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Hey guys,
This is my first season in HD, and I randomly chose the Crum world to play in. The game is fantastic and has exceeded my expectations by far. I feel like I've only just scratched the surface in understanding the game.
Anyway, i have some questions...
1. Do these different worlds have different attributes? Is one world designed to be a run-and-gun world, or a physical world favoring big men, etc, or are all worlds pretty equal?
2. Which world is most filled with humans?
3. Is there any interaction between worlds? Like a "Champions League" between worlds?
4. Why hasn't the Crum world had a new thread in more than a month, while all other worlds seem more active?
5. Do most owners have more than one team?
Thanks. I have a ton of other questions, but will hold off with any more for now...
10/17/2013 10:54 AM
I'll take a stab at answering these.

1. Other than some worlds being one game a day and others being two games a day, no there's no difference.
2. I'm not sure which world has the most humans, those numbers aren't freely available.  I could total up the numbers in the three worlds I play in but I'm not sure how valuable it would be.  I think it'd be more useful to see a breakdown of humans per division per world.  Someone get on that.
3. Nope.
4. Because it's lame.  With the except of the Rupp world, I've never seen much activity in the world-specific forums.  Any general conversations tend to happen in the main forum and world-specific conversations can happen on the conference message boards.  That said, the Rupp D3 thread is pretty sweet.
5. A lot of coaches do have more than one team, yes.  The obvious benefits are more games allowing you to try different things, learn more/faster, get more experience.  It's also really nice to have offset worlds so you can do recruiting more often.

Feel free to keep asking questions.

10/17/2013 3:11 PM
1 Mid Major team made it past the first round?????  We (Miami, OH) were ranked 24th received a 12 seed?  There were at least 5 teams that was seeded between 5 and 11 that weren't as good. This game will go out of business soon.  If the mid major leagues have no chance why have mid majors? How can we have a 60 RPI and be in the top 25 rankings?  Apparently RPI is the main factor for seeding.  I tried taking a low end top conference team (Northwest) it's near impossible to get them competitive.  

Our Total Team Point Average (768) was ranked between 11 and 14 all season and the only mid major in the top 25.  Little good that did for seeding....I realize that is a guarantee of a good team but it seems all the teams that had that high team average sure came out pretty good...but again they were from major conferences.

How can the top teams get 900+ players and mid majors be lucky to to get a 725 freshman?  Shouldn't every now and then you find a player turns out much better than predicted...that may turn into a 900 player?  It happens in real life college basketball.

I only have three teams and used to enjoy playing but I won't be doing it much longer if a new  coach or some old coaches have no chance to win.

I ask only one thing because I don't expect to get much of an answer but are these worlds run entirely by computer?  If not what input does the administrator have. 

 I'd like to see a new league available to only coaches that haven't won a National Tournament.

10/27/2013 12:55 AM
The Crum World... Topic

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