will this guy be the best d2 player of all time? Topic

just a redshirt freshman now, so im doing a little projecting. phelan. does this link work?

10/17/2013 2:15 PM
Incredible skills!   I saw him interviewed on ESPN recently. He said, "I owe everything to my high school coach. I'm praying So. Indiana doesn't screw it up."
10/17/2013 2:45 PM
It would have to depend on his potentials, he looks promising but I don't think he is guaranteed of being anything close to the best player in D2. I have seen D2 guys drafted that were amazing.
10/17/2013 2:47 PM
Given how much he grew in a RS season with 39 WE, I'd say some of those potentials are probably pretty outstanding.

Probably not only premature but hyperbolic to say that he'll be the best D2 player of all time, but there's a good chance for a year or two that he might be the best active D2 player in your world.

10/17/2013 2:52 PM
I had a PF, Joseph Valverde. He ended up his RS season at 550, a 67 point improvement. He gained 93 points the next year. He ended up at 846. The highest I could find at the time.
10/18/2013 12:56 PM
Your kid has very little left in Ath, under 18 in D, nothing left in Reb/SB/LP. Looks like he's not going to come near that number.
10/18/2013 1:08 PM
Just for information only, in addition to Valverde I've had SF's in D2 at 794, 771, 745. A C @ 764 & a SG @757. I currently have a Junior SG/SF in D3 @ 745.
10/18/2013 1:24 PM
I know of a number of other D2 coaches who have had ratings up there also.
10/18/2013 1:27 PM
basically, no, he won't be the best ever. He might have been the best D3 player in the potential era tho, which is saying something.
10/18/2013 1:28 PM
coachvegas, maybe your player evaluation is just really bad, but I think you just misread the question.  I'm pretty sure he didn't ask if his guy would be the highest overall rated player ever in D2.  He asked if he would be the BEST.  Those are very different things.
10/18/2013 2:17 PM
dahs, you may be correct about me misreading the question. Sorry about that if it is the case. However under either criteria I think the answer is probably not.
10/18/2013 2:34 PM
I have seen D2 players that could play high end D1, so I'm going to lean towards no. 
10/18/2013 3:11 PM
We had a run in the CAAA where for 6 or 7 years there was a 90+ ATH/DEF/REB/LP  Center in the league.   I think we had a 1st team AA like 5 years in a row.   Then Pepperdine came.....
10/18/2013 3:22 PM
he definitely looks good to me, but not best ever material, i doubt hes best of the new engine era, either. naming a player best ever is fairly pointless and meaningless anyway, as there are about as many "best players" as there are different situations - which is to say, a lot. plus, cross era, you cant compare ratings, you'd have to compare value to the team to make it meaningful, and its incredibly difficult for coaches to accurately make that assessment. i had a bunch of guys in the old d2 days who, for the time, were a lot better than that. but with the ratings of today, you would take that guy. in the old days, i wouldnt even sign this dude. so how do you compare?

theres a bunch of players who have lead their team to multiple championships, i feel like when a guy does that, then hes in the conversation :) until then hes just a pretty picture!
10/18/2013 4:13 PM

This guy left after his jr year.  Unfortunately don't have his ratings.
10/18/2013 9:48 PM
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will this guy be the best d2 player of all time? Topic

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