12/2/2013 8:34 PM (edited)
Team #1

This roster is from the previous season, keepers still need to be done.  They will pick 15th in the upcoming draft.  This team features some very good players, Catfish Hunter, Bill Terry, Charlie Gehringer and should be competitive for many seasons to come.

St Louis Bootleggers (owner: ???????)
Sportsman's Park (III) (St. Louis Cardinals: 1920-1966)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Mike Cuellar 1973 Baltimore Orioles SP $5,580,781
Larry French 1933 Pittsburgh Pirates SP $7,528,821
Catfish Hunter 1973 Oakland Athletics SP $6,013,615
Claude Osteen 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers SP $5,265,037
Wilbur Wood 1973 Chicago White Sox SP $7,876,514
Benny Frey 1933 Cincinnati Reds RP $2,856,619
Ramon Hernandez 1973 Pittsburgh Pirates RP $2,661,217
Paul Lindblad 1973 Oakland Athletics RP $1,160,603
Leo Mangum 1933 Boston Braves RP $1,883,102
Gus Mancuso 1933 New York Giants C $3,386,196
Jimmie Wilson 1933 St. Louis Cardinals C $2,425,008
Bill Terry 1933 New York Giants 1B $4,762,058
Joe Torre 1973 St. Louis Cardinals 1B $3,435,658
Charlie Gehringer 1933 Detroit Tigers 2B $6,629,649
Lee Lacy 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers 2B $499,666
Cookie Rojas 1973 Kansas City Royals 2B $3,743,585
Brooks Robinson 1973 Baltimore Orioles 3B $4,852,958
Dick Bartell 1933 Philadelphia Phillies SS $4,600,559
Ron Blomberg 1973 New York Yankees DH $2,498,445
Willie Davis 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers OF $5,168,961
Debs Garms 1933 St. Louis Browns OF $1,708,749
Willie Horton 1973 Detroit Tigers OF $3,077,622
Greg Luzinski 1973 Philadelphia Phillies OF $4,357,396
Lefty O'Doul 1933 Brooklyn Dodgers OF $2,847,411
Ernie Orsatti 1933 St. Louis Cardinals OF $4,173,792
Active Roster Total Salary: $98,994,022
12/12/2013 7:55 PM (edited)
Team #2-TAKEN

This roster is from the previous season, so keepers still need to be submitted.  Minooka will select 4th in the 1st round and 3rd in all others.  This team is in a little bit of a rebuilding mode, but has a lot of very good pieces including Steve Carlton, Fergie Jenkins, Goose Gossage, and Dutch Leonard.  They just need some bats and they should be a tough competitor going forward. 

Minooka Dead Rabbits (owner: )
Shea Stadium (New York Mets: 1964-2008)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Tom Bradley 1973 San Francisco Giants SP $5,115,526
Steve Carlton 1973 Philadelphia Phillies SP $6,157,791
Fergie Jenkins 1973 Chicago Cubs SP $5,977,926
Mike Torrez 1973 Montreal Expos SP $3,850,077
Bill Walker 1933 St. Louis Cardinals SP $2,934,926
Ray Corbin 1973 Minnesota Twins RP $3,972,818
Terry Forster 1973 Chicago White Sox RP $3,838,005
Rich Gossage 1973 Chicago White Sox RP $454,330
Tom House 1973 Atlanta Braves RP $1,127,967
Dave Laroche 1973 Chicago Cubs RP $780,715
Dutch Leonard 1933 Brooklyn Dodgers RP $1,012,758
Ray Fosse 1973 Oakland Athletics C $3,719,022
Tom Padden 1933 Pittsburgh Pirates C $977,450
Dale Alexander 1933 Boston Red Sox 1B $1,945,044
Danny Cater 1973 Boston Red Sox 1B $1,087,211
Jack Brohamer 1973 Cleveland Indians 2B $1,424,562
Horace Clarke 1973 New York Yankees 2B $4,207,767
Sparky Adams 1933 Cincinnati Reds 3B $3,610,018
Tim Foli 1973 Montreal Expos SS $2,741,459
Frank White 1973 Kansas City Royals SS $539,419
Ethan Allen 1933 St. Louis Cardinals OF $1,820,570
Bobby Bonds 1973 San Francisco Giants OF $6,420,530
Frank Demaree 1933 Chicago Cubs OF $3,399,421
Gee Walker 1933 Detroit Tigers OF $2,953,133
Sam West 1933 St. Louis Browns OF $5,676,199
Active Roster Total Salary: $75,744,644

