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The Ultimate $47M Challenge in SIM Basketball for 44 seasons.

Salary Cap - $47M

I. No clones, rookies or waiver wire.
II. The team owner is responsibe for drafting and managing a team that remains in compliance with the league rules and is not forced into any rules violation.

III.  Each owner is responsible for verifying compliance with league rules of their opponent. If a rules violation takes place, it must be reported to the league commissioner by sitemail within 3 games of the violation taking place. Violations greater than 3 games back are not subject to review by the commissioner.

IV. 7 exclusive drafted players, plus 5 non-exclusive undrafted players. The 5 non-exclusive undrafted players may be any player not selected in the draft. (non-exclusive undrafted players cannot be used as starters)
V. *** 5 of your 7 exclusive drafted players must be used in your starting lineup in all games***  violation of rule-V will result in the loss of all games that are in violation or loss of draft position in next seasons draft, where appropriate.

  ***At the end of the regular season, your top five players in 'total minutes played' must all be exclusive drafted players***  violaton of rule-VI will result in the loss of any 'Play-Off' seeding and 'Draft Selection' position for the next ODL

VII. Draft Sequence..ABABAB. 1 pick rounds 1-5 and 2 picks in round 6.

VIII.  Draft order is based on reverse w/l record from the prior ODL for returning owners and "order of entry" basis for new owners. Owners may select either "closer to 1st or 24th" pick in the draft. Returning owners that make the playoffs will be seeded by order of elimination. Eliminated teams from each round of the PO's will be seeded by regular season record. Tie breakers are decided by 'total points' in the regular season. New owners are seeded after returning owners by order of entry. It is assumed that an owner wants 'closer to 1', unless stated otherwise.

IX.  A posted pick is final.  No editing or removing posted picks. A second, separate, post should be made to correct any and all errors. Violation of rule-IX  will result in the loss of selected player and the owner must select again from the remaining player pool.

X.  Returning division leaders from the prior ODL will draft the teams/owners in their division in the current ODL. Best to Last order using an AB sequence. In the case of a division leader not returning or declining the right to draft a division, the next best returning owner, from the division, may draft the division.

XI.  During the draft sitemail the next 2 owners on the schedule after making your pick..or state that you cannot sm and somebody will take care of it.
XII. The "Commissioner" may take control of any team refusing to comply with the ODL league rules. A warning will be issued in the league forum and a sitemail, after which the owner has 3 games to comply. All games in violation are 'losses'. Any owner invoking rule XII will be banned from future ODL's.

XIII.  Commissioner:  smokey57

Owners ODL XLV  (by 'order of entry' only)                    
1) ashamael (rtn)  1                           
2) felonius (rtn)     24                          
3) theyard2 (rtn)    1                          
4) dh555 (rtn)                                   
5) eleibowitz (rtn)  1
6) jhsukow (rtn)   1
7) steelers821 (rtn)   1
8) malone9975 (rtn)  1
9) natenoy (rtn)  24        CHAMPION ODL XLIV
10) smokey57 (rtn)  1
11) thisredbox (rtn)
12) jkaye24 (rtn)  1
13) jcred (rtn)   1
14) banditone (rtn)   1
15) scudmissle (rtn)   24
16) tarheel1991 (new)
17) ncmusician (new)
18) amerk1180 (new)
19) iccoachb (rtn)   1
20) mikee1 (rtn)
21) xxevilivexx  (new)
22) cmcafeeky  (rtn)
23) benhoidal  (new)
24) carbonjones (new)

Wait List ODL XLVI

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1/2/2014 3:18 PM (edited)

Draft Order (will be completed after ODL XLIV PO's)

1) iccoachb  23w
2) jhsukow  30w
3) steelers821  37w*
4) cmcafeeky  37w*
5) eleibowitz  37w*
6) mikee1  39w
7) smokey57  41w
8) malone9975  42w
9) theyard2  42w   (rnd1)
10) ashamael 
47w  (rnd1)
11) dh555  50w  (rnd1)
12) banditone  44w (rnd2)
13) jcred5  47w  (rnd2)
14) jkaye24  52w  (rnd3)
15) tarheel1991
16) ncmusician
17) amerk1180
18) xxevillivexx
19) benhoidal
20) carbonjones
21) thisredbox
22) natenoy
23) felonius  44w(rnd2)
24) scudmissle  47w  (rnd1)

