2013 PCL Draft Topic

2013 PCL Draft

First of all, the intent of this league is to go on and on…even if it is one year (literally) at a time…what does this mean for you…the idea is that the draft is a draft where you can consider past production and your estimate of potential…this is about as close as a WIS draft gets to real drafts where you are gambling on a player's future performance and durability when you decide how to value a player

Second, the basic draft rules are as follows:

The draft order will be set at Game 162 with reverse order ranking by win-loss record with a requirment of at least 40 wins by Game 162 to quality for one of the first fours picks in Round 1

Once you have posted your pick, please sitemail the next 2 owners

If the owner immediately before you has posted his or her pick, you may post your pick – otherwise, you must wait until the beginning of your scheduled draft slot to post your pick

To minimize extensive skipping, the draft for the following day will not start until the posted time for that day's first pick - this will provide owners with skipped picks time to make a pick before the next day's picks are made

Posted picks are official once another owner has posted his or her pick.

To avoid selecting a player already selected, please check the available players list and the most recent posted draft picks before posting your pick

The use of proxies is encouraged if you think you may not be around to post your pick

Draft slots for Rounds 1-3 are 1 hour

Draft slots for the remaining Rounds and the AAA Pitchers draft are 30 minutes

Following the Regular Draft, the will be a 4 round pitchers only draft from the list of the remaining pitchers not selected in the Regular Draft…you may draft up to 4 pitchers in this draft…for each pitcher less than 4, you will be assigned a below average sim-generated AAA pitcher

There are no use restrictions for these “AAA pitchers,”they may be listed as keepers for the following season but count as 1 of your 20 maximum keepers, they may also be listed as IR if they do not have a WIS record for the following season

A player may only start a game at a position for which the player is graded for in 2013

The draft order for 2013 is:

1. DeTroit - specsman (47-115)
2. ATlanta - specsman (64-98)
3. Pittsburgh - maddog162 (67-95)
4. Anaheim - flbarons (74-88)
5. NY Mutuals - flbarons (76-86)* .425
6. Chitown - mark102857 (76-86) .498
7. Seattle - yatagon (77-85)* .483
8. St. Louis - mark102857 (77-85) .495
9. Kansas City - gonoles777 (80-82)
10. San Francisco - DOK 319 (83-79)
11. Cleveland - gonoles777 (84-78)
12. Chicago - Jtpsops (85-77)
13. Minnesota - occsid (86-76)* .550
14. Philadelphia - yatagon (86-76) .563
15. NY Highlanders - tbook (87-75)
16. Boston - Tammyk (89-73)* .488
17. Texas - maddog162 (89-73) .570
18. Miami - occsid (91-71)
19. Milwaukee - pmacuski (92-70)
20. Baltimore - dn3524 (110-52) 

* Tie breaker advantage goes to the team with the lower expected wins percentage

sitemail list: TammyK; specsman; mark102857; flbarons; dn3524; gonoles777; tbook; yatagon; DOK 319; maddog162; Jtpsops; occsid; pmacuski
11/21/2013 11:40 PM (edited)
no 110 win season for me....the 3-peat should end.  My pitchers were either injured or not as effective.
10/4/2013 7:42 PM
When are we getting this underway?
10/18/2013 7:11 PM
probably not until early November
10/18/2013 7:25 PM
why would that be?  I know everyone said they'd be back.   Closer we start to get to holidays things really slow down
10/24/2013 12:55 PM
It would be nice to start this weekend. Anyone who doesn't have their keepers in by now should be bumped to the bottom of the draft order.
11/1/2013 1:41 AM
Sorry for the delay on the keepers list. Got a third job this year and been working a lot.  Please don't start any earlier than Monday. I will be out of town all weekend working volleyball tournaments. 
11/1/2013 9:00 AM
I appreciate the expressed desires to get going....but we don't have to rush....as much as I would like to get going....

currently we're still short 2 teams keepers lists (same owner for both teams)

after having an owner who didn't have access in late October, I just learned that we now have an owner who is going to be on a cruise until November 10 with unknown access....so we're not quite ready to go yet but we'll get there

thanks to all for your patience
11/1/2013 5:19 PM
**** 2013 PCL Draft Available Players - Already Selected in Bold and Underlined ****


Arencibia, J.P.