12/5/2013 3:40 PM
I will take team #2
12/5/2013 6:48 PM
Posted by SpotSell on 12/5/2013 3:40:00 PM (view original):
I will take team #2
Team is all yours
12/12/2013 8:02 PM (edited)
Team #3  This roster in from the previous season, keepers still need to be done.  This team feature HOFers Bill Dickey and Tony Lazzeri, and all star pitcher Charlie Hough.  They own the 2nd overall pick in the 1st round, and select 4th in all other rounds.

Baltimore Yellowstockings 33/73 (???????)
Memorial Stadium (Baltimore Orioles: 1954-1991)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Guy Bush 1933 Chicago Cubs SP $6,268,180
Reggie Cleveland 1973 St. Louis Cardinals SP $6,130,176
Bruce Kison 1973 Pittsburgh Pirates SP $756,635
Bill Lee 1973 Boston Red Sox SP $6,609,461
Roger Nelson 1973 Cincinnati Reds SP $1,015,621
Jerry Reuss 1973 Houston Astros SP $6,156,424
Earl Whitehill 1933 Washington Senators SP $7,088,593
Lloyd Brown 1933 Boston Red Sox RP $4,805,553
Rich Folkers 1973 St. Louis Cardinals RP $1,564,344
Charlie Hough 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers RP $1,794,384
Darold Knowles 1973 Oakland Athletics RP $2,078,100
Doug Rau 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers RP $1,168,877
Bill Dickey 1933 New York Yankees C $5,336,490
Bob Stinson 1973 Montreal Expos C $797,010
Sam Leslie 1933 Brooklyn Dodgers 1B $3,410,833
Stan Hack 1933 Chicago Cubs 2B $737,964
Tony Lazzeri 1933 New York Yankees 2B $4,822,932
Don Money 1973 Milwaukee Brewers 3B $3,934,831
Joe Stripp 1933 Brooklyn Dodgers 3B $4,089,932
Larry Bowa 1973 Philadelphia Phillies SS $1,899,807
Paul Blair 1973 Baltimore Orioles OF $5,009,082
Goose Goslin 1933 Washington Senators OF $4,061,179
Ken Henderson 1973 Chicago White Sox OF $1,690,849
Bake McBride 1973 St. Louis Cardinals OF $441,091
Willie Stargell 1973 Pittsburgh Pirates OF $6,175,725
Active Roster Total Salary: $87,844,073
12/12/2013 8:05 PM
Team # 4  This is the roster from the previous season, keepers still need to be done.  This team picks 7th in all rounds of the draft.  The team features HOFer Carl Hubbell.

Comiskey Cheapskates (owner: ??????)
U.S. Cellular Field (Chicago White Sox: 2003-2013)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Steve Busby 1973 Kansas City Royals SP $4,663,007
Freddie Fitzsimmons 1933 New York Giants SP $6,239,706
Carl Hubbell 1933 New York Giants SP $11,325,185
Monte Pearson 1933 Cleveland Indians SP $4,397,062
Fritz Peterson 1973 New York Yankees SP $3,252,771
George Stone 1973 New York Mets SP $2,930,421
Don Hood 1973 Baltimore Orioles RP $776,154
Randy Moffitt 1973 San Francisco Giants RP $2,536,132
Roger Moret 1973 Boston Red Sox RP $3,249,751
Rollie Hemsley 1933 St. Louis Browns C $637,102
Earl Williams 1973 Baltimore Orioles C $4,183,832
Dick Allen 1973 Chicago White Sox 1B $2,892,940
Gary Thomasson 1973 San Francisco Giants 1B $1,398,099
Davey Lopes 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers 2B $5,234,325
Bob Bailey 1973 Montreal Expos 3B $4,610,043
Woody English 1933 Chicago Cubs 3B $2,560,137
Richie Hebner 1973 Pittsburgh Pirates 3B $3,624,682
Jimmy Jordan 1933 Brooklyn Dodgers SS $1,423,814
Bill Knickerbocker 1933 Cleveland Indians SS $1,263,801
Gordon Slade 1933 St. Louis Cardinals SS $200,000
Ron Fairly 1973 Montreal Expos OF $3,602,828
Ralph Garr 1973 Atlanta Braves OF $4,460,445
Chick Hafey 1933 Cincinnati Reds OF $5,481,378
Reggie Jackson 1973 Oakland Athletics OF $5,485,057
Ed Kirkpatrick 1973 Kansas City Royals OF $2,681,682
Active Roster Total Salary: $89,110,354
12/12/2013 8:09 PM
Team #5  

