Need three for the 2009 Team Icon Regressive Topic

We need owners for the Mets, Diamondbacks and Rangers for the 2009 Team Icon Regressive. The rules for drafting are below:

Specific League Rules:

Keeper Rules - All players that fall in to the 3 keeper categories below will be forced on their respected franchise. They can not be traded or cut.

CAREER KEEPERS - Any player who has played his entire career for one team (or entire WiS career) will belong to that team. If a player has played for several teams but has only racked up 50 AB or 25 IP in a season for one team he will also belong to the team for which he played the bulk of his career. So if Player A plays four full seasons for the Dodgers, then goes to the Cubs where he only nets 30 ABs and is traded to the Mets where he gets another 30 he will be still be considered a Dodgers Career Keeper.

TEAM ICONS - Any player whose first ten (or last ten) or more eligible WIS seasons are with the same team, and who has had no more than 3 WIS seasons with other teams (including expansion teams) will be designated a Team Icon and belong to the team whom he played 10 years for.
-Any player who racked up more than 25 IP/50 AB with a single active franchise, regardless of seasons with a defunct franchise (or other franchises in which they did not have a total of 25 IP/50 AB) will be the property of the active franchise.

- Any Team Icon being may be placed on IR any season he did not play for your franchise.

- Any player who played every game for an expansion/defunct team or has fewer than 25 IP/50 AB with a single active team will not be eligible to be drafted by any team.


*Every other player who does not fall in to one of these rules will be eligible to be drafted by any team he appeared in 1 game for (any team that shows up on his B-R page at the time of the draft).

The defunct teams are Royals, Rockies, Padres, Marlins, Blue Jays, & White Sox
12/1/2013 12:36 PM
2009 Texas Rangers

C Mike Napoli (LAA, TEX, BOS)
C Rod Barajas (ARI, TEX, LAD, NYM, PIT, PHI)
1B Carlos Pena (TBR, DET, KCR, TEX, CHC, HOu, BOS, OAK)
1B Fernando Tatis (NYM, WSN, STL, TEX, BAL)
2B Ian Kinsler RANGERS CK
3B Michael Young RANGERS TI
SS Elvis Andrus RANGERS CK
OF Josh Hamilton (TEX, LAA, CIN)
OF David Murphy (TEX, BOS)
OF Andruw Jones (ATL, NYY, TEX, LAD)
OF Julio Borbon (TEX, CHC)
OF Marcus Thames (DET, NYY, LAD, TEX)

P Cliff Lee (CLE, PHI, TEX, SEA)
P R.A. Dickey (TEX, NYM, MIN, SEA)
P Scott Feldman (TEX, CHC, BAL)
P Matt Harrison RANGERS CK
P Derrick Holland RANGERS CK
P Koji Uehara (BAL, TEX, BOS)
P Darren Oliver (TEX, LAA, STL, NYM, BOS, HOU)
P Rob Tejada (TEX, PHI)
P Frank Francisco (TEX, NYM)

C Max Ramirez RANGERS CK
P Neftali Felix RANGERS CK
P Doug Mathis RANGERS CK

Luis Mendoza RANGERS TI (Until '08)

The Rangers pick 4th in the 2009 Retiree Draft and have the following players to pick from. They did trade their 2nd Round pick away last year.
1B Ryan Garko (CLE, TEX, SFG)
2B Matt Kata (ARI, TEX, PIT, PHI, HOU)
SS Luis Hernandez (BAL, KCR, NYM, TEX)
SS Ramon Vazquez (TEX, CLE, PIT, BOS, SEA)
OF Frank Catalanotto (TEX, DET, NYM, MIL)
OF Craig Monroe (DET, MIN, PIT, TEX, CHC)
DH David Dellucci (ARI, CLE, TEX, PHI, NYY, BAL)
P Adam Eaton (PHI, TEX, BAL)
P Eddie Guardado (MIN, SEA, TEX, CIN)
P Jason Jennings (TEX, HOU)
P Sidney Ponson (BAL, NYY, MIN, SFG, STL, TEX)
P Brian Shouse (TEX, MIL, TBR, PIT, BOS)
P Brett Tomko (CIN, SFG, LAD, SEA, STL, OAK, TEX, NYY)
12/1/2013 12:43 PM (edited)
2009 Arizona Diamondbacks

C Chris Snyder (ARI, PIT, BAL)
2B Orlando Hudson (ARI, MIN, LAD)
3B Alberto Callaspo (LAA, ARI, OAK)
SS Stephen Drew (ARI, BOS, OAK)
SS Craig Counsell (ARI, MIL, LAD)
OF Justin Upton (ARI, ATL)
OF Jason Kubel (MIN, ARI, CLE)
OF Chris B. Young (ARI, OAK)
OF Ryan Church (WSN, NYM, ARI, PIT, ATL)

P Danny Haren (ARI, LAA, OAK, STL, WSN)
P Joe Saunders (LAA, ARI, SEA, BAL)
P Dontrelle Willis (DET, ARI, CIN)
P J.J. Putz (SEA, ARI, NYM)
P Jose Valverde (ARI, DET, HOU)
P David Hernandez (ARI, BAL)
P Brad Ziegler (OAK, ARI)
P Aaron Heilman (NYM, ARI, CHC)

P Juan Cruz (ARI, CHC, TBR, PIT, ATL, OAK)


P Ian Kennedy (ARI, NYY) IR until '08
3B Sean Burroughs (MIN, ARI, TBR) IR until '05
OF Wily Mo Pena (CIN, WSN, BOS, ARI, SEA) IR until '08

