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Mordecai has wrapped up its 30th season, and will rolled over into its 31st on Wednesday, 12/11. This is a rare opportunity to join the oldest, always-private league in HBD. We normally only have 1-2 openings per season, and they are normally filled without even posting a classified (I have not posted one since... season 26 I think?). Having 4 openings this season is unusual, but I'm looking for a quick fill.

Following are the available teams

Fargo Blizzard (AL North)  - CLAIMED

Fargo has had the same owner for 22 seasons, but one who working his way out of HBD. This team is a perennial playoff contender and has a very reasonable committed payroll.

Nashville Raging Pacifists (AL South) - CLAIMED

Nashville's previous owner took over a losing team, and won the World Series with it just 2 seasons later. Unfortunately, that owner has lost interest in HBD, so this team is looking for another rebound. Also with low payroll, its ripe for a quick turnaround.

Anaheim Pitbulls (AL West) - CLAIMED

Anaheim has had the same owner for 15 seasons, and just posted its first winning season in almost as long. This looks like a team that has turned the corner.

Atlanta Redhawks (NL South)

Atlanta's former owner had been a member of the world 20 seasons, but due to school commitments, left HBD. A replacement was found early last season with expectation that he would return, but changed his mind. This team has a lot of solid players, but is getting older. Augment it with more pieces to become an immediate contender, or move valuable pieces for youth. Keep in mind that if you decide to rebuild, you WILL be expected to stay competitive!

As for the world itself: 

Mordecai is a great, low-key, competitive, yet friendly private league. No infighting, no drama, no traderaping... just a bunch of guys interested in competitive play. I know I sound like a hardass above, but this is only in the "find a new owner" phase. Once we get rolling, i chill out. :)

We average only 1-2 teams turning over each season, so you can count on world stability and guys with a real stake in their franchise's future. Almost 2/3 of the world has been here over 10 seasons, and some of our "newer" owners are our strongest. You won't find a more stable world..

While we don't have any hardcore membership rules, this is what I would like to see in a new owner: 

- I prefer an owner who doesn't have several other teams. You're a member of Mordecai, I want you to pay attention to this team. I find that owners of large numbers of teams are not as attentive. They aren't necessarily bad owners... they just aren't as attentive. In general, I tend to shy away from anyone who has 5 or more teams already. 

- A proven track record. I will look at your history. If you have a bunch of one-and-dones, or have a history of your teams getting worse rather than better, we're probably not a good fit. I pride myself on finding owners who will commit to long-term, competitive teams.

- I want someone who can show they know how to play the game without tanking to get there. I understand the need to rebuild, but don't plan on winning 40 games year on your way to "rebuilding". It IS possible to rebuild and be competitive at the same time.

- I like owners who are active in world chat. Contribute something to the world. 

- Owners should be willing to maintain their minor league system. I dont expect you to sign overpriced free agents to try and win in the minors... but I dont think its asking too much to sign your draft picks, maintain an un-fatigued pitching staff, promote appropriately to prevent tons of retirements, etc. 

- I have been known to consider HBD n00bs in the past, but you'll really need to impress me. A n00b sitemail with just "I'm interested" probably isn't going to get it done. 

Anyone who can meet (or exceed) these criteria will likely be a good fit for Mordecai.

If you are interested in joining our world, please sitemail me ASAP. Thanks.
12/13/2013 1:16 PM (edited)
New Orleans has been claimed. 
12/8/2013 8:08 PM
Rolling tomorrow and would like to have new owners lined up!     
12/10/2013 7:23 AM
Updated the original post to reflect the available teams. 
12/11/2013 12:34 PM
1 new owner has been recruited, but has not yet chosen a team. First come, first served on choosing teams.
12/11/2013 10:33 PM
Anaheim has been claimed. 3 teams left, with 1 more owner interested and has not yet decided which team he wants. 
12/12/2013 9:43 AM
Fargo has been claimed. Down to just 2 openings.
12/13/2013 8:12 AM
Just filled our second-to-last opening. He's deciding on his franchise right now... just one left. Get it while its hot!
12/13/2013 10:34 AM
One team left!
12/13/2013 1:16 PM
Just 1 team left... join today, and we're setting budgets tomorrow!     
12/14/2013 9:52 AM
Mordecai S31 - One Spot Left! Topic

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