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This Thread will post the Available Rookies & Cuts (and prior year Undrafted) players for the 2009 Draft.

"Rules for determining draft order:

The draft order is determined by first generating the order for the first round. That order is based generally on each team's regular season record, with the exception of the two Super Bowl contestants, who are placed at the end of the draft order. Tiebreakers and specifics are as follows:

1. The winners of the Super Bowl are given the last selection and the losers the second to last selection.

2. Teams that made the playoffs are then ordered by how they performed in the playoffs. The conference championship losers receive the third and fourth to last selections. Next are the four teams who lost in the divisional round, followed by the four teams who lost in the wild card round. Each team is ordered within this primary order by their regular-season record.

3. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record.

4. Remaining ties are broken by strength of schedule. For draft order, a lower strength of schedule results in an earlier pick. If strength of schedule does not resolve a tie, division and/or conference tiebreakers may be used. If the tie still cannot be broker, a coin toss is used to determine draft order. (Note: Strength of schedule is the combined records of the team's 16 opponents, including games played against the team in question, and counting divisional opponents twice. Because of this, each team's opponents' combined wins and losses - counting a tie as a half-win, half-loss - will add up to 256, so a team whose opponents had more combined wins has a better strength of schedule.)"
11/28/2013 2:30 PM
Franchises (8):

F Atlanta Falcons
F Carolina Panthers
F Cleveland Browns
F Denver Broncos
F Houston Texans
F Jacksonville Jaguars
F Minnesota Vikings
F New Orleans Saints
11/28/2013 2:31 PM

Defenses (12):

D Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $23,532,000
D Atlanta Falcons NFL Cut $21,074,000
D Cleveland Browns NFL Cut $17,026,000
D Detroit Lions NFL Cut $11,850,000
D Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Cut $17,324,000
D Kansas City Chiefs NFL Cut $15,717,000
D Minnesota Vikings NFL Cut $23,951,000
D New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $22,787,000
D Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $17,147,000
D St. Louis Rams NFL Cut $14,247,000
D Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Cut $17,668,000
D Tennessee Titans NFL Cut $18,524,000 

2/8/2014 10:02 PM (edited)

Offensive Lines (11):

OL Chicago Bears NFL Cut $3,534,250
OL Cincinnati Bengals NFL Cut $4,041,500
OL Cleveland Browns NFL Cut $3,662,250
OL Detroit Lions NFL Cut $2,902,500
OL Kansas City Chiefs NFL Cut $3,351,250
OL Minnesota Vikings NFL Cut $4,253,000
OL Oakland Raiders NFL Cut $2,816,000
OL Pittsburgh Steelers NFL Cut $3,401,250
OL San Diego Chargers NFL Cut $3,988,500
OL Seattle Seahawks NFL Cut $3,298,500
OL St. Louis Rams NFL Cut $3,277,750 

2/8/2014 11:18 AM (edited)

Special Teams (11):

ST Arizona Cardinals NFL Cut $3,400,000
ST Carolina Panthers NFL Cut $2,149,000
ST Denver Broncos NFL Cut $3,019,000
ST Detroit Lions NFL Cut $2,992,000
ST Green Bay Packers NFL Cut $2,833,000
ST Indianapolis Colts NFL Cut $2,590,000
ST Kansas City Chiefs NFL Cut $2,938,000
ST Miami Dolphins NFL Cut $3,403,000
ST New Orleans Saints NFL Cut $2,380,000
ST New York Giants NFL Cut $3,352,000
ST Oakland Raiders  NFL Cut $1,639,000
ST San Diego Chargers NFL Cut $2,935,000 

2/5/2014 11:28 PM (edited)

Rookies (10):

QB Freeman, Josh Kansas State $1,909,569
QB Henne, Chad Michigan $4,497,590
QB Hoyer, Brian Michigan State $325,000
QB Johnson, Josh San Diego $325,000
QB Null, Keith West Texas A&M $702,013
QB Quinn, Brady Notre Dame $1,272,175
QB Sanchez, Mark USC $1,891,324
QB Stafford, Matthew Georgia $3,213,527
QB Stanton, Drew Michigan State $325,000
QB White, Pat West Virginia $325,000
2/6/2014 7:46 PM (edited)

Cuts & Undrafteds (6):

QB Brunell, Mark NFL Cut $325,000
QB Carr, David NFL Cut $325,000
QB Collins, Todd NFL Cut $325,000
QB Gradkowski, Bruce NFL Cut $1,160,749
QB Redman, Chris NFL Cut $933,395
QB Volek, Billy NFL Cut $325,000 

2/8/2014 9:37 PM (edited)
Running Backs:

Rookies (27):