* Total pts in reg season was used as a tie breaker

11/24/2013 3:47 AM (edited)

Drafted Roster by Owner

1) iccoachb: Wilt Chamberlain, Ray Allen, Gary Payton, Pau Gasol, Alvin Robertson,
                     Earl Watson, Carmelo Anthony

2) jhsukow: LeBron James, Mookie Blaylock, Horace Grant, Gus Johnson, Rajon Rondo,
                    Dirk Nowitzki, Jalen Rose  

3) steelers821: Moses Malone, Buck Williams, Steve Nash, Charles Oakley, Robert Horry,
                        Khalid Reeves, Omer Asik

4) cmcafeeky: Michael Jordan, Bill Walton, Mel Daniels, Mark Price, AC Green,
                       Spud Webb, Larry Smith 

5) eleibowitz: Dennis Rodman, Alonzo Mourning, Deron Williams, Andrew Bynum, Nick Anderson,
                       Jordan Farmar, Andrew Bogut 

6) mikee1: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Terry Porter, Kevin Love, James Harden, Kris Humpries,
                 Kenny Anderson, Antawn Jamison 

7) smokey57: Karl Malone, Bill Bridges, George Gervin, Micheal Williams, Paul Pressey,
                         Chris Dudley, Charlie Edge

8) malone9975: Dwight Howard, Tom Boerwinkle, Paul Pierce, Clarence Weatherspoon, Andre Iguodala,
                           Kyrie Irving, Orlando Woolridge

9) theyard: Shaquille O'Neal, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Charlie Ward, Brandon Rush,
                   Kurt Thomas, Leon Powe

10) ashamael: Kevin Durant, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Kemp, Terrell Brandon, Anthony Mason,
                         Jameer Nelson, Nazr Mohammed 

11) dh555: Chris Paul, Marcus Camby, Larry Nance, Blake Griffin, Reggie Miller,
                    Jason Richardson, Reggie Evans

12) banditone: Julius Erving, Bob McAdoo, Jerry West, Jack Twyman, Jim Brewer,
                       Connie Hawkins, Calvin Natt

13) jcred5: Dwyane Wade, Stephen Curry, Donyell Marshall, Larry Sanders, Samuel Dalembert,
                Mark Eaton, Jon Barry

14) jkaye24: David Robinson, Chauncey Billups, Carlos Boozer, Brent Barry, Chris Gatling,
                      Chris Andersen, Ryan Anderson

15) tarheel1991: Artis Gilmore, Shawn Marion, Tracy McGrady, Al Horford, Don Buse,
                          Michael Smith, Mike Barr

16) ncmusician: Charles Barkley, Manu Ginobilli, Serge Ibaka, Dale Davis, Nate McMillan,
                            Jamaal Tinsley, Oliver Miller

17) amerk1180: Larry Bird, Dikembe Mutombo, Fat Lever, Josh Smith, Chris Webber,
                          Theo Ratliff, Michael Pietrus

18) xxevilivexx: John Stockton, Scottie Pippen, Elton Brand, Wes Unseld, Anderson Varejao,
                           Walt Bellamy, Cedric Ceballos 

19) benhoidal: Magic Johnson, Kevin Garnett, Arvydas Sabonis, Clifford Ray, Andre Drummond,
                         Kevin Johnson, Joel Przybilla

20) carbonjones: Hakeem Olajuwon, Walt Frazier, Bobby Jones, Joakim Noah, Ron Harper,
                             Shane Battier, Mo Cheeks

21) thisredbox: Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Gerald Wallace, Tree Rollins, Bo Outlaw,
                           Roddy Beaubois, Manute Bol

22) natenoy: Ben Wallace, Jerry Lucas, Amare Stoudemire, Clyde Drexler, Jose Calderon,
                      Danny Granger, Art Williams

23) felonius: Bill Russell, Anfernee Hardaway, Marques Johnson, David Lee, Emeka Okafor
                    Toni Kukoc, Mike Miller

24) scudmissle: Oscar Robertson, Jason Kidd, Patrick Ewing, Swen Nater, Andrei Kirilenko
                         Steve Novak, Dan Gadzuric  