Blanco, Henry

Brantly, Rob

Buck, John

Castillo, Welington

Cervelli, Francisco

Conger, Hank

Corporan, Carlos

Cruz, Tony

d'Arnaud, Travis

Federowicz, Tim

Flowers, Tyler

Gimenez, Hector

Gomes, Yan

Hanigan, Ryan

Herrmann, Chris

Hill, Koyie

Hundley, Nick

Kottaras, George

Lavarnway, Ryan

Lobaton, Jose

Maldonado, Martin

Mathis, Jeff

McKenry, Michael

Molina, Jose

Montero, Jesus

Navarro, Dioner

Nieves, Wil

Norris, Derek

Olivo, Miguel

Pena, Brayan

Phegley, Josh

Pinto, Josmil

Quintero, Humberto

Quiroz, Guillermo

Recker, Anthony

Rivera, Rene

Romine, Austin

Ross, David

Sanchez, Hector

Sanchez, Tony

Shoppach, Kelly

Soto, Geovany

Stewart, Chris

Teagarden, Taylor

Thole, Josh

Torrealba, Yorvit

Vogt, Stephen

Zunino, Mike


       First Base

Barton, Daric

Betancourt, Yuniesky

Colabello, Chris

Davis, Ike

Dobbs, Greg

Francisco, Juan

Frandsen, Kevin

Freiman, Nate

Gonzalez, Alex

Halton, Sean

Hinske, Eric

Howard, Ryan

Jones, Garrett

Laird, Brandon

Loney, James

Medica, Tommy

Moreland, Mitch

Morrison, Logan

Moss, Brandon - Not Available

Overbay, Lyle

Pacheco, Jordan

Pill, Brett

Sanchez, Gaby

Satin, Josh

Smoak, Justin

Teixeira, Mark

Wallace, Brett

Wigginton, Ty

11/25/2013 9:48 AM (edited)

       Second Base

Abreu, Tony

Bloomquist, Willie

Casilla, Alexi

DeRosa, Mark

Dietrich, Derek

Dozier, Brian

Ellis, Mark

Espinosa, Danny

Flaherty, Ryan

Forsythe, Logan

Franklin, Nick

Galvis, Freddy

Garcia, Leury

Gennett, Scooter

Getz, Chris

Goins, Ryan

Gonzalez, Alberto


Green, Grant

Greene, Tyler

Gyorko, Jedd

Inge, Brandon

Johnson, Elliot

Keppinger, Jeff

Noonan, Nick

Perez, Hernan

Profar, Jurickson

Rendon, Anthony

Roberts, Brian

Roberts, Ryan

Rutledge, Josh

Sogard, Eric

Tejada, Miguel

Weeks, Rickie

Wilson, Josh

Wong, Kolten


       Third Base

Adams, David

Arenado, Nolan

Arias, Joaquin

Asche, Cody

Aviles, Mike

Bianchi, Jeff

Carroll, Jamey

Chisenhall, Lonnie

Cruz, Luis

Davidson, Matt

Dominguez, Matt

Flores, Wilmer

Gillaspie, Conor

Hairston Jr., Jerry

Hannahan, Jack

Holt, Brock

Jimenez, Luis

Lillibridge, Brent

Lucas, Ed

Middlebrooks, Will

Moustakas, Mike

Murphy, Donnie

Nelson, Chris

Pena, Ramiro

Plouffe, Trevor

Ransom, Cody

Romine, Andrew

Semien, Marcus

Snyder, Brandon

Tracy, Chad

Turner, Justin

Valbuena, Luis

Youkilis, Kevin



Andino, Robert

Bernier, Doug

Brignac, Reid

Cedeno, Ronny

Ciriaco, Pedro

Elmore, Jake

Escobar, Eduardo

Florimon, Pedro

Gonzalez, Marwin

Gordon, Dee

Green, Nick

Gregorius, Didi

Harris, Brendan

Hechavarria, Adeiny

Herrera, Jonathan

Iglesias, Jose

Izturis, Cesar

Jeter, Derek

Kawasaki, Munenori

Kozma, Pete

McDonald, John

Mercer, Jordy

Miller, Brad

Nix, Jayson

Nunez, Eduardo

Owings, Chris

Pennington, Cliff

Quintanilla, Omar

Rosales, Adam

Ryan, Brendan

Segura, Jean

Sellers, Justin

Tejada, Ruben

Valaika, Chris

Villar, Jonathan

11/25/2013 9:59 AM (edited)


