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The Space Age Progressive League has one opening left - the Chesapeake Bay team has been claimed. We still need an owner for the Orange County team (you can change the name if you take the team).

. We are about to start the draft for 1948, which will be our third full season. 

We are a single season progressive league that is unique in that we consist of 24 teams (and therefore 8 playoff spots) in a 16-team era. We accomplish this by using a list of Secondary Players drawn from non-MLB sources (the American Association, Players League and Federal League) with averages no higher than .260 and WHIPs no lower than 1.40 and who do not advance in time (as do the contemporary, that is 1947-48 players), to fill our rosters without recourse to AAA. 

We draft players who played in the AL and in the NL in two separate drafts, with draft position being determined randomly (with adjustments only to prevent any team from drafting in the top 4 in both drafts) until 1950 when we will use cumulative 4-year W-L records to determine draft choice in the first of those league drafts, and use the 5th place cumulative 4-year W-L to determine the other draft order for the other league (we draft either AL players or NL players first depending on which league the owner with the first pick prefers each seasonal draft). We then draft from the list of Secondary players in random order to complete our rosters. 

So we are able to maintain our character as a single season Progressive even with 24 teams in a 16 team era. Join this unique league. Take over one of these teams that is available. Both have been well drafted for by very capable owners. The relatively small size of the rosters reflects the fact that most teams have around 16 AL and NL players, and the rest consist of Secondaries drawn from the same-repeating pool of players from the other sources, and who are never allowed to be retained as keepers, but return to the pool each season for the same season's draft (and, again, without advancing in time as do the AL and NL players). So usually a team will have 16-17 players AFTER having drafted all the available AL and NL players for that year's draft. 

Please  SITEMAIL ME to let me know your interest in this teams, instead of posting here: I am having difficulty with posting forums - some technical problem, and also want to be able to clarify anything prospective owners may need to know about this uniquely organized league. Thanks.


Angel Stadium

Name   Season Franchise            Pos        Salary

Orval Grove       1947      Chicago White Sox          SP           $2,169,181

Mickey Haefner               1947      Washington Senators    SP           $4,223,243

Joe Hatten         1947      Brooklyn Dodgers           SP           $5,821,832

Don Johnson     1947      New York Yankees         SP           $1,013,245

Harry Dorish      1947      Boston Red Sox               RP          $2,605,073

Paul Erickson     1947      Chicago Cubs     RP          $3,669,994

Kent Peterson  1947      Cincinnati Reds RP          $3,405,333

Junior Thompson            1947      New York Giants             RP          $449,969

Jim Hegan           1947      Cleveland Indians           C             $2,864,753

Billy Hitchcock   1947      St. Louis Browns              2B           $1,562,456

Nippy Jones       1947      St. Louis Cardinals           2B           $316,161

Eddie Stanky     1947      Brooklyn Dodgers           2B           $5,188,038

Frankie Gustine               1947      Pittsburgh Pirates           3B           $5,309,834

Jack Wallaesa    1947      Chicago White Sox          SS           $1,988,454

George Case     1947      Washington Senators    OF          $335,431

Dom Dimaggio  1947      Boston Red Sox               OF          $5,095,037

Ralph Hodgin     1947      Chicago White Sox          OF          $1,559,774

Marv Rickert      1947      Chicago Cubs     OF          $357,062



Chesapeake Bay Challengers  CLAIMED - NO LONGER AVAILABLE - and... WINNER OF THE 1947 WORLD SERIES ! 

Baker Bowl Name           Season Franchise            Pos        Salary

Joe Haynes        1947      Chicago White Sox          SP           $5,192,370

Dutch Leonard  1947      Philadelphia Phillies       SP           $6,300,891

Bill McCahan      1947      Philadelphia Athletics    SP           $3,996,314

Ed Chandler       1947      Brooklyn Dodgers           RP          $335,233

Mel Queen        1947      New York Yankees         RP          $1,255,862

Charley Schanz 1947      Philadelphia Phillies       RP          $1,727,433

Freddy Schmidt               1947      St. Louis Cardinals           RP          $1,370,953

Gerry Staley      1947      St. Louis Cardinals           RP          $449,334

Walker Cooper 1947      New York Giants             C             $4,941,648

Elbie Fletcher    1947      Pittsburgh Pirates           1B           $796,102

Jake Jones          1947      Boston Red Sox               1B           $3,807,657

George McQuinn            1947      New York Yankees         1B           $4,986,856

Joe Gordon        1947      Cleveland Indians           2B           $5,582,821

Don Johnson     1947      Chicago Cubs     2B           $2,063,741

Bob Elliott           1947      Boston Braves  3B           $5,997,907

John Sullivan     1947      Washington Senators    SS           $907,096

Erv Dusak            1947      St. Louis Cardinals           OF          $2,252,051

Ron Northey     1947      Philadelphia Phillies       OF          $2,850,973

Hal Peck              1947      Cleveland Indians           OF          $2,517,995

12/12/2013 11:26 AM (edited)
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We still need an owner for one team - the Angel stadium team listed above. We will then be  ready for our draft fairly soon, once new owners have had a chance to orient themselves and do some research.
11/20/2013 6:43 AM
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Nobody is interested in what you are interested in.
11/20/2013 4:46 PM
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You should really not join this league .
11/21/2013 4:22 PM
Great boogerlips is in ! Great to have you. 