12/11/2013 9:12 PM (edited)

Alpha List
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Ray Allen
Chris Andersen
Kenny Anderson
Nick Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Carmelo Anthony
Omer Asik
Charles Barkley
Mike Barr
Brent Barry
Jon Barry
Shane Battier
Roddy Beaubois
Walt Bellamy
Chauncey Billups
Larry Bird
Mookie Blaylock
Tom Boerwinkle
Andrew Bogut
Manute Bol
Carlos Boozer
Elton Brand
Terrell Brandon
Jim Brewer
Bill Bridges
Kobe Bryant
Don Buse
Andrew Bynum
Marcus Camby
Cedric Ceballos
Wilt Chamberlain
Tyson Chandler
Mo Cheeks
Stephen Curry
Samuel Dalembert
Mel Daniels
Dale Davis
Clyde Drexler
Adnre Drummond
Chris Dudley
Tim Duncan
Kevin Durant
Mark Eaton
Charlie Edge
Julius Erving
Reggie Evans
Patrick Ewing
Walt Frazier
Jordan Fumar
Kevin Garnett
Pau Gasol
Chris Gatling
George Gervin
Artis Gilmore
Manu Ginobilli
Danny Granger
Horace Grant
AC Green
Blake Griffin
Anfernee Hardaway
James Harden
Ron Harper
Connie Hawkins
Al Horford
Robert Horry
Dwight Howard
Kris Humphries
Serge Ibaka
Andre Iguodala
Kyrie Irving
LeBron James
Antawn Jamison
Gus Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Magic Johnson
Marques Johnson
Bobby Jones
Michael Jordan
Shawn Kemp
Jason Kidd
Andrei Kirilenko
Toni Kukoc
David Lee
Fat Lever
Kevin Love
Jerry Lucas
Karl Malone
Mose Malone
Shawn Marion
Donyell Marshall
Bob McAdoo
Tracy McGrady
Kevin McHale
Nate McMillan
Mike Miller
Oliver Miller
Reggie Miller
Nazr Mohammed
Alonzo Mourning
Dikembe Mutombo
Larry Nance
Steve Nash
Swen Nater
Calvin Natt
Jameer Nelson
Joakim Noah
Dirk Nowitzki
Charles Oakley
Hakeem Olajuwon
Shaquille O'Neal
Bo Outlaw
Chris Paul
Robert Parish
Gary Payton
Paul Pierce
Michael Pietrus
Scottie Pippen
Terry Porter
Leon Powe
Paul Pressey
Mark Price
Joel Przybilla
Theo Ratliff
Clifford Ray
Khalid Reeves
Jason Richardson
Alvin Robertson
Oscar Robertson
David Robinson
Dennis Rodman
Tree Rollins
Rajon Rondo
Jalen Rose
Bill Russell
Arvydas Sabonis
Larry Sanders
Josh Smith
Larry Smith
Michael Smith
John Stockton
Amare Stoudemire
Kurt Thomas
Jamaal Tinsley
Jack Twyman
Wes Unseld
Anderson Varejao
Dwayne Wade
Ben Wallace
Gerald Wallace
Bill Walton
Charlie Ward
Earl Watson
Clarence Weatherspoon
Spud Webb
Chris Webber
Jerry West
Art Williams
Buck Williams
Deron Williams
Micheal Williams
Orlando Woolridge

12/7/2013 3:44 PM (edited)

Draft List

Round 1  (off-the-clock)
1) iccoachb - Wilt Chamberlain
2) jhsukow - LeBron James
3) steelers821 - Mose Malone

4) cmcafeeky - Michael Jordan

5) eleibowitz - Dennis Rodman

6) mikee1 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

7) smokey57 - Karl Malone

8) malone9975 - Dwight Howard

9) theyard2 - Shaquille O'Neal

10) ashamael - Kevin Durant

11) dh555 -
  Chris Paul
12) banditone - Julius Erving

13) jcred5 - Dwayne Wade
14) jkaye24 - David Robinson
15) tarheel1991 - Artis Gilmore
16) ncmusician - Charles Barkley
17) amerk1180 - Larry Bird
18) xxevilivexx - John Stockton
19) benhoidal - Magic Johnson
20) carbonjones - Hakeem Olajuwon
21) thisredbox - Tim Duncan
22) natenoy - Ben Wallace
23) felonius - Bill Russell
24) scudmissle -
Oscar Robertson