This is the roster from the previous season.  The team will select 23rd in all rounds, and has traded away their 2nd round pick in 34/74 and 1st in 35/75.
They have a really strong pitching staff including Bert Blyleven, Don Sutton, Hal Schumacher, and Wes Ferrell.

San Francisco Giants 33/73 (owner: ??????)
Candlestick Park (San Francisco Giants: 1960-1995)
Name Season Franchise Pos Salary
Bert Blyleven 1973 Minnesota Twins SP $9,554,774
Wes Ferrell 1933 Cleveland Indians SP $5,549,158
Roy Parmelee 1933 New York Giants SP $6,147,479
Ron Reed 1973 Atlanta Braves SP $2,206,603
Hal Schumacher 1933 New York Giants SP $8,236,498
Don Sutton 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers SP $8,549,300
Watty Clark 1933 Brooklyn Dodgers RP $811,248
Tom Hilgendorf 1973 Cleveland Indians RP $2,037,522
Bart Johnson 1973 Chicago White Sox RP $1,579,815
Horacio Pina 1973 Oakland Athletics RP $2,478,750
Pete Richert 1973 Los Angeles Dodgers RP $1,115,610
Eddie Watt 1973 Baltimore Orioles RP $1,594,699
Ernie Lombardi 1933 Cincinnati Reds C $2,447,544
Duke Sims 1973 New York Yankees C $2,437,224
George Scott 1973 Milwaukee Brewers 1B $5,311,332
Tony Cuccinello 1933 Brooklyn Dodgers 2B $3,100,339
Ted Sizemore 1973 St. Louis Cardinals 2B $4,858,911
Marv Owen 1933 Detroit Tigers 3B $3,297,709
Toby Harrah 1973 Texas Rangers SS $2,797,721
Dib Williams 1933 Philadelphia Athletics SS $2,792,399
Johnny Briggs 1973 Milwaukee Brewers OF $3,763,809
Jose Cruz 1973 St. Louis Cardinals OF $2,938,994
Gary Matthews 1973 San Francisco Giants OF $4,497,750
Billy North 1973 Oakland Athletics OF $5,507,331
Riggs Stephenson 1933 Chicago Cubs OF $3,416,124
Active Roster Total Salary: $97,028,643
12/13/2013 7:01 PM
Rob is a top notch, commish who got hammered with the whole marriottman disappearance act as he was managing two teams. I am taking on the GIANTS as that team and Baltimore were the teams affected by losing one owner.

Top notch league with advance notice on kepper due dates and draft starting times, come and join a great league!
12/14/2013 7:15 AM
We also lost a long time owner in big- dowg, comiskey team, so I will run this team unless someone wants the team, so essentially we need 2 .
12/15/2013 4:02 PM
I took a team last season and the commish does a great job.
12/15/2013 9:20 PM
I'll take the the bootleggers, if you'll have me
12/16/2013 4:11 AM
I am interested in the Yellowstockings but would like to know more about the rules.  Also, as a new owner could I possibly move the franchise?  At the very least I would have to be allowed to change the name from Yellowstockings.  
12/16/2013 6:57 AM
Magnum , team is all yours , I will access to the forum for both of you, team rules and history or in the 15/55 homepage any questions you sitemail me
12/16/2013 6:59 AM
Short of it is 40 game min wins at 120 for 4 team lottery , new owners are exempt in first season. No problem with moving to open stadiums
12/16/2013 8:34 AM
Thanks I'm ready to post keepers tonight
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