to continue the success of last season.  Should be a close one, the odds-makers have it as an even pick.

Also considered: #5 Louisiana at Wentworth Tech, #9 Piedmont at Mount St. Mary, Aurora at #22 Wooster, and SUNY Cortland at #24 Penn St. Altoona

Sim blowout watch: Fairleigh Dickinson is getting 45 points as they host #4 Ursinus.

10/12/2013 11:29 AM
No change in the top three this week but a certain lovable team from Wooster, OH that shall remain nameless continued their climb up the rankings.

Last Night
Simpson 58   #9 Ozarks 67
Ozarks was down by 3 at the half and trailed for most of the second half, frustrating the home fans.  With just over four minutes left in the game, Ozarks woke up from their slumber and turned on the defense going on an 11-2 run to finish the game.  Ozarks and timmytfk jump into the top ten with the come from behind win while Simpson and dshook will need some time to figure out how they let this one slip away.

Also considered: #4 Louisiana cruised past Wentworth Tech 87-59, #6 Piedmont got a big second half to down Mount St. Mary 71-63, #14 Wooster handled Aurora 74-55, and #19 Penn St. Altoona pulled away in the second half to beat SUNY Cortland 77-59.

Sim blowout watch: Fairleigh Dickinson did more than cover, they delivered a genuine scare to #10 Ursinus as they lost a close one 43-49.  Making blownout sims everywhere proud.

#16 Northland (2-0)(raucous) at #8 Ramapo (2-0)(pgj930)
Another great battle between ranked teams as the Lumberjacks visit the Roadrunners in a matchup of 2-0 teams.  Northland opened with a couple impressive wins and now travel to take on their first ranked opponent of the season.  Likewise, this will be Ramapo's first big test of the young season.  This is the first meeting between these two coaches and like yesterday our featured game is an even pick.

Also considered: #18 Willamette at #11 S. Vermont, #10 Ursinus at E. Texas Baptist, #17 Webster at Simpson, #22 Oglethorpe at Wentworth Tech, and #25 Newbury at Hardin-Simmons.

Sim blowout watch: Mount Ida is getting a hefty 64 points as they host #3 Emory and Bard is a 44 point home dog hosting #23 Trinity.
10/13/2013 11:04 AM
More voter fickleness as the top two swap places even though they both won.  Millsaps is sitting on top for now.

Last Night
#25 Northland 70   #6 Ramapo 86
The Roadrunners of Ramapo led this game pretty much the whole way and held off a determined Northland run halfway through the second half to finish off an impressive home victory.  Ramapo and pgj had five players in double figures and successfully dropped three anvils on Northland players' heads.  Northland and raucous fall to the bottom of the top 25 with the loss and will go back to the Acme drawing board for answers.  Meep meep.

Also considered: #13 Willamette sunk a fadeaway jumper as time expired to pull out the 56-54 victory over #18 S. Vermont, #7 Ursinus cruised past E. Texas Baptist 76-51, #12 Webster edged Simpson 76-72, #16 Oglethorpe scored with three seconds left to get the 57-55 win over Wentworth Tech, and Hardin-Simmons got a big 79-74 home win over Newbury.

Sim blowout watch: Mount Ida had no trouble covering against #5 Emory 57-81 and Bard is the envy of sims everywhere as they scored the huge upset at home over Trinity 68-64.  There's a clever Shakespeare joke to be made somewhere, I'm sure of it.

#12 Webster (3-0)(mschulte24) at #10 Wooster (3-0)(pseudochamp)
Holy crap, hold on to your kilts and whatever it is that Gorloks wear, we have a dream main event tonight.  It's the first ever Gorlok/Fighting Scots regular season matchup and it just so happens that both teams are undefeated and highly ranked.  I'm so excited for this, I'm barely keeping it together long enough to finish this writeup.  The Gorloks are favored by a slim one point on the road, I just hope my team doesn't embarrass themselves.

Also considered: Dickinson at #4 Piedmont, #14 Penn St. Altoona at Sewanee, #16 Oglethorpe at UMass Dartmouth, New York U. at #22 Dallas, and CSU Eastbay at #25 Northland

Sim blowout watch: Neumann is a 64 point home dog as they host new #1 Millsaps while DeSales is getting 48 points as they visit #21 Occidental.
10/14/2013 3:54 PM
I'll see if I can run up the score with an uptempo approach in the "sim blowout watch" game. Offense isn't my strong suit though -  I get all googly eyed for those big-time-ath-spd-def types to the detriment of offense.  I like Neumann's chances consider the school was human coached the last few seasons, giving him 6 human recruited players.
10/14/2013 7:28 PM
Millsaps didn't blow out their sim opponent enough so Colorado is back on top of the rankings.

