Never mind the shipping and handling(and who said you could touch the holy commissioner,anyway?) Sign up now and your free mystery gift will  be rush shipped to your room. It is illegal for us to say what the mystery gift is but you will enjoy her.
10/21/2013 4:43 PM
10/21/2013 7:43 PM
Hotdog....remember that little problem you had with the Mann Act earlier?
10/21/2013 10:51 PM
That's why it's a "mystery gift."
10/22/2013 2:55 AM
I don't think I can play HBD in prison,can I?
10/22/2013 11:42 AM
i steped away for a bit due to personal stuff and may be ready to jump back in . i like rebuilds and may want scranton but dont want to be kicked out if fail to win X amount of games in season . 40 something wins team must b in bad shape
10/22/2013 4:10 PM
what r the rules for wins?
10/22/2013 4:10 PM
Scranton is taken.  But Louisville, a serious rebuild (52-110 last season), and Milwaukee, an easier rebuild (68-94 last season), are available.  Both these teams are in the AL.  If you prefer a NL team, Austin (72-90) is available.  The minimum win rule in Roy Hobbs World is 55 wins per season and 125 wins over two seasons.  But, in the case of newcomers who fall a little short of these minimums, our commissioner is willing to flex the rule a bit.
10/22/2013 4:43 PM
Correction:Louisville is NOT available! The owner will return as soon as he gets paid and the comissioner is holding the team for him. Hopefully,he will get paid any time now. That's the latest;news at 11...
10/22/2013 7:22 PM
Correction to the Correction:  Louisville's former slot in the AL South is listed on the standings page as "Available Franchise."  There has been no word from Commissioner Palet99 to the contrary.  Therefore it's first come, first serve.
10/22/2013 7:48 PM
Endless Correction Thread: I have been in touch with the owner and the commissioner and this is the last known information. He doesn't want to lose his team and the last I heard from palet he is holding the team and it's not available. What the standings or any other page has nothing to do with it except he hasn't signed up yet\
and will upon getting paid.

10/22/2013 9:36 PM
Need at least 5 of you to do something now; we'll get there but sooner is better than later.
10/23/2013 9:37 AM
Blazrcoach brings up a good point.  I am finding myself reading forums (anything to avoid talking to my wife) and that never ends well.  Inevitably I will end up making some brilliant and salient point and find MikeT23 agreeing with me.  Then I end up questioning my worth as a person.  Please save me!
10/23/2013 10:28 AM
Have those of you just sitting there no compassion for 25 fellow suffering addicts? Don't you know what it is to need a fix? Do something yesterday. I'm especially concerned about dakar;he is next to death. That would reduce our ranks by one and leave us worse off than we are now.
10/23/2013 12:49 PM
Hey.  Is that an attack based on my advanced age?
10/23/2013 1:01 PM
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