Final (for now at least) GUESS formulas for 3.0 Topic

After giving due consideration to the comments made by other coaches, and looking at what WIS did for their ratings, I made a few "final" adjustments to the numbers I'll be using.  We'll re-visit them after the first of the year and see if we feel anything is drastically off, but I'm pretty confident in these numbers.

Camp and Hayes will go up tomorrow with the old numbers.  However, I'll save the input files for both of them (and Rockne) and will be using them to load and test the new version of the reports that I'll be (hopefully) unveiling on Tuesday after my web host updates the web framework. 




And finally, the modifiers in format to paste into Yatzr's Recruit Tool  (EDIT - Yatzr and I use different abbreviations for HND / HAN and TECH / TEC - corrected the list for what he uses.

QB       0.1*ATH+0.04*SPD+0.26*STR+0.24*GI+0.08*ELU+0.28*TEC
QB-Rush  0.1*ATH+0.2*SPD+0.26*STR+0.1*GI+0.26*ELU+0.08*TEC

RB       0.1*ATH+0.22*SPD+0.21*STR+0.03*HAN+0.11*GI+0.25*ELU+0.08*TEC
FB       0.1*ATH+0.34*STR+0.29*BLK+0.08*GI+0.11*ELU+0.08*TEC
RB-Spd   0.1*ATH+0.26*SPD+0.2*STR+0.1*GI+0.26*ELU+0.08*TEC
RB-Pwr   0.1*ATH+0.2*SPD+0.26*STR+0.1*GI+0.26*ELU+0.08*TEC
RB-Poss  0.1*ATH+0.16*SPD+0.13*STR+0.18*HAN+0.16*GI+0.19*ELU+0.08*TEC

WR       0.18*ATH+0.16*SPD+0.04*STR+0.16*HAN+0.2*GI+0.18*ELU+0.08*TEC
WR-Poss  0.18*ATH+0.12*SPD+0.04*STR+0.24*HAN+0.22*GI+0.12*ELU+0.08*TEC
WR-Deep  0.18*ATH+0.2*SPD+0.04*STR+0.12*HAN+0.18*GI+0.2*ELU+0.08*TEC

TE       0.15*ATH+0.06*SPD+0.19*STR+0.13*BLK+0.13*HAN+0.2*GI+0.06*ELU+0.08*TEC
TE-Blk   0.13*ATH+0.38*STR+0.26*BLK+0.15*GI+0.08*TEC
TE-Poss  0.18*ATH+0.1*SPD+0.04*STR+0.24*HAN+0.24*GI+0.12*ELU+0.08*TEC

OL       0.13*ATH+0.34*STR+0.33*BLK+0.12*GI+0.08*TEC
OL-RUN   0.13*ATH+0.43*STR+0.24*BLK+0.12*GI+0.08*TEC
OL-PASS  0.13*ATH+0.24*STR+0.43*BLK+0.12*GI+0.08*TEC

DL       0.12*ATH+0.06*SPD+0.3*STR+0.32*TKL+0.12*GI+0.08*TEC
DT       0.13*ATH+0.04*SPD+0.31*STR+0.31*TKL+0.13*GI+0.08*TEC
DE       0.11*ATH+0.08*SPD+0.29*STR+0.33*TKL+0.11*GI+0.08*TEC

LB       0.15*ATH+0.08*SPD+0.21*STR+0.21*TKL+0.05*HAN+0.22*GI+0.08*TEC
ILB      0.15*ATH+0.04*SPD+0.23*STR+0.23*TKL+0.05*HAN+0.22*GI+0.08*TEC
OLB      0.15*ATH+0.12*SPD+0.19*STR+0.19*TKL+0.05*HAN+0.22*GI+0.08*TEC

DB       0.2*ATH+0.2*SPD+0.06*STR+0.1*TKL+0.12*HAN+0.24*GI+0.08*TEC
S        0.2*ATH+0.18*SPD+0.06*STR+0.12*TKL+0.12*HAN+0.24*GI+0.08*TEC
CB       0.2*ATH+0.22*SPD+0.06*STR+0.08*TKL+0.12*HAN+0.24*GI+0.08*TEC

K        0.43*STR+0.14*GI+0.43*TEC

P        0.38*STR+0.24*GI+0.38*TEC

10/25/2013 11:21 PM (edited)
Oh, God Bless you, Bob, for doing those formulas. I was dreading that...
10/25/2013 10:42 PM
I LOVE YOU MAN!!  Was just getting ready to do this on my saved me so much time!!!!
10/25/2013 10:43 PM
This is awesome Bob, thanks!     

10/25/2013 10:56 PM
Thank you so much Bob     
10/25/2013 10:56 PM
Yeah, what they all said.
10/25/2013 11:38 PM
Posted by harriswb3 on 10/25/2013 10:43:00 PM (view original):
I LOVE YOU MAN!!  Was just getting ready to do this on my saved me so much time!!!!
Yeah, I manually did it earlier. Damn...haha. Thanks man!
10/26/2013 1:07 AM
+1 thinair. I just finished man entry!(yea.....  ) Then saw bob changed formulas!(boo.....   ) But thanks for copy/paste & everything else you do bob. I've said it before & I'll say it again-you & yatzr are the main reasons I stay in this game. 
10/26/2013 1:47 AM
SUMPRODUCT is your friend.
10/26/2013 2:15 AM
CONCATENATE is a better friend, in this instance :)
10/26/2013 7:59 AM
Thank you!  I had manually put your first numbers in...thank you for the cut and paste on the final formulas!!!!  I agree with everyone else that you and yatzr are the reason's that I still play this game!
10/26/2013 2:23 PM
I had to manually enter the new equations . I couldn't cut and paste , was I doing something wrong ? .Once you enter the equations will they be permanently there or will I have to manually enter for all my teams .
10/26/2013 7:46 PM
The "cut and paste" is for yatzr's tool.  If you are changing the ratings on the position roles page, you have to do those by hand.

10/26/2013 7:58 PM
I should have explained it better , it was for the yatzr's tool I was refering to . I manually entered the equations and it works very well . Thanks for all you do Bob .
10/26/2013 9:54 PM
I had trouble pasting it as well.  I ended up using the "ctrl c" (copy) and "ctrl v" (paste) method and that worked.

bhazlewood - Thanks for all you do
10/26/2013 11:19 PM
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Final (for now at least) GUESS formulas for 3.0 Topic

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