Almonte, Zoilo

Almonte, Abraham

Amarista, Alexi

Ankiel, Rick

Aoki, Norichika - Not Available

Arcia, Oswaldo

Baker, Jeff

Barnes, Brandon

Baxter, Mike

Bay, Jason

Bernadina, Roger

Blackmon, Charlie

Blanco, Gregor

Blanks, Kyle

Boesch, Brennan

Bogusevic, Brian

Borbon, Julio

Bourjos, Peter

Bradley Jr., Jackie

Brown, Andrew

Byrd, Marlon

Cabrera, Melky

Cain, Lorenzo

Calhoun, Kole

Carp, Mike

Chavez, Endy

Coghlan, Chris

Colvin, Tyler

Cowgill, Collin

Crowe, Trevor

Culberson, Charlie

Danks, Jordan

Davis, Khris

den Dekker, Matt

Dickerson, Corey

Dickerson, Chris

Duda, Lucas

Dyson, Jarrod

Eaton, Adam

Francoeur, Jeff

Fuld, Sam

Garcia, Avisail

Gattis, Evan

Gentry, Craig

Gillespie, Cole

Gindl, Caleb

Gomes, Jonny

Gomez, Carlos

Gose, Anthony

Grossman, Robbie

Gutierrez, Franklin

Guzman, Jesus

Hairston, Scott

Harrison, Josh

Heisey, Chris

Hernandez, Cesar

Hicks, Aaron

Hoes, L.J.

Johnson, Kelly

Johnson, Reed

Kelly, Don

Kieschnick, Roger

Kotsay, Mark

Krauss, Marc

Lagares, Juan

Lake, Junior

Lough, David

Ludwick, Ryan

Lutz, Donald

Marisnick, Jake

Marte, Starling

Martin, Leonys

Martinez, J.D.

Mastroianni, Darin

Maxwell, Justin

Mayberry, John

Maybin, Cameron

McDonald, Darnell

Moore, Tyler

Myers, Wil

Nieuwenhuis, Kirk

Nix, Laynce

Ozuna, Marcell

Paredes, Jimmy

Parmelee, Chris

Parra, Gerardo

Paul, Xavier

Perez, Juan

Pillar, Kevin

Pollock, A.J.

Presley, Alex

Puig, Yasiel

Quentin, Carlos

Raburn, Ryan

Ramirez, Wilkin

Reddick, Josh

Robinson, Derrick

Robinson, Shane

Rodriguez, Sean

Ruf, Darin

Sappelt, Dave

Saunders, Michael

Schafer, Logan

Schafer, Jordan

Schierholtz, Nate

Schumaker, Skip

Shuck, J.B.

Sierra, Moises

Smith, Seth

Snider, Travis

Sweeney, Ryan

Terdoslavich, Joey

Thomas, Clete

Torres, Andres

Tuiasosopo, Matt

Valdespin, Jordany

Van Slyke, Scott

Wells, Vernon

Wells, Casper

Wise, Dewayne

Yelich, Christian

Young, Eric

Young, Chris B.

Young, Delmon

       Designated Hitter

Berkman, Lance

Duncan, Shelley

Giambi, Jason

Hafner, Travis

Morales, Kendry

Pearce, Steve

Reimold, Nolan

Scott, Luke

Urrutia, Henry

Valencia, Danny

11/27/2013 2:23 PM (edited)


