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I've just started Gridiron Dynasty 3.0 and have a few questions. I've played Hoops Dynasty in the past so I am familiar with the WIS user interface somewhat.

1. What parts of the team are counted as units? Just OL/DL or also LBs and the Secondary
2. How do you use the advanced depth chart for each position, because if you use units of defenders what is the purpose of setting Tackles/Guards/Center or Ends/Tackles?
3. If the OL and DL are used as units, how are sacks, tackles, etc credited?
4. What attributes affect each position for what different kind of play? For example: I've read that Inside RB runs use more strength while outside runs use more speed. For a QB, is arm strength more important as you increase passing distance from Very Short to Short to Medium to Long to Deep throws? What attributes are important to what position for each play. I did read in the new developer chat they will release a chart in the upcoming weeks but if anybody has any idea that would be great.
5. I just have more general confusion on the defensive side with the LB's and setting them on the line or in cover. For LB's are they a unit or individual matchups and am having trouble understanding the blitz percentage. Any clarification would be helpful
10/28/2013 11:10 PM
10/29/2013 11:49 AM
1.  We were told OL/DL works as a unit.  Nobody knows about the rest.
2.  Nobody knows right now, you'll have to experiment.
3.  Nobody knows right now, you'll have to experiment.
4.  Nobody knows right now, you'll have to experiment. 
5.  Nobody knows right now, you'll have to experiment.  As for blitz package, the playbook determines how often you blitz while the formation determines who blitzes.
10/29/2013 12:13 PM
i think you arent getting answers because everything is still in very gray areas with the new engine.

ill give it a shot, but these are mostly semi educated guesses.

1) it should be just OL/DL with modifiers based on how many players are attached to "line" on defense.
2) the advanced charts work because some players have higher in game ratings at OT than at OG/C.  If a guy is better suited for OT, then your line grouping rating is higher.  same with the defensive side.
3) This is an excellent question. i have no clue.
4) in the BETA things seemed to play pretty close to ratings in 2.0.  the biggest difference i noticed was that ath seemed to jump up into the core for just about every position, but moreso the RB spot than anything else.  i would put ath near the top of the chart for all RBs with speed, then STR for inside runs and elu for outside runs.
5) For the LBs-- if they are set to line, they always rush the passer/play the run, and are included in the OL vs DL matchup.  if they are set to cover, they are in the secondary match ups as the play progresses.  i am not sure about the blitz % but i think it has to do with how often a player who is set to cover joins in the DL grouping.
10/29/2013 12:17 PM

1 - OL and DL are units, the rest are individual players

2 - I brought up the same point.  It's why I am not using G/C and T in the GUESS reports - instead going with run blocking and pass blocking ratings

3 - They are randomly generated, although there may be some weighting due to attributes

4 - We're all learning this as we go. 

5 - The Blitz percentage works 2 different ways, depending on where you are.  In the Formation setup, the blitz % is the chance that that particular player will blitz IF a blitz is called.  On the playbook screen, it is the percent chance to call a blitz play.

10/29/2013 12:19 PM
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