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I ran approximately 15 baseball theme leagues under another user name. This is far and away my favorite one. I've been trying for some time to adapt this concept to basketball, and I think I figured it out. This league combines elements of an auction league, a draft league, and a whitelist league. This will be a very involved process, but it will hopefully be very rewarding.

The Silent Auction
You will have 500 credits to bid on 12 different categories. These categories are distinct groups of different players. Draft order will be determined by the auction results, with the highest bid drafting first and so on (ties are broken via random number generator). You must bid in whole number amounts and you cannot bid the same amount on more than one category. Owners and and categories will be assigned randomly to the Eastern and Western Conferences, so we will be technically running 24 drafts concurrently, but owners will only be bidding on the 12 categories in their conference.

You might be wondering how will those categories will be determined.Upon signing up for the league, owners will nominate a category based on a searchable result in the WIS engine. Your nominated group must have a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 16. Some examples are Players from 2010-2011 to today with a defensive rating of 92+ (13 players) or players with at least 375 turnovers (13 players). But don't limit yourself. Use your imagination to come up with whatever categories you desire. 

When you choose a category, either explain how you found it in the search engine and provide the total number of players, or better yet, provide a link to your search 

A note on choosing categories: the best categories are ones that have a large variance in player quality. If your category contains all superstars or all duds, there will be no motivation to bid high for that category. I'm going to give myself final say on whether or not a category can be included in the league, but I will use this power sparingly, or hopefully not at all. Also be mindful of the previous categories selected when making your choices. If the last five owners chose guard-heavy categories, then you may not want to nominate a guard-heavy category yourself.

The Draft
Once the league has filled, I will assign owners to the eastern and western conference randomly via random sequence generator. Then I will randomly assign 12 categories to each conference. The drafts will be run over four days, with 3 categories for each conference run per day; the order of which will again be determined randomly. This means you may not end up in the same conference as your selected category, so don't pick a great category expecting that it will help you.

I understand that this is a complicated league, and as such I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has. But if you join, I guarantee it will be a lot of fun.

Cap - None
Stadium - your choice
Rookies, trades - no
12/5/2013 9:33 AM (edited)
Owner list:
1) Foghat

12/4/2013 8:40 PM
Since I envision this league being slow to fill, I am going to open the floor up for owners to take on two teams right away if they want to.
12/4/2013 8:41 PM
Silent Auction Draft League Topic

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