Aardsma, David

Abad, Fernando

Aceves, Alfredo

Adams, Mike

Affeldt, Jeremy

Albers, Andrew

Alburquerque, Al

Allen, Cody

Alvarez, Jose

Ambriz, Hector

Anderson, Brett

Atchison, Scott

Axelrod, Dylan

Axford, John

Ayala, Luis

Bailey, Andrew

Bass, Anthony

Beavan, Blake

Beckett, Josh

Bedard, Erik

Belisario, Ronald

Belisle, Matt

Bell, Heath

Betancourt, Rafael

Bettis, Chad

Blackley, Travis

Blanton, Joe

Bonderman, Jeremy

Bowden, Michael

Brach, Brad

Britton, Zach

Broxton, Jonathan

Burgos, Hiram

Burke, Greg

Capps, Carter

Capuano, Chris

Carpenter, David

Carrasco, Carlos

Cecil, Brett

Chacin, Jhoulys

Chamberlain, Joba

Chatwood, Tyler

Chavez, Jesse

Choate, Randy

Cingrani, Tony

Cisnero, Jose

Claiborne, Preston

Clemens, Paul

Cloyd, Tyler

Coke, Phil

Cole, Gerrit

Coleman, Louis

Corpas, Manuel

Cosart, Jarred

Cotts, Neal

Crow, Aaron

Cumpton, Brandon

Danks, John

Davis, Wade

De Fratus, Justin

De La Rosa, Jorge

De La Rosa, Dane

Deduno, Samuel

Detwiler, Ross

Diamond, Scott

Diekman, Jake

Downs, Scott

Downs, Darin

Duensing, Brian

Duke, Zach

Duke, Zach

Dunn, Mike

Dunning, Jake

Edgin, Josh

Erlin, Robbie

Escalona, Edgmer

Farnsworth, Kyle

Farquhar, Danny

Fernandez, Jose

Fields, Josh

Fife, Stephen

Figaro, Alfredo

Francis, Jeff

Frasor, Jason

Garcia, Luis

Garland, Jon

Gaudin, Chad

Gausman, Kevin

Gearrin, Cory

Germen, Gonzalez

Gibson, Kyle

Gomez, Jeanmar

Gonzalez, Mike

Gorzelanny, Tom

Gray, Sonny

Gregg, Kevin

Grimm, Justin

Guerrier, Matt

Gutierrez, Juan

Hagadone, Nick

Hammel, Jason

Hand, Donovan

Hanson, Tommy

Happ, J.A.

Harris, Will

Hawkins, LaTroy

Hefner, Jeremy

Hellweg, Johnny

Henderson, Jim

Hendriks, Liam

Hernandez, Pedro

Herrera, Kelvin

Hill, Rich

Horst, Jeremy

Huff, David

Hughes, Phil

Hughes, Jared

Humber, Philip

Hunter, Tommy

Jenkins, Chad

Jennings, Dan

Jepsen, Kevin

Johnson, Erik

Jones, Nate

Jordan, Taylor

Kazmir, Scott

Kelley, Shawn

Keuchel, Dallas

Kickham, Mike

Kintzler, Brandon

Kluber, Corey

Koehler, Tom

Kohn, Michael

Kontos, George

Krol, Ian

Lackey, John

Lannan, John

League, Brandon

LeBlanc, Wade

LeCure, Sam

Lincoln, Brad

Lindblom, Josh

Lindstrom, Matt

Locke, Jeff

Loe, Kameron

Lopez, Javier

Luetge, Lucas

Lyles, Jordan

Lyon, Brandon

Lyons, Tyler

11/23/2013 8:32 PM (edited)
       Pitchers (continued)

Machi, Jean

Magill, Matt

Maholm, Paul

Maness, Seth

Manship, Jeff

Marmol, Carlos

Marquis, Jason

Martin, Ethan

Martinez, Carlos

Matsuzaka, Daisuke

Mattheus, Ryan

Maurer, Brandon

Mazzaro, Vin

McAllister, Zach

McDonald, James

McFarland, T.J.

McGowan, Dustin

McHugh, Collin

Medina, Yoervis

Mejia, Jenrry

Melancon, Mark

Mendoza, Luis

Mijares, Jose

Miller, Shelby

Miller, Andrew

Miner, Zach

Morales, Franklin

Morris, Bryan

Mortensen, Clayton

Morton, Charlie

Moscoso, Guillermo

Neshek, Pat

Nicasio, Juan

Niese, Jonathon

Noesi, Hector

O'Sullivan, Sean

Oberholtzer, Brett

Odorizzi, Jake

Ohlendorf, Ross

Ondrusek, Logan

Ortiz, Joseph

Ortiz, Ramon

Oswalt, Roy

Otero, Dan

Ottavino, Adam

Outman, Josh

Parker, Blake

Parra, Manny

Peacock, Brad

Pelfrey, Mike

Peralta, Wily

Perez, Martin

Perez, Oliver

Perez, Chris

Perez, Juan

Pestano, Vinnie

Petit, Yusmeiro

Pettibone, Jonathan

Pressly, Ryan

Purcey, David

Putkonen, Luke

Putz, J.J.

