Athleticism      66  Black 20 Minutes
Speed 17  Blue 20 Minutes
Rebounding 65  Black 7 Minutes
Defense 49  Blue 30 Minutes
Shot Blocking 64  REd 30 Minutes
Low-post 59  Black 21 Minutes
Perimeter 10  Blue 0 Minutes
Ball Handling 4  REd 0 Minutes
Passing 10  Blue 0 Minutes
Work Ethic 1    
Stamina 72  Black  20 Minutes
Durability 35  Blue  20 Minutes
FT Shooting C-  Blue  7 Minutes
12/12/2013 12:40 PM (edited)
after the first exhibition game, still an F in IQ.  Classmate with a 17 WE moved up to a D-.
12/12/2013 2:21 PM
I got a 1 WE player on my Utah Crum squad that just got booted in the NT.  Only 3 mpg in 9 games so take it for what it's worth.  IQ increased to C+ from F after 20 minutes in each.  He increased a total of 2 points in the season, in REB which I had him at 25 minutes all year, and he's blue in that category.

Granted, he didn't play much.  Though he may very well start for me next year, so that would be the bigger test.
12/13/2013 5:25 PM
After game 6 we gained our first point, in defense   Still a D- in IQ, and lost a point on PER and PASS.
12/16/2013 2:27 PM
After game 8, gained a point in durability (yeah!), lost another in passing, improved to a D in OFF/DEF.
12/17/2013 2:18 PM
Game 14

+1 Speed, DEF,DUR
-2 perimeter
-3 passing

12/21/2013 9:13 PM
After Game 26
Athleticism 66  
Speed 18
Rebounding 65  
Defense 51
Shot Blocking 64  
Low-post 60
Perimeter 7
Ball Handling 4  
Passing 6
Work Ethic 1  
Stamina 73
Durability 37  +2
12/28/2013 8:31 AM
IQ is C-/C-.

I was really hoping we could get the WE to 2 but it doen't look like that will happen.

24/26 starts
23.6 mpg

How much he loses in the off season is going to be key.   The next time I do this, I am going to use a guy with a WE more than 1 but less than 10.
12/28/2013 8:36 AM
I've had some semi-solid players with low WE but good cores. I do try to avoid the 1 WE guys, just because they lose more than they can hope to gain over the off-season. 5 and up seems to be about where I want my cut-off. They make some gains and sometimes raise the WE as much as 1 per season. It's not much, but it does seem to control the regression somewhat. Most important of all though, is that his cores must be playable AS IS, because gains are going to be small even when you can slow down or stop the back-sliding.
12/28/2013 3:09 PM
so that basically means WE of 1 is useless
12/28/2013 3:53 PM
Athleticism 66  Black
Speed 18
Blue 1
Rebounding 65  Black
Defense 51
Blue 2
Shot Blocking 64  red
Low-post 60
Black 1
Perimeter 7
Ball Handling 4  RED
Passing 5
Work Ethic 1  
Stamina 73
Durability 37
FT Shooting C-  BLUE
1/2/2014 11:40 AM
After FR. season.
1/2/2014 11:41 AM
Posted by yanks250125 on 12/28/2013 3:53:00 PM (view original):
so that basically means WE of 1 is useless
I don't know if they are useless.   This guy doesn't suck as is, I just don't know how much (if any) he'll get better.   I am very interested to see what happens in the off season and in the years to come.
1/2/2014 11:42 AM
I think of 4 and 5 star super low WE guys as good targets for B prestige schools.  Higher prestige level schools won't touch them and lower prestige schools can't recruit them.  Many times, you can sign them without reinforcing your recruiting efforts.
1/2/2014 2:02 PM
Off Season "Growth"

Athleticism 66  Black
Speed 18  Blue
Rebounding 65 Black 
Defense 50  Blue (-1 in off season growth, +1 overall)
Shot Blocking 64  red
Low-post 59  black (-1 in offseason growth, +0 overall)
Perimeter 7  blue
Ball Handling 4  red
Passing 5  blue
Work Ethic 1  
Stamina 68  (-5 in off season growth, -4 overall)
Durability 36   (-1 in off season growth, +1 overall)
FT Shooting C-   blue
1/7/2014 12:11 PM
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