Unfortunately I think he is not joining folks (you are actually most welcome boogerlips).

Assuming he is not. We still need one owner for the Orange County team. We will be starting our draft for the 1948 season soon. 

11/22/2013 8:42 AM

We draft the available players from the NL and the AL separately in this league (so there is more than one no.1 pick) and this team will have the number 7 pick overall for the first league we will draft from (not yet determined whether it will be the AL or NL players we draft first) and the number 3 pick for the second league we draft from.

11/24/2013 7:41 AM
Some months ago I posted an ad here to take a team in the Space Age Prog - 24 teams, single season now finishing the 1947 season. Nobody took it for most of the season. After 120 games were played, the team was claimed today plays game 7 of the 1947 World Series after winning the wildcard spot. 

With that lesson in the books, someone please take the team below. We have just finished round 1 of the Secondary Players draft and have completed the drafting of NL and AL (eg 1948 and progressing in time) players. We will start play before the holidays. Join an innovative and still new league. 

We need one owner to start our 1948 draft for our third full season in the Space Age Progressive League. The roster is below. We are a single season progressive with 24 teams playing in a 16 team era. So we supplement our rosters with a list of Secondary Players drawn from 3 non-MLB sources (the American Association, the Players League, and the Federal League). It is typical, due to the disparity in the number of RL historical teams and our 24 teams that we have around 10 keepers before the draft and have around 16 or so on our rosters after the drafts of National League and American League players (we draft each league's RL players separately so there is more than one number 1 pick). 


The roster below is therefore quite competitive: it has 1-3 starting pitchers, and 6 full starting position players, which in this immediate postwar period is quite competitive. 

We will start drafting by Tuesday of this coming week. 

Orange County Orbits  Keepers 1948 CLAIMED AND NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

Angel Stadium

Roster (still drafting Secondary Players and needs 6 more players to complete roster).

Jim Hegan           C          

Nippy Jones       1B          

Billy Hitchcock   2B          

Eddie Stanky     2B          

Frankie Gustine          3B          

Dick Culler SS

Dom Dimaggio        OF        

Ralph Hodgin      OF      

Johnny Blatnik OF   

Mickey Haefner          P          

Joe Hatten         P          

Kent Peterson  P        

Orval Grove       P   

Vern Bickford P

Bob Porterfield P      

Ike Pearson P

Frank Biscan P 

Kaiser Wilhelm 1914 P (Secondary)

Bill Bailey  1915 P (Secondary) 


Marv Rickert      OF          (1949)

Don Johnson     SP       (1950)

Harry Dorish       RP      (1950)


12/12/2013 11:27 AM (edited)
Please see the update above - take this team. Last team we advertised is playing Game 7 of the World Series today. 
12/11/2013 7:16 AM
And that team -

Won the World Series ! (so someone take this team now):
12/11/2013 1:35 PM
Team has been claimed by sitemail by dino27. 
12/11/2013 7:46 PM
Well, it turns out we do have one more opening as we complete our 1948 draft and prepare to start our season: Our friend pfattkatt, who as nearly all of you know is fighting health problems and whose speedy and full recovery we look and hope for, has let me know that at least in the meantime he doesn't think he can run the team he has in our league. 

We have been drafting for it in the meantime, but it needs a few more Secondary Players to have a complete roster. It has a few very good long term players and has possibilities. 

here is the roster: 

Brooklyn Cyclones 1948                                              Washington Park III (Brooklyn)

Roster (all players are 1948 unless otherwise indicated).

C Hal Wagner

1B Frank McCormick

1B John Kerins 1885

3B/OF Sid Gordon

SS Eddie Joost

SS John Sullivan

OF Larry Doby

OF Augie Galan

OF Don Mueller

OF Ted Beard

P Sam Zoldak

P Vic Lombardi

P Dick Welteroth

P Bob Savage

P Mel Queen

P Bill Daley 1890

P John Sowders 1889

P Duke Esper 1890



C Dixie Howell (1949)

P Jesse Flores (1950)

P Clyde King (1951)


12/12/2013 11:29 AM

If you're looking for a great commissioner and a solid group of owners, you've come to the right place. If you haven't joined a progressive before, this is a great place to get your feet wet. I was a progressive virgin, and this is the first prog I joined (and even I went to the WS in the 2nd year). It's been a great experience -- so, c'mon, give us a try! The draft is finished, and we're just waiing for .... YOU.

This Cyclones team has an excellent core of stars -- Gordon, Doby, and Joost -- and that's enough to make it competitive for years to come.

12/18/2013 1:40 PM
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