Round 2
25) scudmissle - Jason Kidd
26) felonius - Anfernee Hardaway
27) natenoy - Jerry Lucas
28) thisredbox - Kobe Bryant
29) carbonjones - Walt Frazier
30) benhoidal - Kevin Garnett
31) xxevilivexx - Scottie Pippen
32) amerk1180 - Dikembe Mutombo
33) ncmusician - Manu Ginobilli
34) tarheel1991 - Shawn Marion
35) jkaye24 - Chauncey Billups
36) jcred5 - Stephen Curry
37) banditone - Bob McAdoo
38) dh555 - Marcus Camby
39) ashamael - Tyson Chandler
40) theyard2 - Kevin McHale
41) malone9975 - Tom Boerwinkle
42) smokey57 - Bill Bridges
43) mikee1 - Terry Porter
44) eleibowitz - Alonzo Mourning
45) cmcafeeky - Bill Walton
46) steelers821 - Buck Williams
47) jhsukow - Mookie Blaylock
48) iccoachb - Ray Allen

Round 3
49) iccoachb - Gary Payton
50) jhsukow - Horace Grant
51) steelers821 - Steve Nash
52) cmcafeeky - Mel Daniels
53) eleibowitz - Deron Williams
54) mikee1 - Kevin Love
55) smokey57 - George Gervin
56) malone9975 - Paul Pierce
57) theyard2 - Robert Parish
58) ashamael - Shawn Kemp
59) dh555 - Larry Nance
60) banditone - Jerry West
61) jcred5 - Donyell Marshall
62) jkaye24 - Carlos Boozer
63) tarheel1991 - Tracy McGrady
64) ncmusician - Serge Ibaka
65) amerk1180 - Fat Lever
66) xxevilivexx - Elton Brand
67) benhoidal - Arvydas Sabonis
68) carbonjones - Bobby Jones
69) thisredbox - Gerald Wallace
70) natenoy - Amari Stoudemire
71) felonius - Marques Johnson
72) scudmissle - Patrick Ewing

Round 4
73) scudmissle - Swen Nater
74) felonius - David Lee
75) natenoy - Clyde Drexler
76) thisredbox - Tree Rollins
77) carbonjones - Joakim Noah
78) benhoidal - Clifford Ray
79) xxevilivexx - Wes Unseld
80) amerk1180 - Josh Smith
81) ncmusician - Dale Davis
82) tarheel1991 - Al Horford
83) jkaye24 - Brent Barry
84) jcred5 - Larry Sanders
85) banditone - Jack Twyman
86) dh555 - Blake Griffin
87) ashamael - Terrell Brandon
88) theyard2 - Charle Ward
89) malone9975 - Clarence Weatherspoon
90) smokey57 - Micheal Williams
91) mikee1 - James Harden
92) eleibowitz - Andrew Bynum
93) cmcafeeky - Mark Price
94) steelers821 - Charles Oakley
95) jhsukow - Gus Johnson
96) iccoachb - Pau Gasol

Round 5
97) iccoachb - Alvin Robertson
98) jhsukow - Rajon Rondo
99) steelers821 - Roert Horry
100) cmcafeeky - AC Green
101) eleibowitz - Nick Anderson
102) mikee1 - Kris Humphries
103) smokey57 - Paul Pressey
104) malone9975 - Andre Iguodala
105) theyard2 -  Brandon Rush
106) ashamael - Anthony Mason
107) dh555 - Reggie Miller
108) banditone - Jim Brewer
109) jcred5 - Samuel Dalembert
110) jkaye24 - Chris Gatling
111) tarheel1991 - Don Buse
112) ncmusician - Nate McMillan
113) amerk1180 - Chris Webber
114) xxevilivexx - Walt Bellamy
115) benhoidal - Andre Drummond
116) carbonjones - Ron Harper
117) thisredbox - Bo Outlaw
118) natenoy - Jose Calderon
119) felonius - Emeka Okafor
120) scudmissle - Andrei Kirilenko