The Diamondbacks pick 18th in the 2009 Retiree Draft and have the following players to choose from:
C Chad Moeller (ARI, MIL, NYY, MIN, LAD, CIN, BAL)
1B Tony Clark (DET, ARI, NYM, BOS, NYY)
2B Matt Kata (ARI, TEX, PIT, PHI, HOU)
SS Chris Burke (HOU, ARI)
OF Eric Byrnes (OAK, ARI, SEA, BAL)
DH David Dellucci (ARI, CLE, TEX, PHI, NYY, BAL)
P Brian Bruney (NYY, ARI, WSN)
P Daniel Cabrera (BAL, ARI, WSN)
P Mike Gosling (ARI, CIN, CLE)
P Mike Hampton (HOU, ATL, ARI, NYM, SEA)
P Matt Herges (SFG, LAD, ARI, CLE, WSN)
P Randy Johnson (SEA, ARI, WSN, NYY, SFG, HOU)
P Brandon Medders (ARI, SFG)
P Russ Ortiz (SFG, ARI, ATL, LAD, HOU, BAL)
P Russ Springer (HOU, ARI, STL, LAA, ATL, PHI, TBR, OAK, CIN, NYY)
P Claudio Vargas (WSN, MIL, ARI, LAD, NYM)
12/1/2013 12:47 PM (edited)
2009 New York Mets

C Ramon Castro METS TI
C Rob Johnson (SEA, NYM, STL)
1B Mike Jacobs METS TI (IR)
1B Daniel Murphy METS CK
2B Kaz Matsui (NYM, HOU)
3B David Wright METS CK
SS Jose Reyes METS TI
OF Jason Bay (PIT, NYM, BOS, SEA)
OF Gary Matthews Jr. (TEX, LAA, NYM, CHC, BAL, PIT)
OF Lasting Milledge (NYM, WSN, PIT)

P Mike Pelfrey (NYM, MIN)
P Livan Hernandez (SFG, WSN, ARI, MIN, NYM, ATL, MIL)
P Francisco Rodriguez (LAA, NYM, MIL)
P Heath Bell (NYM, ARI)
P Octavio Dotel (NYM, HOU, OAK, NYY, KCR, ATL, PIT, LAD, STL, DET)
P Jon Rauch (WSH, ARI, MIN, NYM)
P Guillermo Mota (LAD, SFG, WSH, NYM, CLE, MIL)
P Pedro Feliciano METS CK
P Bobby Parnell METS CK
P Billy Wagner (HOU, NYM, PHI, ATL, BOS)
P Tyler Walker (SFG, TBR, NYM, WSN, PHI)

C Omir Santos METS CK
C Josh Thole METS TI
1B Carlos Delgado METS TI
1B Nick Evans METS CK
P Lance Broadway METS TI
P Ken Takahashi METS CK
P Jonathon Niese METS CK

P Chris Capuano (MIL, LAD, ARI, NYM) IR until '07
P Jason Isringhausen (NYM, OAK, STL, TBR, LAA) IR until '08
P Taylor Buchholz (NYM, HOU) IR until '08

The Mets pick 5th in the 2009 Retiree Draft and have an incredibly strong draft class on top of getting Carlos Delgado for free (since the Blue Jays are not in the league.) They can pick from the following players:

1B Tony Clark (DET, ARI, NYM, BOS, NYY)
3B Chris Woodward (NYM, SEA, ATL, BOS)
SS Luis Hernandez (BAL, KCR, NYM, TEX)
OF Frank Catalanotto (TEX, DET, NYM, MIL)
OF Jeremy Reed (SEA, NYM, MIL)
OF Gary Sheffield (LAD, MIL, NYY, ATL, DET, NYM)
P Paul Byrd (PHI, ATL, CLE, NYM, BOS, LAA)
P Sean Green (SEA, NYM, MIL)
P Mike Hampton (HOU, ATL, ARI, NYM, SEA)
P Branden Looper (STL, NYM, MIL)
P Pedro Martinez (BOS, NYM, WSN, LAD, PHI)
P Tim Redding (HOU, WSN, NYM, NYY)
P Brian Stokes (NYM, TBR, LAA)
P Claudio Vargas (WSN, MIL, ARI, LAD, NYM)
P David Weathers (CIN, MIL, NYM, NYY, CLE, CHC, HOU)
12/1/2013 12:50 PM (edited)
No takers? All of the teams have pretty solid draft classes, the Mets have by far the deepest draft class in the league (and Carlos Delgado for free.)
12/10/2013 12:20 PM
I am not sure if I understand. The keepers listed only have to be kept if they have the IT or Ck listed next to there name?
Otherwise you don't have to keep them? The draft picks can only be from the pool listed below your team? So the only players that can
be taken from your pool players on those that appear on two or more teams and then become available to a few teams when there pick arises?
12/10/2013 5:53 PM
Yes, you can only draft players who played for your team at some point. Any player who played only for your team you get them automatically (and have to keep them.)
12/10/2013 7:40 PM
I'll take a 3rd team to keep this league going
12/13/2013 7:57 AM
12/22/2013 5:47 PM
This is a great league, I'd love to see it keep going
1/7/2014 3:48 PM
I concur.
1/13/2014 6:17 PM
If anyone has any interest in playing this league but using one of the defunct teams there is a process we developed for moving franchises. I really would hate to see this league fold.
1/23/2014 10:44 AM
I'll take the Mets!
2/21/2014 2:12 PM
Awesome!! Welcome aboard!! Now we just need two teams and we're ready to go. C'mon in guys, it's a great league.
2/21/2014 2:47 PM
Two more to go. Anyone interested?
3/13/2014 11:12 PM
Need three for the 2009 Team Icon Regressive Topic

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