Tier V – Kyle Sucks
12. US Merchant Marines             Previous Season: 9-18, 3-13
Coach: Kylew’s mom – She wants to punish Dgravs for spoiling her sons prized stallion.
Best Player: Should I do the whole Loszynski thing again?    Senior PG – Willis Milton, I feel bad for him.
Bold Statement: Nobody on this team will average double digit points or rebounds.
RPI Anchor! This team has one good player that may show up on an All Conference Team. Best thing you can watch with this team is maybe hoping they go 8-2 in non conference.
Conf Record (1-15)
Post Season Prediction: NONE

Tier IV – Best of the Worst?

11. St. Joseph’s                                 Previous Season: 13-14, 4-12
Coach: Nick Russell – Welcome! You have your work cut out for you.
Best Player:        Senior C – Emanuel Class, one of the only things worth looking at on the roster.
Bold Statement: Nick Russell would start for this team.
This team is just full of jokes. I can comment on the all gay school, even though I think HHH has kicked all of them out. I could comment on the fact that they still have that guy named Utterback and his best friend Wilfred who had a coming to Jesus moment and hasn’t been to a school associated event in 2 seasons. Seriously my scouts say he never shows up to practice. Coach Russell has a lot of work to do. He didn’t inherit a team like you know who… #wolframsbitch #lifeisover
Conf Record (3-13)
Post Season Prediction: NONE
10. Hilbert                                           Previous Season: 8-19, 2-14
Coach: Sim AI – Worst coach ever?
Best Player:        Senior C – Steven Lynch, wouldn’t see a minute on my team….
Bold Statement: Sim AI sweeps the gay cowboys.
Returning 8 upperclassmen, 10 players in all. This team has a non conference schedule filled with other sims. The only thing that would be cool is if maybe they went 10-0 to help with Conference RPI.
Conf Record (4-12)
Post Season Prediction: NONE
9. Manhattanville                             Previous Season: 13-15, 4-12
Coach: Bdpoor – I miss you :(    Oh wait is mdclayton the gay cowboy from last Halloween?
Best Player:        Senior PG - Nestor May, Sitting up there with Martinelli this guy is one of the best in the conference.
Bold Statement: Nestor May is CPOY
The Heart Break Kid has a couple decent players to work with, but for the most part he is going to struggle with this team all year, especially when conference play starts. He may go 7-3 or 6-4 going into interleague play. HBK may have more fun just spoiling MrG’s day by putting May on 90% distro and +2 and making it so he will outscore Martinelli every night. On a serious note MdClayton should concentrate on getting a winning record and/or giving his youngsters some minutes.
Conf Record (4 -12)
Post Season Prediction: NONE
8. SUNY Maritime                            Previous Season: 5-22, 3-13
Coach: Sim AI – Jana I miss you   :(
Best Player:        Junior C – Robert Long, not a lot to choose from.
Bold Statement: CCOY lol just kidding
Legendary coach Jana has moved on, but he left an interesting team. This team has 10 returning players and next year they are returning everyone. The most storied program in the Skyline Conference will again be left out of the post season which is definitely confirmed after I just looked at his noncon schedule. He will be lucky to hit double digit wins. Jana please come back.
Conf Record (5-11)
Post Season Prediction: NONE

Tier III - Bubbles

7. SUNY Farmingdale                      Previous Season: 15-14, 8-8, NT (1st round)
Coach: CDallstar1 – It is no secret that this guy is the worst scheduler in the conference.
Best Player:        Junior PF - Jeremy Emmer, the all-around big man hails from our nation’s capital. Send this guy to the line because he can’t hit dick.  D- 36-62 FT’s
Bold Statement: Cdallstar will fight Rgann for the Old Westbury job next season.
CDallstar had a decent bounce back making the NT last year. Two years ago was the first time his squad has missed the post season. He has his work cut out for him this year though as his post season hopes are again in jeopardy. His noncon looks to be anything but a cake walk and he is going to face a pretty brutal conference schedule. I think he fails to get 14 wins for the NT which means his only hope is PI. The good news for Farmingdale is that he returns everyone next year….
Conf Record (7-9)
Post Season Prediction: Post Season Invitational 1st Round
6. Mt. St. Vincent                             Previous Season: 18-12, 9-7, PI (2nd round)
Coach: Rgann2010 – I think his assistant coach does his recruiting….
Best Player:        Senior PG - John Booker, One of my early favorites to lead the conference in assists.
Bold Statement: Coach Gann moves to Old Westbury at season’s end. (He would beat up Chris)
Coach Gann missed out on his first ever NT appearance last year, but he has a chance again this year! He returns 9 upperclassmen and 10 players all together. The roster is not too shabby improving on last year’s ATH/SPD/DEF he is at 43/47/46 respectively. There is a good chance he could go 10-0 in noncon. Doing that is going to be very important as every win counts for this bubble team.
Conf Record (8-8)
Post Season Prediction: Post Season Invitational - Elite Eight…. I hope I’m wrong bud