Qualls, Chad

Ramirez, Erasmo

Ramos, A.J.

Redmond, Todd

Reynolds, Matt

Reynolds, Greg

Rice, Scott

Richard, Clayton

Richards, Garrett

Rienzo, Andre

Roark, Tanner

Rodriguez, Paco

Rodriguez, Francisco

Roenicke, Josh

Rogers, Esmil

Rondon, Hector

Rondon, Bruce

Rosario, Sandy

Rosenthal, Trevor

Ross, Tyson

Rusin, Chris

Russell, James

Ryu, Hyun-Jin

Rzepczynski, Marc

Salas, Fernando

Salazar, Danny

Sanabia, Alex

Santiago, Hector

Saunders, Joe

Scahill, Rob

Scheppers, Tanner

Scribner, Evan

Shaw, Bryan

Siegrist, Kevin

Simon, Alfredo

Sipp, Tony

Skaggs, Tyler

Slowey, Kevin

Smith, Will

Smith, Burch

Soriano, Rafael

Storen, Drew

Strop, Pedro

Swarzak, Anthony

Teheran, Julio

Tepesch, Nick

Thatcher, Joe

Thayer, Dale

Thielbar, Caleb

Thornburg, Tyler

Thornton, Matt

Torres, Alex

Torres, Carlos

Troncoso, Ramon

Vargas, Jason

Varvaro, Anthony

Veal, Donnie

Vogelsong, Ryan

Volquez, Edinson

Wacha, Michael

Wagner, Neil

Walters, P.J.

Wang, Chien-Ming

Warren, Adam

Watson, Tony

Webb, Ryan

Webster, Allen

Westbrook, Jake

Wheeler, Zack

Wilson, Justin

Wilson, Alex

Withrow, Chris

Wolf, Ross

Wood, Alex

Wooten, Rob

Workman, Brandon

Worley, Vance

Wright, Jamey

Zeid, Josh

Zito, Barry

11/24/2013 8:02 AM (edited)
**** 2013 PCL Draft ****
Round 1 - Tuesday - Nov 12
All Times WIS Time (EST)

1. DeTroit (specsman)                                       Jose Fernandez (P) 
2. ATlanta (specsman)                                      Hyun-Jin Ryu (P)
3. Pittsburgh (maddog162)                               Julio Teheran (P)
4. Anaheim (flbarons)                                         Shelby Miller (P)
5. NY Mutuals (flbarons)                                     Yasiel Puig (OF)
6. Chitown (mark102857)                                   Jhoulys Chacin (P)                       
7. Seattle (yatagon)                                              Gerrit Cole (P)
8. St. Louis (mark102857)                                  John Lackey (P)
9. Kansas City (gonoles777)                              Michael Wacha (P)
10. San Francisco (DOK 319)                             Jean Segura (SS)

Round 1 (continued) - Wednesday - Nov 13
All Times WIS Time (EST)

11. Cleveland (gonoles777)                             Wil Myers (OF)
12. Chicago (Jtpsops)                                      Sonny Gray (P)
13. Minnesota (occsid)                                     Nolan Arenado (3B)
14. Philadelphia  (yatagon)                               Zach Wheeler (P)
15. NY Highlanders (tbook)                              Danny Salazar (P)
16. Boston (Tammyk)                                        Carlos Gomez (OF)
17. Texas (maddog162)                                    Tony Cingrani (P)
18. Miami (occsid)                                              Jorge De La Rosa (P)
19. Milwaukee (pmacuski)                               Matt Dominguez (3B)
20. Baltimore (dn3524)                                     Jurickson Profar (2B)

Round 2 - Thursday - Nov 14
All Times WIS Time (EST)

21. DeTroit (specsman)                                       Alex Torres (P) 
22. ATlanta (specsman)                                      Brad Miller (2B)
23. Pittsburgh (maddog162)                               Tyson Ross (P)
24. Anaheim (flbarons)                                          Cory Kluber (P)
25. NY Mutuals (flbarons)                                     Jeff Locke (P)
26. Chitown (mark102857)                                   Evan Gattis (OF)                     
27. Seattle (yatagon)                                              Martin Perez (P)
28. St. Louis (mark102857)                                  Wily Peralta (P)
29. Kansas City (gonoles777)                              Mark Melancon (P)
30. San Francisco (DOK 319)                               Trevor Rosenthal (P)

