I was pretty bored today, so here is how I think the Skyline stands as of now (Before Recruiting)


1. CENTENARY (31-1)  Sweet 16

Fun Fact: Anthony Loszynski plays for Centenary
Biggest Stud: Im a Brad Craft Fan
Biggest Weakness: Im going to go with C FT shooting, the fact that he may have to start Henegar a lot and there are no all out monsters on this team, but having said that he still has a stellar team and Centenary is my favorite to with the CT. Why is Dgravs so good every year :(
Centenary is starting to **** me off. At first I was like oh YAY! We have a new coach at Centenary.... Then I was like oh he probably isnt this good... he inherited a good team (like Xtreme98) Now I am beginning to realize that dgravs is for real.  I dont think this team is strong enough for a Contender Tag, but the Skyline is going to be pretty deep in the East this year and should send 3-5 teams to the NT.  I am going with a repeat of a Sweet 16 Appearance.
Conf Record (15-1)
Post Season: NT Sweet 16

2. MOUNT ST. MARY (23-6)

Fun Fact: Coach Blackwell is starting a player with 8 DEF
Biggest Stud: The guy with 8 DEF
Biggest Weakness: DEF lol
Coach Blackwell took a gamble on a pg a few years back named James Shearin... We will see if that paid off... He should be one of the conference leaders in the assists category this year as he was one of the leaders last year. Shearin boasted the fastest 40 time at this years combine in Indianapolis. He is surrounded by a pretty well put together squad with decent depth everywhere. This time will lack the offensive firepower that division rival Centenary will bring to the table, but they hope to compete with others in the conference on the boards and in other areas of the game. This team lost their best player last year, but they are returning 4 starters. Moody, Edwards and Rhode should see a lot of playing time this year.
Conf Record (12-4)
Post Season: NT 2nd Round

3. MOUNT ST. VINCENT (14-13)

Fun Fact: Returning 11 players 
Biggest Stud: I like Dennis Mayon
Biggest Weakness: Overall Team ATH SPD and DEF are pretty low.
I took a shot here placing them 3rd over Iconic coach Jana and rebuilding Farmingdale, both who should be good this year.  CMSV's ceiling is pretty low compared to the other teams in the division, but I think their IQ's will come in handy during a lot of games this year.  Sr. bigman, Charles Nuss, has a spotlight on him this year as he tries to prove he is one of the skyline's elite forces inside the paint. This would be a breakout season for Coach Rgann who is still trying to reach his 1st NT Appearance. He just may be able to do it.
Conf Record (9-7)
Post Season: NT First Round


Fun Fact: Last year was the first time Coach Cdallstar has missed the Post Season
Biggest Stud: Randal Slowinski
Biggest Weakness: Chris probably scheduled to hard yet again... Lack of True PG depth... FT shooting
CD and Jana have pretty similar teams this year. I slotted Farmingdale higher, because they are returning one more upperclassman than Maritime, and I feel that Farmingdale has the more complete team.  The guards on this team sure know how to play defense.... as CD preaches it to them everyday in practice. I feel this team is a little too young to be thinking about big post season hopes. We will see come tourney time if Slowinski's back is strong enough.
Conf Record (8-8)
Post Season: NT First Round or Deep PI Run

5. SUNY MARITIME (17-12)

Fun Fact: This team only has 2 upperclassmen
Biggest Stud: Jerry Seinfeld... I mean Sinquefield
Biggest Weakness: Young Bloods
The two seniors on this team are pretty good.... other than that all I see are sophomores. Knowing Coach Jana, and how much success he has had over past seasons, they are probably loaded with potential. I just don't see it coming in to play by CT time.  It really kills me to put Maritime at 5th in the East, because Jana always performs.... his nickname should be Money Jana. Anyways hopefully Waid and Sinquefield can carry this team to the promise land.
Conf Record (7-9)
Post Season: NT First Round or Deep PI Run


Fun Fact: This team has no coach for pretty much no reason
Biggest Stud: Eric Norton = Stud
Biggest Weakness: No Coach
This team would be a pretty good pickup someone looking for a team. Nestor May and Eric Norton pretty much run this team as Player/Coaches. Sad sight to see this empire fall, but Manhattanville is on the edge of collapse as soon as May graduates.
Conf Record (4-12)
Post Season: NONE