Tier II –Tournament Sleepers
5. Yeshiva                                            Previous Season: 21-8, 12-4, NT (1st round)
Coach: Juststinger – This coach has a secret lineup he uses in games… You’ll never see it coming.
Best Player:        Senior SG - Joel Hudson, A highly sought after guard who has true American Blue Blood. Joel’s lineage can be traced back to the first settlers and the discovery of the Hudson River.
Bold Statement: This team gets stopped in the NT 2nd Round because of their seeding.
This team is a favorite for rednecks who drink beer and watch fast cars go in circles…. JW has his best team to date and this team may easily drop 30 3’s on you in a game. They are good inside as well and honestly I do not want to play this team as he is always dangerous and capable of beating anyone. Coach Juststinger has found a way to recruit to his liking despite the slight setback he encountered this offseason. If Joel Hudson can lead this team to a top 15 ranking we may see this team play, not only play in the 2nd Rnd for the 1st time, but maybe even the Sweet 16.
Conf Record (11-5)
Post Season Prediction: National Tournament - 2nd Round or Sweet 16
4. Mount St. Mary                           Previous Season: 22-9, 11-5, NT (2nd round)
Coach: Halfakracka – Had a terrible recruiting class this year
Best Player:        Senior C - Juan Lopez, Pre-Season All-American last year, can he live up to the hype?
Bold Statement: Finishes the season as an A Prestige
SIT MSMC and Yeshiva could go either way here. Which may mean trouble if they start fighting for projection and seeding. A terrible recruiting class this year is for MSMC is blanketed by a pretty solid roster. Their weaknesses are their young small forwards, guard depth, and outside scoring. Having said that their starting guards are well rounded and the constant subbing of Lopez, Noga, and Moody should cause most teams trouble down low. The noncon schedule is atrocious and should host division rival Centenary at (12-0). They may be 16-1 when they travel to rival Yeshiva on Jan. 10th. Assuming they lose to Centenary.
Conf Record (12-4)
Post Season Prediction: National Tournament - 2nd Round or Sweet 16
3. Stevens Tech                                                Previous Season: 21-8, 11-5, NT (1st round)
Coach: Branchel – One of these days I am going to steal a player from him
Best Player:        Junior PG - Harry Shetler, He headlines a team that boasts a dangerous Junior Class.
Bold Statement: Albert Crawford receives freshman of the year honors.
Shetler, Kraft, and Wheeler may be Branch’s best recruiting class to date. Stevens Tech leads the way for the next level of Skyline dominance. Notice I said dominance. Skyline is starting to consistently put a number of good quality teams in the NT. We should break the post season dollar amount record we hit a couple years ago. This team has a big chance to go to the Sweet 16 as long as they can acquire a 4 seed or better. 3 seed is ideal, but regardless their 2nd Round game will be a test. I would be surprised if this team doesn’t make the Sweet 16 next year though…….. #ShetShow
Conf Record (12-4)
Post Season Prediction: National Tournament - 2nd Round or Sweet 16

Tier I – Tournament Contenders
2. Centenary                                      Previous Season: 29-4, 16-0, NT (Elite 8)
Coach: Dgravs – *******, always out recruits me whether it be prestige or money.
Best Player:        Senior SF - Anthony Loszynski, that was tough….. Dgravs makes it hard to choose.
Bold Statement: Dgravs is investigated for recruiting violations and is banned from the NT
Out recruiting me yet again this coach is a force to reckon with in the Skyline Conference. He will not let Old Westbury win without a fight. The matchup between the two of them is going to be a heated one. It’s the first conference game of the year! Get it? It really is…. This team has a lot of talent, Nesbitt and King are a couple other studs to look out for when Centenary comes to town.
Conf Record (14-2)
Post Season Prediction: National Tournament - Elite Eight
1. Old Westbury                               Previous Season: 25-6, 13-3, NT (Sweet 16)
Coach: Mrg1037 – Hate how good he is
Best Player:        Senior PG - Robbie Martinelli…. Lights Out Best shooter in the conference
Bold Statement: Milo Perkins beats out Martinelli for the season opener.
This team is going to be ranked in the top 25 all season. Maybe even top 10 all season. MrG returns all 12 players this year after a strong season a year ago. Martinelli will be the go to guy, but look out for Carpenter down low. This roster is impressive and with a little luck we may see this team compete for a National Title. As far as a Conference Title, this team plays at Centenary in their Conference opener. I have Old Westbury winning this game in a battle of Skyline’s elite. Come CT time the result may differ.
Conf Record (14-2)
Post Season Prediction: National Tournament - Elite Eight


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