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Clue #1: Perhaps the obvious clue is that it's interesting because it's probably not the first guy you'd guess. But clue #1a) is that this player is in the Hall of Fame.

Helton - 2000 - 323 - 32nd all-time
Rickey - 1980 - 301 - 134th all-time
Foxx - 1932 - 329 - 23rd all-time

12/9/2013 2:21 PM
Wade Boggs is correct!

In 1988, Boggs got on base 342 times. In 1985, he got on base 340 times.

He's easy to forget, but he was a monster!

12/9/2013 2:22 PM
For the record, I did NOT look it up.

My second guess would have been Pete Rose, but your clue 1a ("this player is in the Hall of Fame") would have shot that down.
12/9/2013 2:24 PM
Here is the follow-up question. Out of the top 41 Times On Base seasons, only 6 belong to non-left-handed batters. One of them is in there twice. Some have been mentioned in this thread so far. Can you name them? All post-1900. Only one of them is insanely hard.

Bonus: Which one is in there twice?

12/9/2013 2:25 PM
Clarification: 5 players, 6 seasons (because one is there twice).
12/9/2013 2:26 PM
Rose - 1969 - 311 - 84th all-time.

Career, of course, Rose is #1 with 5929 times on base. Bonds is #2 with 5599, and Cobb is #3 with 5532.

12/9/2013 2:28 PM
So we have Foxx, Jeter...

Frank Thomas? 
12/9/2013 2:34 PM
Foxx & Jeter correct of course.

Frank Thomas is very close, with 317 TOB in 1991, good for 47th all-time.

12/9/2013 2:40 PM
Joe Dimaggio?
12/9/2013 2:41 PM
Edgar Martinez?
12/9/2013 2:42 PM
Woody English? I'm not looking this up, just remember that Bill James mentioned something about 200 hits and 100 plus walks in a season.
12/9/2013 2:43 PM
how bout mike trout?
12/9/2013 2:45 PM
Dimaggio - 1937 - 284 - 355th all-time. Was even beaten by Dom in 1948, with 288.

Edgar - 1997 - 309 & Trout 2013 - 309 tied for 89th all-time.

Woody English was the insanely hard one. If you got that for reals, props to you.

In 1930, Woody English got on base 320 times, good for a tie for 38th all-time.

So we have Foxx, Jeter, and English. 2 more, and we haven't said who's on there twice. Let's get all of them first so it's not just random guessing as to who is twice.

12/9/2013 2:49 PM
Bagwell had some high AVG/OBP seasons.  I'd guess at least one was top-50.
12/9/2013 2:49 PM
English 1930 - 214 H, 100 BB and 6 HBP. But he had 755 PA's (17th all-time)! So a nice OBP of .430, but not a ridiculously high one.
12/9/2013 2:51 PM
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