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Major Leagues will be rolling over in the next day or two and we only need one more owner to fill.  This is a competitive world with lots of long term stability that usually rolls over quickly.  Only one team was available each of the past 2 seasons and 27 of our returning owners have completed 3 or more seasons in our world with 12 of those having completed 18 or more seasons.

The league is not dominated by one or a small number of elite teams either.  Over the past 4 seasons, only the Pirates have appeared in more than one World Series (2) and each season has had a different champion.

Private World Rules

* City & Team Names remain the same for the entire life of the league.
* All minor league teams must be tended to. No pitching 0(0) pitchers.
* All owners shall treat each other with respect. Joking allowed, but rants/insults will not be tolerated. Nor will blowing up the chat board in any inappropriate manner.
* Owners who fail to win 55 games in a season face expulsion but do have the right to appeal to a committee of owners.

AL North

Detroit Tigers
Season 24 record: 67-95
Projected Draft Pick: #5 or #6
Salary Commitment: None

This team has struggled to win games the past few seasons, but that means you would inherit several top 10 draft picks and this team typically spent 15 to 25 million on international free agents each season. They kept payroll low (40 to 60 million) to focus on building up the minors. There are also no guaranteed contracts above the minimum, so you would not be stuck with anyone you didn't want.

Season 24, #2 pick,
SP Milton Watson
Season 23, #3 pick,
SP Otto Little
Season 23, #5 pick,
RP Tony Tabaka
Season 22, #3 pick,
SP Justin Zagone
Season 20, #7 pick,
3B Larry Murray

AL South

Nashville Sounds

Season 24 record: 84-78
Projected Draft Pick: #20
Salary Commitment: 59 million across 11 players (24.4 million of that across 4 players are mutual options)

This has been a competitive team that typically had a payroll around 100 million, but they do have 2 recent top 10 picks in the minor leagues and spent 5 to 15 million on international free agents each season so the cupboard isn't bare.

Season 24, #10 pick,
SP Vicente Urbina
Season 23, #10 pick,
SP Don Black

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers

Season 24 record: 77-85
Projected Draft Pick: #16
Salary Commitment: 55 million across 8 players

This team won between 87 and 89 games the 4 seasons prior but only managed to make the playoffs once. They typically ran a payroll of about 75 million.  There is one recent top 10 pick who just reached the majors for them and they typically spent 15 or 20 million on international free agents each season.

Season 20, #5 pick,
SP Spud Bando

Let us know if you are interested in joining us.
11/27/2013 10:28 AM (edited)
This is a great world with a very high level of competition.  We normally have NO teams under 60 wins (like this year) and 100-win seasons are pretty rare (we did have a 111-game winner this year, but they were 34-11 in 1-run games).  If you're a top owner, this world will challenge you...any of the three teams can be built into contenders, but you won't be able to do it with any shortcuts!
11/14/2013 2:34 PM
Also, a bit of an added bonus - real teams!

With the exception of the Colorado Springs Rockies (Colorado park effects are stuck at historic levels instead of modern ones) and the Nashville Sounds (we needed to have 32 teams), each franchise is a real-life team (including the Montreal Expos, thank you)!

This adds quite a bit to a lot of little things, like looking at a player card and immediately knowing who he played for - instead of seeing franchise names/cities change every two seasons.

11/15/2013 1:26 PM
I simply didnt have the time to continue with the Tigers, but this is a really, really good world.  Join today!
11/16/2013 2:56 PM
It looks like we have the Tigers and Dodgers filled.  If you would like to take the Nashville franchise or be added to a waiting list in case someone changes their mind let me know.
11/18/2013 11:47 AM (edited)
Bump up for a great world
11/18/2013 5:40 PM
Just wanted to mention what a fun, knowledgeable, helpful collection of folks are in this league. I am new to the Major Leagues this season and while waiting on the last details to be ironed out with the remaining spot(s) I can already tell this will be an entertaining and challenging group. If you are looking for a league to join you should really consider getting into this private league. Jthornton75 is the commissioner and can provide any details about the current status of spot(s) open. So, fire up that sitemail before someone else snags your spot. 

Obviously we can play this simulation in any league and get your money's worth, but the make-up of the league, the personslity if you will, is what i believe takes the game to next level. I feel fortunate to have gotten on board .... come check out what I'm bragging about! 
11/25/2013 4:44 PM (edited)
I'm interested in the final team.  Let me know if there is still an opening.
11/26/2013 7:17 PM
Major Leagues - Season 25 - Full Topic

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