Last Night
#8 Webster 73   #19 Wooster 60
Wooster was completely out-Gorloked at home.  I am so Gorloking Gorlocked right now.

Also considered: #3 Piedmont slipped past Dickinson 90-81, #11 Penn St. Altoona got the road win over Sewanee 67-61, #14 Oglethorpe did the same over UMass Dartmouth 57-51, New York U upset Dallas at home 73-66, and #20 Northland pulled away from CSU Eastbay 80-69.

Sim blowout watch: Neumann helped knock #2 Millsaps out of the top ranking by covering 49-96 and and DeSales knocked Occidental into the others receiving votes section with a 49-69 cover.

#2 Millsaps (4-0)(brianxavier) at #22 Johnson and Wales (3-1)(spasticity)
We have four games between ranked opponents tonight, but the obvious headliner is a rematch of one of last season's NT semifinals.  Defending champ J-Dub got the better of Millsaps last time so the visitors will be looking for some revenge.  brian leads the all-time series 6-4 and his team is favored by 8 points in this one.

Also considered: #1 Colorado at #23 Elmhurst, #8 Webster at #20 Northland, and #11 Penn St. Altoona at #15 S. Vermont

Sim blowout watch: Wisconsin Whitewater is getting 46 points on the road at #9 Ozarks while St. John Fisher is a 45 point road dog at #6 Ursinus.
10/15/2013 12:43 PM
No change at the top of the rankings last night but we're down to 31 undefeated teams in the country.  32 if you don't count losses to Gorloks.

Last Night
#2 Millsaps 90   Johnson and Wales 64
Johnson and Wales was completely out-Spider Monkeyed at home.  spasticity is so Spider Monkeying Spider Monkeyed right now.

Also considered: #1 Colorado blew out sim-controlled Elmhurst 93-63, #7 Webster kept rolling with a 73-63 road win over Northland, and #13 S. Vermont made their free throws down the stretch to seal a 75-70 home victory over #17 Penn St. Altoona.

Sim blowout watch: Both sims covered by double digits last night: Wisconsin Whitewater fell to #9 Ozarks 61-93 and St. John Fisher was downed by #8 Ursinus 51-84.

#2 Millsaps (5-0)(brianxavier) at #7 Webster (5-0)(mschulte24)
These two teams are both already making second appearances in the featured daily game this season and this one should be fantastic.  It's a top-ten clash between undefeated teams as the Majors visit the Gorloks.  brian has a perfect 3-0 head-to-head record here and his team is favored by a slim 1 point tonight.

Also considered: #21 Wooster at #4 Emory, #11 Worcester St. at #18 Willamette, #15 Greensboro at New York U, Hendrix at #16 Howard Payne, and #17 Penn St. Altoona at Hardin-Simmons

Sim blowout watch: Messiah is getting 41 points as they host #23 Newbury.
10/16/2013 4:39 PM
haha yeah when I saw us in the GOTN, I couldn't help but hear White Goodman say "Prepare to be humiliated on cable television."  I had no real expectations to win that game.  It was definitely closer at times than the final score, which tends to blow up one way or the other in FB/Press. 

But we're just not capable of matching up with a team like Millsaps at the moment.  With no real LP/Per, we have to win with depth/ST/getting to the FT line..and Millsaps is not a team where those things will really cut it.  We should improve a lot by the end of the season, but a title defense is probably not in the cards.
10/17/2013 10:04 AM
With a clutch win in last night's GotN, Millsaps moves back up into the #1 ranking.

Last Night
#1 Millsaps 70   #10 Webster 60
About eight minutes into the game Millsaps made a 3ptr to go ahead 12-10 and never trailed again the rest of the way.  Millsaps and brianxavier were led by Clyde Peguero's 24 points off the bench and they move back up to the top of the rankings with the win.  Webster and mschulte slip down a couple spots in the rankings with the loss but remain in the top ten because Gorloks.

Also considered: #4 Emory held off a late charge from Wooster to win 60-54, #15 Willamette gave #20 Worcester St. their first loss by the score of 80-71, #12 Greensboro cruised past New York U. 78-66, #14 Howard Payne handled Hendrix 63-47, and Hardin-Simmons scored the big home win over Penn St. Altoona 88-74.

Sim blowout watch: Messiah had a relatively easy time covering against #23 Newbury 62-83.

#9 Louisiana (5-1)(discodave) at #19 Whittier (6-0)(windixies)
We've got a very good University vs SoCal conference battle here as the one-loss Wildcats travel to take on the undefeated Poets.  This should be an exciting game, discodave won the only previous meeting of these two and his team is favored by a single point on the road.