Round 6
121/122) scudmissle - Steve Novak / Dan Gadzuic
123/124) felonius - Toni Kukoc / Mike Miller
125/126) natenoy - Danny Granger / Art Williams
127/128) thisredbox - Roddy Beaubois / Manute Bol
129/130) carbonjones - Shane Battier / Mo Cheeks
131/132) benhoidal - Kevin Johnson / Joel Przybilla
133/134) xxevilivexx - Anderson Varejao / Cedric Ceballos
135/136) amerk1180 - Theo Ratliff / Michael Peitrus
137/138) ncmusician - Jamaal Tinsley / Oliver Miller
139/140) tarheel1991 - Michael Smith / Mike Barr
141/142) jkaye24 - Chris Andersen / Ryan Anderson
143/144) jcred5 - Mark Eaton / Jon Barry
145/146) banditone - Connie Hawkins / Calvin Natt
147/148) dh555 - Jason Richardson / Reggie Evans
149/150) ashamael - Jameer Nelson / Nazr Mohammed
151/152) theyard2 - Kurt Thomas / Leon Powe
153/154) malone9975 - Kyrie Irving / Orlando Woolridge
155/156) smokey57 - Chris Dudley / Charlie Edge
157/158) mikee1 - Kenny Anderson / Antawn Jamison
159/160) eleibowitz - Jordan Fumar / Andrew Bogut
161/162) cmcafeeky - Spud Webb / Larry Smith
163/164) steelers821 - Khalid Reeves / Omer Asik
165/166) jhsukow - Dirk Nowitzki / Jalen Rose
167/168) iccoachb - Earl Watson / Carmelo Anthony

THE END - KISS YOUR BUTTS GOODBYE...along with your owner rating !!!!    - smokey
12/7/2013 4:24 PM (edited)

Division Draft

Divison Leaders / Rank Order list

Atlantic - jkaye24
1 amerk
2 carbonjones
3 smokey
4 evil
5 jhsukow
6 scudmissle
7 jcred5
8 dh555
9 benhoidal
10 cmcafeeky
11 malone
12 mikee1
13 tarhheel
14 felonius
15 ncmusician
16 steelers
17 ash
18 iccoahb
19 theyard
20 eleibowitz

Central - natenoy
1 smokey57
2 xxevilivexx
3 benhoidal
4 malone9975
5 mikee1
6 scudmissle
7 felonius
8 tarheel1991
9 carbonjones
10 iccoachb 
11 dh555
12 amerk1180
13 cmcafeeky
14 jhsukow
15 jcred5
16 steelers821
17 theyard2
18 ncmusician
19 eleibowitz
20 ashamael

Midwest - Banditone
Give me the owners no one else wants. Should be interesting.
Pacific - thisredbox
 20. theyard

12/8/2013 1:05 PM (edited)
Division Assignments

Atlantic                Central                 Midwest                   Pacific
jkaye                    natenoy               banditone                thisredbox
amerk                   smokey             ncmusician              cmcafeeky 
carbonjones       xxevilivexx         theyard                    mikee 
jhsukow               benhoidal           steelers                    iccoachb
scudmissle          malone              ashamael                  felonius
jcred                      tarheel                dh555                       eleibowitz

12/9/2013 12:52 AM (edited)
NOTICE - pls read the league rules as there have been changes.
11/12/2013 8:11 PM
Finally, a decent draft spot...
11/12/2013 10:38 PM
closer to 1
11/13/2013 4:32 AM
We're probably looking at 11/20 for a start to the off-the-clock draft. Friday (1/29) for on-the-clock drafting. I'll sm all when the conf finals start. Time to eat..drink..and be happy.
11/19/2013 5:40 PM (edited)
testing, testing. Hey I can post in firefox. Whats up with IE?

11/14/2013 11:44 AM
Posted by robocoach on 11/14/2013 11:44:00 AM (view original):
testing, testing. Hey I can post in firefox. Whats up with IE?

That's exactly why I switched to Chrome over the summer. Got the new windows on two laptops and could not post with either on this site while using IE.
11/14/2013 1:51 PM
I am ok with mozilla. Also impressed that WIS reactivated my account with my credits. Have a full free season of HBD whichI dont want, if anybody wanted it I could join a world and have WIS transfer someone to it, assuming the league commish was ok with it.
11/14/2013 2:48 PM
Wilt Chamberlain
11/19/2013 9:47 PM
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