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20 rosters in
11/20/2013 11:46 PM
Reminder sent to the last four.
11/22/2013 10:13 PM
Boclaird and rickysdad44 are in. Down to pfattkatt and pennsylvania.
11/23/2013 4:04 PM
Got it. I never received any previous attempts.
11/23/2013 6:30 PM
Everyone is in. Results should be out tonight.
11/24/2013 4:58 PM
Seems like Christmas...I just want to open my presents.
11/24/2013 10:18 PM
Thus is about the sixth time I've looked herd in the last two hours.
11/24/2013 10:35 PM
Now that I seem to have your attention...first, the most claimed players. Owners were much more cautious than usual in pursuing cookies. Shorter list than normal.

Jake Northrop
Eddie Cicotte
Jose Fernandez
Derrek Lee
Babe Ruth
Tom Seaver
Gary Sheffield
Luis Tiant
Omar Vizquel
Joe Wood
11/24/2013 10:58 PM
Now for sitemails, followed by updating the master list and other stuff.

EDIT: Sitemails are sent and the master list is up. Now for the number of players claimed by each owner, which this time is more important than usual.
11/24/2013 11:25 PM (edited)
  1st Cap Alignment
batandball 20 105M NL East
BullMoose 20 105M NL East
mllama54 20 105M NL East
skunk206 20 105M NL East
Donburgh 19 104M NL Central
halo23 18 103M NL Central
lenbo1212 18 103M NL Central
calhoop 17 102M NL Cen/NL West/AL East
jbap17 17 102M NL Cen/NL West/AL East
RWHAY 17 102M NL Cen/NL West/AL East
sean102385 17 102M NL Cen/NL West/AL East
spinaldog 17 102M NL Cen/NL West/AL East
The Taint 17 102M NL Cen/NL West/AL East
cholatse 16 101M AL East/Central
dcmatcheck 16 101M AL East/Central
reddtrain 16 101M AL East/Central
specsman 16 101M AL East/Central
boclaird 15 100M AL Central
justinlee_24 15 100M AL Central
pennsylvania 15 100M AL Central
rickysdad44 14 99M AL West
pfattkatt 13 98M AL West
mensu1954 11 96M AL West
gbakker 7 92M AL West
11/24/2013 11:27 PM
A couple notes about alignment. In the group of six with 17 players, 1 will end up in the NL Central, 4 will comprise the NL West, and other will land in the AL East. For the four owners with 16 players, 3 will be in the AL East and one in the AL Central. Remember the tiebreaker is final team salary, highest salaries get the highest slot. But since you won't know what the teams spend all teams are entered, it's not probably not worth worrying too much about. Building a winning team is more important.
11/24/2013 11:35 PM
And, now, the list of players claimed exactly twice and who claimed them. Just so you know who messed up your team.

Babe Adams donburgh;justinlee_24   Chuck Klein lenbo1212;spinaldog
Hank Aguirre halo23;spinaldog   Ted Kluszewski mensu1954;specsman
Johnny Allen jbap17;The Taint   Chuck Knoblauch halo23;skunk206
Roberto Alomar gbakker;pennsylvania   Francisco Liriano halo23;RWHAY
Brad Ausmus gbakker;specsman   Javy Lopez calhoop;specsman
Johnny Bassler calhoop;reddtrain   Nick Maddox donburgh;pfattkatt
Jay Bell specsman;spinaldog   Juan Marichal cholatse;reddtrain
Chief Bender gbakker;reddtrain   Pedro Martinez halo23;mensu1954
Barry Bonds boclaird;donburgh   Joe Medwick BullMoose;The Taint
Tiny Bonham cholatse;specsman   Jose Mesa dcmatcheck;RWHAY
Bobby Bonilla reddtrain;specsman   Earl Moore gbakker;pfattkatt
Ike Boone sean102385;The Taint   Cy Morgan mensu1954;pennsylvania
John Candelaria BullMoose;cholatse   Eddie Murray donburgh;gbakker
Cesar Cedeno pennsylvania;reddtrain   Randy Myers lenbo1212;RWHAY
Will Clark dcmatcheck;jbap17   Steve Ontiveros cholatse;halo23
Jack Coombs calhoop;pfattkatt   Jonathan Papelbon mensu1954;rickysdad44
Neal Cotts cholatse;spinaldog   Gary Peters dcmatcheck;sean102385
Gavvy Cravath pfattkatt;rickysdad44   Jack Pfiester pennsylvania;specsman
Joe Cronin pfattkatt;rickysdad44   Jack Quinn justinlee_24;The Taint
Roy Cullenbine donburgh;pfattkatt   Jeff Reardon jbap17;specsman
Miguel Dilone mensu1954;pennsylvania   Dennys Reyes rickysdad44;spinaldog
Ferris Fain jbap17;reddtrain   Arthur Rhodes batandball;dcmatcheck
Tony Fernandez justinlee_24;spinaldog   Tanner Roark calhoop;dcmatcheck
Doug Fister cholatse;skunk206   Johnny Roseboro boclaird;justinlee_24
Eric Gagne batandball;jbap17   Richie Scheinblum gbakker;sean102385
Gene Garber jbap17;RWHAY   Ted Simmons gbakker;rickysdad44
Lefty Gomez cholatse;mllama54   Zane Smith donburgh;lenbo1212
Mike Gonzalez batandball;calhoop   Joakim Soria lenbo1212;rickysdad44
Rich Gossage BullMoose;mensu1954   Eddie Stanky dcmatcheck;mensu1954
Ken Griffey Sr. mllama54;RWHAY   Vern Stephens batandball;pfattkatt
Pedro Guerrero calhoop;rickysdad44   Jesse Tannehill batandball;justinlee_24
Billy Hamilton boclaird;pfattkatt   Mike Tiernan jbap17;mllama54
Bryan Harvey lenbo1212;specsman   Fred Toney gbakker;justinlee_24
Harry Heilmann gbakker;rickysdad44   Alan Trammell gbakker;mensu1954
Trevor Hoffman boclaird;reddtrain   Pie Traynor boclaird;lenbo1212
Joe Horlen rickysdad44;sean102385   Dazzy Vance mensu1954;spinaldog
Rogers Hornsby boclaird;lenbo1212   Billy Wagner gbakker;mensu1954
Mike Jackson gbakker;rickysdad44   Ed Walsh gbakker;justinlee_24
Pat Jarvis halo23;The Taint   Rabbit Warstler gbakker;sean102385
Gregg Jefferies cholatse;pennsylvania   Bernie Williams dcmatcheck;mllama54
Cliff Johnson reddtrain;RWHAY   Ken Williams dcmatcheck;mensu1954
Addie Joss gbakker;justinlee_24   Maury Wills halo23;rickysdad44
Bill Joyce jbap17;pfattkatt   Art Wilson pfattkatt;spinaldog
George Kell mensu1954;The Taint   Randy Winn BullMoose;cholatse
Jason Kendall boclaird;The Taint        
11/24/2013 11:39 PM
One last thing. I don't have any special plans this week, but I would think several of you do. We're just going to take it easy this week. No hurry.
11/24/2013 11:42 PM
I had nine Players claimed twice That must have led the league. UGH!!!!!
11/24/2013 11:50 PM
I had eight claimed exactly twice...with seven different owners.

cholatse and I generally have the same taste in players, so us blocking each other on Marichal and Fain isn't a huge surprise.
11/25/2013 9:09 AM
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