1. OLD WESTBURY (23-10)

Fun Fact: Michael Carpenter is the son of Legendary Race Car Driver and Astronomer Ed Carpenter
Biggest Stud: Michael Carpenter..... 241 lbs....... Watch for this guy crashing the boards.
Biggest Weakness: Depth
Two years ago who would have thought that West Division Champs and Old Westbury would be used together? Coach Gillott, in only his 3rd year, has built a pretty nice roster of solid players. In only his second year he took this team to the PI Championship Game! Unlike Coach Xtreme98 who just inherits talent MrG had to actually coach his team along the way.  Here is the kicker: I pick Yeshiva to win the West, but I think Old Westbury will have their number if they meet in the CT.  This team will improve all year and by seasons end that big sophomore class should be coming along nicely. Did I mention this team has no seniors? What am I thinking ranking them to be the Best in the West? Oh wait, it's going to happen.
Conference Record (12-4)
Post Season: NT First Round or Deep PI Run

2. YESHIVA (23-5)

Fun Fact: Last season was Coach Juststinger's first NT appearance
Biggest Stud: Joel Hudson.... I wanted this guy
Biggest Weakness: True PG
Coach JW may be a little upset about the rankings here, but he can go cry like Kylew when Centenary stole his jewels or he can run the table in the West a make a run at the CT.  He has a strong Jr. Class who tasted what it was like to be ranked, and I have a feeling they want to taste it again.  Why did I put Old Westbury #1? The more I write this the more I feel like Yeshiva should be #1. The battle between these two schools will be fun to watch this year.
Conf Record (12-4)
Post Season: NT First Round or Deep PI Run

3. STEVENS TECH (17-13)

Fun Fact: Coach Branchel is a damn good Rick Grimes
Biggest Stud: Harry Shetler.... yeah i know he is a sophomore....
Biggest Weakness: Only 4 upperclassmen and not a lot of Offense
I put Stevens Tech 3rd, over the rest of the West, for one reason..... coaching. Along with that comes scheduling as well. Branch will find a way to get this team in the PI. Yeah, he will drop a game here and there and probably go 0-4 against JW and MrG, but his 10-0 or 9-1 noncon will help him out. This team is going to be too young for much post season success. Coach Branchel's goal should be to make the PI and go from there. I will say that this team still may surprise us though.. The rumors are flying that this sophomore class may blossom into something by seasons end, so maybe we will see some success toward the end of the year.....
Conf Record (7-9)
Post Season: PI First Round

4. ST. JOSEPH'S (13-17)

Fun Fact: They have a guy on this team named Utterback?? Honorable Mention: Barraza's WE
Biggest Stud: Anthony Robinson
Biggest Weakness: Ever since they fired Xtreme98, SIM has been doing very well so you can't say coaching here.... How about the fact that St. Joseph's is an all gay school
This team really only has 5 people on it worth looking at. It will be an epic battle for the West Anchor. The only reason I have them over the last two is because of Anthony Robinson
Conf Record (4-12)
Post Season: NONE


Fun Fact: Justin Schmidt doesn't even attend Hilbert anymore.... but he is on the roster....
Biggest Stud: Barreras
Biggest Weakness: The whole team sucks
Look out boys!!! They return everyone next year and they are going to still suck.
Conf Record (3-13)
Post Season: NONE


Fun Fact: Cry Baby is gone
Biggest Stud: Anthony Loszynski..... oh wait... wrong team
Biggest Weakness: Depth
There are only 4 people on this team worth looking at and the 4th guy plays for Centenary.... Enough said.
Conf Record(1-15)
Post Season: NONE

10/26/2013 3:48 PM
"How about the fact that St. Joseph's is an all gay school"
10/26/2013 6:09 PM
10/26/2013 6:10 PM
nice job grant, entertaining read... this will be an interesting year for old westbury, like you said we'll be a lot better at the end of the year than we are at the beginning
10/27/2013 9:34 AM
1. Centenary
3. Mt. St. Fairy
5. Mt. St. Vincent
6. Manhattanville

1. Yeshiva
2. Old Westbury
3. Stevens Tech
4. Hilbert
5. St. Joseph
6. US Merchant Marines

10/31/2013 10:33 AM
Anthony Robinson will be POY.... and St Joseph will defeat Mt St Marys this year, twice
10/31/2013 11:07 AM

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