Also considered: #13 S. Vermont at #20 Worcester St, #14 Howard Payne at Simpson, #17 Calvin at Capital, Buena Vista at #21 W. New England, and Merchant Marines at #23 Newbury.

Sim blowout watch: DePauw is getting a big 55 points at home as they get a visit from #16 Texas Lutheran while Illinois Wesleyan is a 49 point home dog against #7 Ursinus.
10/17/2013 12:38 PM
Colorado continues there back-and-forth dance with Millsaps for the #1 ranking.  Also, we're down to 13 undefeated teams.

Last Night
#7 Louisiana 82   Whittier 64
After falling behind late in the first, Whittier couldn't quite get over the hump after the break and trailed by around 10 for much of the half.  The visitors made several shots unanswered at the end to make the final score look less close than it actually was.  Louisiana and discodave had four starters score in double figures and they bumped up a couple spots in the rankings with the win.  Whittier and windixies drop down into the others receiving votes section after their first loss of the season.

Also considered: #10 S. Vermont got a late jumper to force overtime and then held on for a 93-87 victory over Worcester St, Simpson scored late to edge out #17 Howard Payne 44-42, Capital got the upset at home over #25 Calvin 79-71, #15 W. New England handled Buena Vista 66-55, and Merchant Marines pulled away in the second half to beat Newbury 85-67.

Sim blowout watch: DePauw lost big but still covered against #16 Texas Lutheran 57-104 while Illinois Wesleyan got a little closer vs #8 Ursinus 55-74.

#7 Louisiana (6-1)(discodave) at #1 Colorado (7-0)(bdpoor)
Colorado has been swapping in and out of the top ranking the first few days this season and this is easily their toughest test so far.  Louisiana has ripped through a tough early schedule with only one blemish and on paper, this is their most difficult game as well.  discodave leads the series 3-2 but the home team is favored by 2 points in this one.

Also considered: #4 Emory at #8 Ursinus, #21 Penn St. Altoona at #6 Piedmont, and #18 Greensboro at #15 W. New England

Sim blowout watch: Middlebury is getting a sizable 72 points tonight as they play host to #5 Ramapo.
10/18/2013 3:21 PM
I'm OK if you skip games of the 18th and 19th ... 
10/20/2013 7:39 PM
The inaugural University-GNE challenge takes place tonight. Surprisingly, there's not a single matchup involving two ranked teams in the lineup. Looks like one game didn't get scheduled last season, so it's a best-of-9 to see who gets the Shiny Thing trophy. Unfortunately, the GNE is struggling this season so I'm not liking our chances of hoisting it aloft.
10/20/2013 7:43 PM
Oh to get the Shiny Thing!!  

Good luck to all the GNE/University participants.
10/20/2013 9:02 PM
With apologies to phalla I'm not skipping the yesterday and today, just had a busy weekend so we're a bit delayed.  As always when this happens, do me a favor and pretend you're reading this yesterday.  Next writeup will be posted in a little bit.

Last Night
#9 Louisiana 63   #1 Colorado 73
Colorado pretty much led this one from start to finish although they were never able to completely blow it open.  Louisiana ran uptempo the whole game and all five starters got to double figures.  The home team was able to stay in front thanks to four starters in double figures and making almost 70% from the line.  Colorado and bdpoor stayed undefeated and held on to the top ranking with the win.  Louisiana and discodave suffered their second loss of the season and slip a couple spots in the rankings.

Also considered: #6 Ursinus used a big first half to get past #8 Emory 86-75, #4 Piedmont made their free throws to down Penn St. Altoona 66-61, and #15 Greensboro got the road win over #20 W. New England 73-68.

Sim blowout watch: Middlebury managed to cover against #5 Ramapo 46-94.

#2 Millsaps (8-0)(brianxavier) at #5 Ramapo (8-0)(pgj930)
We have several games between ranked opponents tonight and this battle between top five undefeated teams is quite the headliner.  The visitors are favored by just a point but I like the Majors chances over the home team Roadrunners in this one.  Mainly because I'm writing this after the game actually happened, but feel free to pretend I'm really smart instead.

Also considered: #3 Palm Beach Atlantic at #16 Dallas, #4 Piedmont at #8 Emory, and #18 Wooster at #6 Ursinus

Sim blowout watch: Poor winless Gallaudet is getting a massive 98 points as they host undefeated #1 Colorado.  Run Gallaudet, save yourselves.
10/20/2013 9:39 PM
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