Have we got a challenge for you.

The Centenary League, which began in 1969, is looking for 5 good owners to assume the franchises listed below for our upcoming 2001 darft and season.

But first a bit about the league:

We do not use WW. We introduced the DH in BOTH leagues in 1995. We do encourage trading, of course. We draft our own AAA from the draft pool. We do not use the transaction deadline, so 159 games are played w/ AAA at your disposal. However, in-season trades are cut off at the 120 game mark.

Our draft order is determined by a Win Expectency formula developed by just4me. eagle61 can answer any questions about this, but in a nutshell, it is a performance based formula designed to reward teams for overperforming and penalize teams which underperform. Basically, the best anti-tanking method I've seen. The formula is cut off at the 120g mark so we can begin preparing for the next season's draft.

As for the next step, we are currently posting keeper lists. We have a private forum, so once I get confirmation, I will get the new owner access to this. You may keep up to 25 players, though if you keep 25, you will not draft until the AAA phase. IOW, the regular draft is used to get your roster up to 25 and then we draft AAA players from the remainder of the pool. DL players must not be sim-eligible for the upcoming season.

Great group of owners.

This is a challenging league, given the Draft Formula used to determine each season's draft order. If you like a good challenge, this may be just what you are looking for.

Sitemail me or post here if interested or w/ any questions.
11/26/2013 6:26 PM
Chicago Machine 
Comiskey Park (II) (Chicago White Sox: 1991-2002)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Rob Bell 2000 Cincinnati Reds SP $2,583,631
Andy Benes 2000 St. Louis Cardinals SP $2,987,218
Dustin Hermanson 2000 Montreal Expos SP $3,539,930
Bobby J. Jones 2000 New York Mets SP $2,758,421
Bryan Rekar 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays SP $3,410,870
Paxton Crawford 2000 Boston Red Sox RP $829,901
Jeff Fassero 2000 Boston Red Sox RP $2,293,744
Shigetoshi Hasegawa 2000 Anaheim Angels RP $1,906,710
LaTroy Hawkins 2000 Minnesota Twins RP $2,090,821
Felix Heredia 2000 Chicago Cubs RP $1,391,033
Doug Jones 2000 Oakland Athletics RP $1,497,540
Lou Pote 2000 Anaheim Angels RP $1,097,043
Tony Eusebio 2000 Houston Astros C $1,482,213
Jason Varitek 2000 Boston Red Sox C $2,626,966
Ryan Klesko 2000 San Diego Padres 1B $4,428,484
Kevin Millar 2000 Florida Marlins 1B $1,776,298
Jay Bell 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks 2B $3,919,682
Corey Koskie 2000 Minnesota Twins 3B $3,670,269
Benji Gil 2000 Anaheim Angels SS $1,803,465
Felix Martinez 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays SS $2,418,899
Jim Edmonds 2000 St. Louis Cardinals OF $7,753,285
Vladimir Guerrero 2000 Montreal Expos OF $6,909,841
Jose Guillen 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays OF $1,719,512
Henry Rodriguez 2000 Florida Marlins OF $2,222,381
Sammy Sosa 2000 Chicago Cubs OF $6,778,274
Matt Kinney 2000 Minnesota Twins SP $626,136
Jim Brower 2000 Cleveland Indians RP $732,122
Billy Wagner 2000 Houston Astros RP $294,805
P Mike Jackson        
Detroit Tigers 
Comerica Park (Detroit Tigers: 2000-2013)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Jimmy Anderson 2000 Pittsburgh Pirates SP $2,567,526