Round 2 (continued) - Friday - Nov 15
All Times WIS Time (EST)

31. Cleveland (gonoles777)                             Kendry Morales (DH)
32. NY Mutuals (flbarons)                                James Loney (1B) (trade with Chicago)
33. Minnesota (occsid)                                     Jose Iglasius (SS)
34. Philadelphia  (yatagon)                               Yan Gomes (C)
35. NY Highlanders (tbook)                              Anthony Rendon (2B)
36. Boston (Tammyk)                                        Tanner Scheppers (P)
37. Texas (maddog162)                                    Jedd Gyorko (2B)
38. Miami (occsid)                                              Gregor Blanco (OF)
39. Milwaukee (pmacuski)                               Didi Gregorius (SS) 
40. Baltimore (dn3524)                                     Hector Santiago (P)

Round 3 - Saturday - Nov 16
All Times WIS Time (EST)

41. DeTroit (specsman)                                       Wade LeBlanc (P)
42. ATlanta (specsman)                                      Vin Mazzero (P)
43. Pittsburgh (maddog162)                               Eric Sogard (2B)
44. Anaheim (flbarons)                                         Scott Kazmir (P)
45. NY Mutuals (flbarons)                                    Marlon Byrd (OF)
46. Chitown (mark102857)                                  Trevor Plouffe (3B)                   
47. Seattle (yatagon)                                             Alex Wood (P)
48. St. Louis (mark102857)                                 Gerardo Parra (OF)
49. Kansas City (gonoles777)                             Nate Schierholtz (OF)
50. San Francisco (DOK 319)                              Garrett Richards (P)

Round 3 (continued) - Sunday - Nov 17
All Times WIS Time (EST)

51. Cleveland (gonoles777)                            Welington Castillo (C)
52. Chicago (Jtpsops)                                      Anthony Swarzak (P)
53. Minnesota (occsid)                                    Dioner Navarro (C)
54. Philadelphia  (yatagon)                              Nick Franklin (2B)
55. NY Highlanders (tbook)                              Leonys Martin (OF)
56. Boston (Tammyk)                                        Starling Marte (OF)
57. Texas (maddog162)                                    Scooter Gennett (2B)
58. Miami (occsid)                                              Derek Norris (C)
59. Milwaukee (pmacuski)                               Cody Allen (P)
60. Baltimore (dn3524)                                     Jordy Mercer (SS)

Round 4 - Monday - Nov 18
All Times WIS Time (EST)

61. DeTroit (specsman)                                       Jonathan Pettibone (P) 
62. ATlanta (specsman)                                      Ryan Sweeney (OF)
63. Pittsburgh (maddog162)                               Josh Satin (1B)
64.0 Anaheim (flbarons)                                          Brian Dozier (2B)
65. Chicago (Jtpsops)                                           Jake Odorizzi (P) (trade with NY Mutuals)
66. Chitown (mark102857)                                   John Buck (C)                      
67. Seattle (yatagon)                                              A.J. Pollock (OF)
68. St. Louis (mark102857)                                  Erik Bedard (P)
69. Kansas City (gonoles777)                             Ed Lucas (3B)
70. San Francisco (DOK 319)                              Kevin Siegrist (P)

Round 4 (continued) - Tuesday - Nov 19
All Times WIS Time (EST)

71. Cleveland (gonoles777)                            Tony Watson (P)
72. Chicago (Jtpsops)                                      Carlos Quentin (OF)
73. Minnesota (occsid)                                    Brian Roberts (2B)
74. Philadelphia  (yatagon)                              Justin Smoak (1B)
75. NY Highlanders (tbook)                              Christian Yelich (OF)
76. Boston (Tammyk)                                        Tanner Roark (P)
77. Texas (maddog162)                                    Hank Conger (C)
78. Miami (occsid)                                              Lyle Overbay (1B)
79. Milwaukee (pmacuski)                               Jason Vargas (P)
80. Baltimore (dn3524)                                     Marcell Ozuna (OF)

