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I'll take Buffalo.
12/3/2013 4:19 PM
You've got them kacyon....glad to have you!
12/3/2013 4:45 PM
To anybody considering joining, we are discussing 1-2 potential tweaks to the rules.....please feel free to go to the Theme League Forum and read about these changes and see if that is something that sounds good to you.

Basically we are considering (and likely to implement) raising the # of initial keepers from 3 to 5 and increasing the maximum keeper salary to $45 million (up from $40 million).

The other potential change is related to each owner being able to protect one future player per decade from their team's real life history.  This one is still much more in the development stage and could happen or not.  I will only add this to the rules if a strong majority of owners want to do this. 

12/6/2013 4:19 PM (edited)
I'll jump in with Cleveland.
12/7/2013 1:34 AM
Great, glad to have you!
12/7/2013 2:15 PM
4 spots left.....sign up before it's too late!
12/10/2013 3:41 PM
I will be withdrawing from the league. With the salary mi nimum at what it is there is no way to go with my team and stay below the min salary.
12/14/2013 1:29 PM
My suggestion is to remove the salary restrictions for the initial three to five keepers and just calculate the total salary of the keepers for the ordering of the initial draft.
12/15/2013 2:03 PM
I'll try the Dolphins.
12/18/2013 11:13 AM
Great to have you!
12/18/2013 3:29 PM

Are we "required" to keep 3-5 players from our franchise? What if your franchise lacks offensive players that could be worth keeping, can we just receive extra draft selections at the beginning of the draft to fill those spots?

12/19/2013 8:21 AM
Lolli, just to can keep UP TO 5 players for a maximum total salary (including Def/OL/ST) of $45 million.  If you keep fewer, you make those up in the draft but you do so on the back end rather than the front end.
12/19/2013 1:55 PM
Just an outsiders point of view, but unless you are content with 4 owners having 2 teams each, you might want to rethink some of the rule changes you have made.

Of course, everyone wants to hold on to as much talent as they can, so having 5 guys instead of 3 seems great to the franchises that have good ones available. Plus, getting to cherry pick a franchise great from the draft pool no matter how good your team might be, seems like a nice thing to be able to do.

Except, the franchises left are not very good and don't really have 5 solid keepers. Which by itself may be tolerable, but to know that a team is going to struggle to win games, could then see 8 or 9 of the top players get taken out of the draft by teams that are already loaded, makes it more like banging your head against a wall rather than being able to compete.

I would like to join this league, but not with the teams left with the rules set up as they currently are.
12/23/2013 7:38 AM
That's a good point nuke.....I've been going back and forth on the future franchise players because of that aspect.  We don't have a consensus on adding that rule and haven't made a formal decision either way.  I will keep you posted and if we decide not to use the ffp option I'll let you know.
12/23/2013 11:30 AM
We have 3 owners who not only haven't confirmed that they are still in but haven't even opened any of the sitemails sent to them about it.  Therefore I have dropped those 3 owners from the list.  We have 1 owner who recently signed up and still needs to confirm but I'm not to drop him from the list at this time.  I will follow up with him to make sure it wasn't just an oversight on his or my part.
12/30/2013 4:12 PM
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NFL Franchise Progressive League (DEAD) Topic

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