RB Bell, Kahlil UCLA $1,174,224
RB Brown, Donald Connecticut $1,666,621
RB Brown, Aaron TCU $1,082,537
RB Castille, Tim Alabama $589,434
RB Coffee, Glen Alabama $1,291,981
RB Cox, Mike Georgia Tech $589,541
RB Forsett, Justin California $3,972,929
RB Foster, Arian Tennessee $1,510,621
RB Ganther, Quinton Utah $1,216,229
RB Goodson, Mike Texas A&M $454,996
RB Greene, Shonn Iowa $2,357,280
RB Hamilton, Lynell San Diego State $848,736
RB Hart, Mike Michigan $633,807
RB Hilliard, Lex Montana $1,192,999
RB Jennings, Chris Arizona $1,262,739
RB Jennings, Rashad Liberty $1,518,409
RB Lawton, Luke McNeese State $501,865
RB Mason, Marcus Youngstown State $903,091
RB McCoy, LeSean Pittsburgh $3,709,399
RB Moreno, Knowshon Georgia   $4,320,277
RB Rankin, Louis Washington $554,356
RB Savage, Dantrell Oklahoma State $642,314
RB Scott, Bernard Abilene Christian $1,628,373
RB Snelling, Jason Virginia $3,455,379
RB Stephens-Howling, LaRod Pittsburgh $635,110
RB Sutton, Tyrell Northwestern $731,251
RB Wells, Chris Ohio State $3,634,872

2/7/2014 9:08 AM (edited)
Running Backs:

Cuts & Undrafteds (9):

RB Bennett, Michael NFL Cut $674,204
RB Cartwright, Rock NFL Cut $1,898,915
RB Evans, Heath NFL Cut $634,184
RB Green, Ahman NFL Cut $914,925
RB Hall, Ahmard NFL Cut $686,507
RB Russell, Gary NFL Cut $635,963
RB Sellers, Mike NFL Cut $865,554
RB Tahi, Naufahu NFL Cut $580,765
RB Wright, Jason NFL Cut $619,084 

2/7/2014 9:08 AM (edited)
Wide Receivers:

Rookies (38):

WR Amendola, Danny Texas Tech $1,190,271
WR Britt, Kenny Rutgers $1,621,247
WR Butler, Deon Penn State $511,218
WR Clowney, David Virginia Tech $485,447
WR Collie, Austin BYU $1,705,190
WR Cosby, Quan Texas    $325,000
WR Crabtree, Michael Texas Tech $1,344,286
WR Dillard, Jarett Rice $325,000
WR Edelman, Julian Kent State $1,046,675
WR Edison, Dominique Samuel F. Austin $325,000
WR Gibson, Brandon Washington State $971,715
WR Grisham, Tyler Clemson $325,000
WR Hartline, Brian Ohio State $1,191,451
WR Harvin, Percy Florida $1,748,103
WR Heyward-Bey, Darrius Maryland $325,000
WR Hughes, Nate Alcorn State $325,000
WR Johnson, Jaymar Jackson State $325,000
WR Knox, Johnny Abilene Christian $1,414,940
WR Lawrence, Quinten McNeese State $325,000
WR Long, Lance Mississippi State $609,637
WR Maclin, Jeremy Missouri $1,702,684
WR Martin, Charly West Texas A&M $325,000
WR Massaquoi, Mohamed Georgia $1,350,650
WR McKinley, Kenny South Carolina $325,000
WR Mitchell, Marko Nevada-Reno $325,000
WR Moore, Kenneth Wake Forest $325,000
WR Murphy, Louis Florida $1,252,288
WR Nicks, Hakeem North Carolina $1,626,435
WR Ogletree, Kevin Virginia    $325,000
WR Purify, Maurice Nebraska $325,000
WR Reynaud, Darius West Virginia $325,000
WR Robiskie, Brian Ohio State $325,000
WR Stroughter, Sammie Oregon State $1,002,624
WR Swain, Brett San Diego State $325,000
WR Thomas, Mike Arizona $1,323,677
WR Wallace, Mike Mississippi $1,594,380
WR Williams, Derrick Penn State $325,000
WR Woodhead, Danny Chadron State $325,000

2/8/2014 11:21 AM (edited)
Wide Receivers:

Cuts & Undrafteds (36):