Round 5 - Wednesday - Nov 20
All Times WIS Time (EST)

81. DeTroit (specsman)                                       Ryan Howard (1B) (LAST PICK)
82. ATlanta (specsman)                                      Geovany Soto (C) (LAST PICK)
83. Pittsburgh (maddog162)                                 Kris Davis (OF) (LAST PICK)
84. Anaheim (flbarons)                                           Nick Hundley (C) (LAST PICK) 
85. NY Mutuals (flbarons)                                      Matt Belisle (P)
86. Chitown (mark102857)                                   Eric Young (OF) (LAST PICK)                      
87. Seattle (yatagon)                                              Ryan Hanigan (P) (LAST PICK)
88. St. Louis (mark102857)                                  J.B. Shuck (OF)
89. Kansas City (gonoles777)                              Carlos Martinez (P) 
90. San Francisco (DOK 319)                               Seth Maness (P) (LAST PICK)

Round 5 (continued) - Thursday - Nov 21
All Times WIS Time (EST)

91. Cleveland (gonoles777)                             Chad Gaudin (P)
92. Chicago (Jtpsops)                                       Ryan Flaherty (2B)
93. Minnesota (occsid)                                     Brandon Kintzler (P)
94. Philadelphia  (yatagon)                               Chris Stewart (C)
95. NY Highlanders (tbook)                              Jeff Baker (OF) (LAST PICK)
96. Boston (Tammyk)                                        J.P. Arencibia (C)
97. Texas (maddog162)                                    Munenori Kawasaki (SS) (LAST PICK)
98. Miami (occsid)                                              Paco Rodriguez (P)
99. Milwaukee (pmacuski)                               Paul Maholm (P)
100. Baltimore (dn3524)                                    Zach McAllister (P) (LAST PICK) 

11/25/2013 10:01 AM (edited)
Round 6 - Friday - Nov 22
All Times WIS Time (EST)

101. NY Mutuals (flbarons)                                 Will Middlebrooks (3B)
102. St. Louis (mark102857)                              Justin Wilson (P)
103. Kansas City (gonoles777)                           Pedro Florimon (SS) 
104. Cleveland (gonoles777)                               Neal Cotts (P)
105. Chicago (Jtpsops)                                        Louis Coleman (P) (LAST PICK)
106. Minnesota (occsid)                                       Craig Gentry (OF)
107. Philadelphia  (yatagon)                                Tommy Hunter (P) (LAST PICK)
108. Boston (Tammyk)                                         Tom Koehler (P)
109. Miami (occsid)                                                Jake Elmore (SS) (LAST PICK)
110. Milwaukee (pmacuski)                                Carter Capps (P)

Round 7 - Saturday - Nov 23
All Times WIS Time (EST)

111. NY Mutuals (flbarons)                                 SKIPPED
112. St. Louis (mark102857)                              Jose Molina (C)
113. Kansas City (gonoles777)                          Peter Bourjos (OF) (LAST PICK) 
114. Cleveland (gonoles777)                               Brayan Pena (C)
115. Minnesota (occsid)                                       Gaby Sanchez (1B) (LAST PICK)
116. Boston (Tammyk)                                         Ryan Raburn (OF)
117. Milwaukee (pmacuski)                               Brett Oberholtzer (P)

Round 8 - Saturday - Nov 23
All Times WIS Time (EST)

118. NY Mutuals (flbarons)                                    SKIPPED (LAST PICK)
119. St. Louis (mark102857)                                 SKIPPED (LAST PICK)
120. Cleveland (gonoles777)                                David Carpenter (P)
121. Boston (Tammyk)                                          Avasial Garcia (OF)
122. Milwaukee (pmacuski)                                 Adeiny Hechavarria (SS) (LAST PICK)

Remaining Picks - Sunday - Nov 24
All Times WIS Time (EST)

123. Cleveland (gonoles777)                               Travis d'Arnaud (C) 
124. Boston (Tammyk)                                          Chris Owings (SS)
125. Cleveland (gonoles777)                                Jayson Nix (SS)
126. Boston (Tammyk)                                          Mike Carp (OF)
127. Boston (Tammyk)                                          Mark Ellis (2B)

11/25/2013 10:03 AM (edited)
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