Joe Mays 2000 Minnesota Twins SP $2,698,729
Jesus Sanchez 2000 Florida Marlins SP $3,433,919
Steve Trachsel 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays SP $3,542,909
Willie Blair 2000 Detroit Tigers RP $2,917,521
Dwight Gooden 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays RP $1,555,990
Jose Jimenez 2000 Colorado Rockies RP $1,886,432
Sean Lowe 2000 Chicago White Sox RP $1,071,119
Jose Paniagua 2000 Seattle Mariners RP $2,069,835
Dan Reichert 2000 Kansas City Royals RP $2,880,559
Paul Bako 2000 Florida Marlins C $1,695,883
Mitch Meluskey 2000 Houston Astros C $2,852,442
Tony Clark 2000 Detroit Tigers 1B $1,510,107
Eric Karros 2000 Los Angeles Dodgers 1B $4,943,764
Paul Konerko 2000 Chicago White Sox 1B $3,978,104
Miguel Cairo 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2B $2,423,323
Jeff Frye 2000 Colorado Rockies 2B $2,143,099
Bill Mueller 2000 San Francisco Giants 3B $3,511,369
Damian Jackson 2000 San Diego Padres SS $3,587,003
Desi Relaford 2000 Philadelphia Phillies SS $1,417,765
Steve Cox 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays OF $2,075,908
Shawn Green 2000 Los Angeles Dodgers OF $4,573,663
Todd Hollandsworth 2000 Los Angeles Dodgers OF $2,905,158
Joe McEwing 2000 New York Mets OF $644,497
Eric Owens 2000 San Diego Padres OF $4,206,762
Todd Stottlemyre 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks SP $1,664,065
Ricky Bones 2000 Florida Marlins RP $1,435,267
Doug Brocail 2000 Detroit Tigers RP $991,029
Ben Davis 2000 San Diego Padres C $682,157
Keith Lockhart 2000 Atlanta Braves 2B $1,404,911
P Brian Boehringer        
P John Thomson        
Humphrey Metrodome (Minnesota Twins: 1982-2009)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Cal Eldred 2000 Chicago White Sox SP $2,467,750
Sterling Hitchcock 2000 San Diego Padres SP $1,076,248
Esteban Loaiza 2000 Texas Rangers SP $3,681,370
Sidney Ponson 2000 Baltimore Orioles SP $4,832,129
Armando Reynoso 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks SP $3,441,323
Terry Adams 2000 Los Angeles Dodgers RP $1,975,756
Aaron Fultz 2000 San Francisco Giants RP $1,423,151
Carlos Perez 2000 Los Angeles Dodgers RP $1,964,860
Dennys Reyes 2000 Cincinnati Reds RP $683,187
Tanyon Sturtze 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays RP $1,470,641
Brett Tomko 2000 Seattle Mariners RP $1,830,768
Paul Wilson 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays RP $2,019,884
Esteban Yan 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays RP $2,394,552
Sandy Alomar Jr. 2000 Cleveland Indians C $1,980,069
Ben Molina 2000 Anaheim Angels C $3,567,891
Ron Coomer 2000 Minnesota Twins 1B $3,011,253
Rafael Palmeiro 2000 Texas Rangers 1B $4,784,390
Aaron Boone 2000 Cincinnati Reds 3B $2,709,349
Ken Caminiti 2000 Houston Astros 3B $2,023,989
Dean Palmer 2000 Detroit Tigers 3B $3,143,376
Rich Aurilia 2000 San Francisco Giants SS $3,761,658
Ricky Gutierrez 2000 Chicago Cubs SS $3,322,057
Dante Bichette 2000 Cincinnati Reds OF $3,958,651
Gabe Kapler 2000 Texas Rangers OF $3,334,510
Juan Pierre 2000 Colorado Rockies OF $1,378,762
Geraldo Guzman 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks SP $986,979
Travis Lee 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks 1B $1,063,707