WR Aromashodu, Devin Auburn $836,019
WR Baskett, Hank NFL Cut $325,000
WR Battle, Arnaz NFL Cut $325,000
WR Booker, Marty NFL Cut $531,125
WR Brown, Reggie NFL Cut $347,128
WR Bruce, Isaac NFL Cut $732,606
WR Clark, Brian North Carolina State $325,000
WR Clayton, Mark NFL Cut $1,231,118
WR Copper, Terrance NFL Cut $325,000
WR Davis, Andre' NFL Cut $325,000
WR Engram, Bobby NFL Cut $325,000
WR Figurs, Yamon NFL Cut $325,000
WR Finneran, Brian NFL Cut $358,000
WR Hawkins, Lavelle California  $325,000
WR Hill, Jason NFL Cut $325,000
WR Hurd, Sam NFL Cut $325,000
WR Jenkins, Justin Mississippi State $325,000
WR Jones, Brandon NFL Cut $325,000
WR Kelly, Malcolm Oklahoma $905,683
WR Kent, Jordan Oregon $325,000
WR Martinez, Glenn NFL Cut $325,000
WR McDonald, Shaun NFL Cut $325,000
WR Morey, Sean NFL Cut $325,000
WR Moss, Sinorice NFL Cut $325,000
WR Osgood, Kassim NFL Cut $325,000
WR Roby, Courtney NFL Cut $325,000
WR Slater, Matthew UCLA $325,000
WR Smith, Brad NFL Cut $325,000
WR Spurlock, Micheal NFL Cut $325,000
WR Stanback, Isaiah Washington $325,000
WR Sweed, Limas Texas $325,000
WR Tyree, David NFL Cut $325,000
WR Watkins, Todd BYU $325,000
WR Weems, Eric Bethune-Cookman  $325,000
WR Williams, Demetrius NFL Cut $325,000
WR Wright, Wallace North Carolina  $325,000 

2/8/2014 9:40 PM (edited)
Tight Ends:

Rookies (21):

TE Beckum, Travis Wisconsin $325,000
TE Casey, James Rice $325,000
TE Cook, Jared South Carolina $325,000
TE Havner, Spencer UCLA $325,000
TE Hill, Anthony North Carolina State $325,000
TE Johnson, David Arkansas State $325,000
TE Miller, Zach Nebraska-Omaha $666,752
TE Moore, Evan Stanford $420,938
TE Mulligan, Matthew Maine $325,000
TE Myers, Brandon Iowa $325,000
TE Nelson, Shawn Southern Mississippi $546,338
TE Nordin, Jake Northern Illinois $325,000
TE O'Connell, Jake Miami (OH) $325,000
TE Pascoe, Bear Fresno State $325,000
TE Pettigrew, Brandon Oklahoma State $991,566
TE Phillips, John Virginia $325,000
TE Quinn, Richard North Carolina    $325,000
TE Sperry, Kory Colorado State $325,000
TE Stupar, Jonathan Virginia $325,000
TE Wilford, Ernest Virginia Tech $367,873
TE Zinger, Keith LSU $325,000

2/8/2014 9:42 PM (edited)
Tight Ends:

Cuts & Undrafteds (27):

TE Barnidge, Gary Louisville $494,635
TE Dearth, James NFL Cut $325,000
TE Dinkins, Darnell NFL Cut $325,000
TE Estandia, Greg NFL Cut $325,000
TE Fine, Derek Kansas $325,000
TE Foschi, John Paul NFL Cut $850,540
TE Harris, Clark Rutgers $325,000
TE Hartsock, Ben NFL Cut $325,000
TE Heiden, Steve NFL Cut $325,000
TE Jennings, Brian NFL Cut $325,000
TE Johnson, Darcy Central Florida  $325,000
TE Jones, Edgar Southeast Missouri State $325,000
TE Leach, Mike William & Mary $325,000
TE Matthews, Michael Georgia Tech $325,000
TE Owens, John Notre Dame  $325,000
TE Peelle, Justin NFL Cut $375,238
TE Royal, Robert NFL Cut $370,974
TE Ryan, Sean NFL Cut $452,681
TE Snow, Justin Baylor $325,000
TE Spach, Stephen Fresno State $325,000
TE Spaeth, Matt NFL Cut $325,000
TE St. Louis, Brad SW Missouri State $325,000
TE Stevens, Craig NFL Cut $325,000
TE Stevens, Jerramy NFL Cut $466,956
TE Stewart, Tony NFL Cut $325,000
TE Wilson, Kris NFL Cut $325,000
TE Zelenka, Joe Wake Forest  $325,000 

2/7/2014 9:10 AM (edited)

Rookies (0):

12/15/2013 4:02 PM (edited)

Cuts & Undrafteds (13):

K Brown, Kris NFL Cut $1,969,074
K Carney, John NFL Cut $2,646,858
K Crosby, Mason NFL Cut $2,945,574
K Cundiff, Billy NFL Cut $3,035,040
K Dawson, Phil NFL Cut $3,474,000
K Folk, Nick Arizona   $2,407,290
K Gostkowski, Stephen Memphis  $3,383,790
K Hartley, Garrett Oklahoma $2,248,818
K Hauschka, Steven North Carolina State $2,716,608
K Nugent, Mike NFL Cut $1,988,790
K Prater, Matt Central Florida $3,244,290
K Suisham, Shaun NFL Cut $2,716,608
K Tynes, Lawrence NFL Cut $2,895,540 

2/4/2014 1:00 PM (edited)
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