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Another league that I've attempted in the past and it hasn't filled, but let's give it another go round.

BASIC CONCEPT: You take the first game that you ever attended and you make a team out of it.  There are two major issues that arise with this theme: 1) You may not remember the first ever game you were at, ex: the exact date, so for the sake of it, let's use the first game you definitively know you were at.  2) Please be honest about the game.  Sure, it would be fun to have a super team, and if you did research you probably could, but that's not the point.  Rather than leaving just that season of the player, I figure that twisting seems fair. 

In short, take the first ever game you attended, and anyone on either teams active roster can be selected and twisted.  The cap is going to be a solid 100 million to allow for deep teams, due to no AAA.  Since most will have games that took place when the DH was a part of baseball, the DH is going to be allowed.

-NO WW, AAA, Trades
-100 mil. Cap
-Yes to DH
-Stadium will be where game took place
-Team Name should have something to do with the date
- 40 Live for Playoffs

Sign-up list:
1. ratedpg_13 - July 2nd, 1994 - Mariners vs. Yankees
2. blaisebbss8 - June 20th, 1995 - Yankees vs. Orioles
3. soxyanks12 - June 23, 1983 - Yankees vs. Red Sox
4. ConansDad - July 17th, 1982 - Reds vs. Cardinals
5. keymaster - April 10th, 1998 - Mariners vs. Red Sox
6. steve9955 - July 17th-19th, 1964 - Senators vs. Red Sox
12/23/2013 12:21 PM (edited)
In, It was Yankees-Orioles in '95, Gerald Williams hit a grand slam but the Orioles came back and won!! YEAH. I have to find the date.

Edit: June 20, 1995

12/19/2013 8:33 PM
Lord I hope some more old-timers like me get
ok my earliest memory was 1975 sitting on my grandfathers lap listening to Sox games on the radio (he didnt mind the tv but said and i still believe myself that there is NOTHING like listening to a ballgame on the radio!)  I didnt properly learn to hate the Yankees until he at 81 and my dad took me to Fenway for my first game.  That was 6/23/1983 against the hated yanks! (i confirmed this date with my father)  Honestly until i looked at the box score the only thing i rememberd was Yaz (a suitable replacement for Teddy Ballgame in Pop's opinion and with Yaz retiring that season he wanted to see him swing the bat just one more time) Anyway I remember Yaz played and got a hit.  I also got Dewey Evans to sign my glove.  And best of all I got to tell Donnie Baseball he sucked and i hated his guts in person!  ( I have since come to respect the man of course but you have to remember I was a 12 yr old raised to hate the Yanks from birth!
Im in btw ;)
12/19/2013 9:15 PM
Thanks for joining guys!  Hearing some of these stories makes building this league so much fun.  Unfortunately, mine isn't much of a story.  I was about five weeks old, which is ironic, because it was my idol, Ken Griffey Jr.'s only five hit game of his career.  Thankfully I knew about this game, or else I would genuinely have no idea what the first game would have been!
12/19/2013 11:21 PM

JULY 17, 1982 CIN 2 @ STL 4


12/20/2013 9:23 AM
4/10/98 Seattle @Boston Red Sox put up 7 in bottom 9 to win 9-7 Mo \Vaughn with walk off slam
12/21/2013 2:06 AM (edited)
not sure of the date, but it was the summer of '64 - the Washington Senators at Fenway Park. Rosters are less than impressive, but what the hell!
12/22/2013 4:45 AM
First Game Attended League - 6 IN Topic

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