Jose Vizcaino 2000 Los Angeles Dodgers 2B $1,240,681
Alfonso Soriano 2000 New York Yankees 3B $200,000
Jeremy Giambi 2000 Oakland Athletics OF $1,397,183
1B Julio Franco        
P Chris Hammond ('02)        
P Odalis Perez        
Montreal Wolves CLAIMED
Olympic Stadium (Montreal Expos: 1977-2004)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Pete Harnisch 2000 Cincinnati Reds SP $2,479,672
Ramon Martinez 2000 Boston Red Sox SP $2,168,338
Kevin Millwood 2000 Atlanta Braves SP $4,986,616
Shane Reynolds 2000 Houston Astros SP $2,276,393
Ismael Valdez 2000 Los Angeles Dodgers SP $1,551,672
Trevor Hoffman 2000 San Diego Padres RP $2,582,005
Johan Santana 2000 Minnesota Twins RP $1,206,847
Joe Slusarski 2000 Houston Astros RP $1,602,047
Greg Swindell 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks RP $2,044,913
Dave Veres 2000 St. Louis Cardinals RP $1,978,117
Turk Wendell 2000 New York Mets RP $2,275,700
Jeff Zimmerman 2000 Texas Rangers RP $1,154,917
Bill Haselman 2000 Texas Rangers C $1,340,970
Ramon Hernandez 2000 Oakland Athletics C $2,473,442
Mike Sweeney 2000 Kansas City Royals 1B $6,041,801
Homer Bush 2000 Toronto Blue Jays 2B $1,903,348
Craig Grebeck 2000 Toronto Blue Jays 2B $1,580,236
Aramis Ramirez 2000 Pittsburgh Pirates 3B $1,128,896
Fernando Tatis 2000 St. Louis Cardinals 3B $2,355,940
Omar Vizquel 2000 Cleveland Indians SS $4,513,395
Frank Thomas 2000 Chicago White Sox DH $8,272,587
Roger Cedeno 2000 Houston Astros OF $1,923,782
Ron Gant 2000 Philadelphia Phillies OF $3,080,078
Kenny Lofton 2000 Cleveland Indians OF $5,265,437
Raul Mondesi 2000 Toronto Blue Jays OF $2,783,673
Jason Schmidt 2000 Pittsburgh Pirates SP $981,420
David Dellucci 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks OF $236,750
Pittsburgh Pirates
Three Rivers Stadium (Pittsburgh Pirates: 1970-2000)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Brian Bohanon 2000 Colorado Rockies SP $3,694,939
Chuck Finley 2000 Cleveland Indians SP $4,930,872
Brian Meadows 2000 San Diego Padres SP $3,111,847
Rick Reed 2000 New York Mets SP $4,027,996
Jeff Suppan 2000 Kansas City Royals SP $3,797,287
Mark Guthrie 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays RP $1,465,714
Billy Koch 2000 Toronto Blue Jays RP $2,063,936
Vladimir Nunez 2000 Florida Marlins RP $826,548
Vicente Padilla 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks RP $1,437,132
Julian Tavarez 2000 Colorado Rockies RP $2,389,339
Gary Bennett 2000 Philadelphia Phillies C $869,360
Henry Blanco 2000 Milwaukee Brewers C $2,738,463
Eli Marrero 2000 St. Louis Cardinals C $1,269,323
Brian Schneider 2000 Montreal Expos C $507,854
Jose Hernandez 2000 Milwaukee Brewers 3B $2,658,577
Robin Ventura 2000 New York Mets 3B $3,751,989
Alex Gonzalez 2000 Florida Marlins SS $1,596,433
Mark Loretta 2000 Milwaukee Brewers SS $2,683,660
Ramon E. Martinez 2000 San Francisco Giants SS $1,280,847
Tony Womack 2000 Arizona Diamondbacks SS $3,678,963
Wil Cordero 2000 Pittsburgh Pirates OF $2,246,855
Darin Erstad 2000 Anaheim Angels OF $9,252,582
Cliff Floyd 2000 Florida Marlins OF $3,471,929
Tom Goodwin 2000 Los Angeles Dodgers OF $4,683,975
Gerald Williams 2000 Tampa Bay Devil Rays OF $4,961,446
Heathcliff Slocumb 2000 St. Louis Cardinals RP $1,188,586
P Tom Gordon        
11/27/2013 5:06 PM (edited)

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