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SimLeague Baseball owners,
We’ve received several support tickets and emails recently regarding the state of SimLeague Baseball and the lack of updates to the game. SLB has not seen an update (other than annual import of teams/players and minor bug fixes) in several years. It is long overdue.
Technology has changed substantially since SLB was originally built in ~2001. We added features and improved the game through the end of the decade.  But in order to truly grow and improve the game, we had to rebuild from scratch in new development languages to best take advantage of all the new browser features and tablet/smart phone trends.  We began the project in early 2013 and made significant process but the project was put on hold midway through the year.
Over the last five years, our development team has grown, both in terms of size and scope. We have more on our plate than just the games and features on  Many of these other tasks have hard deadlines due to the seasonality of the associated sport and they occasionally interfere with our ability to update our WIS games as frequently as we’d like to. 

Several of us have been at WIS for over a decade and still love the games we’ve created here.  We continue to discuss game improvements for all our games on a daily basis.  We still enjoy playing the games ourselves.  And we’re excited to rebuild SLB because we all know how much better it can become.

Once it’s in the new development environment, it will be significantly easier for us to add new features including a new Live player. We have been maintaining a list of user suggestions for years and many will be incorporated in the new version. And we’re sure once the new version is out, suggestions will continue to arrive. It’s that direct relationship with our user base that has always made working at WIS so rewarding – knowing we’re making the games the way you want to play them.
We anticipate re-starting the new SLB project early this year. The plan is to open it up for testing during significant phases of the project (theme wizard, draft/player search, Manager’s Office, GM’s office, etc.) During those testing phases, we hope to work with as many of you as possible to help make the game as good as it can be when we release the new version.
Once the project re-starts, we will update the Development Blog forum thread to keep everyone aware of our progress and timelines for testing.
Until then, we sincerely thank you for continuing to play the game. We continue to investigate support tickets, read every suggestion that comes in and fix bugs that are brought to our attention.
12/26/2013 10:34 AM (edited)
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Tom - thanks for the update.

Any of us who have worked for larger employers understand that priorities change based on the directions you are given from above.  While none of us like the fact that SLB has completely ignored for a long time, at a minimum we can understand the challenge you face in allocating scarce resources across a diverse set of projects and objectives.

What I think we find unacceptable, though, is the total lack of communication from you guys.  What you describe above is a set of circumstances that could (and should) have been communicated to us.  It would take, what, 5 minutes a week to post an update and let us know what's going on?  Please don't just post "we hope to restart the update project sometime in 2014" and then disappear into a black hole.  Please take the time to communicate with your customers on a regular basis and let us know where things stand.
12/26/2013 1:55 PM
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Good to hear there's still someone alive at WIS support. I echo others in saying the lack of communication is as bothersome as the lack of updates - especially since we have been told multiple times that an update is coming only to hear nothing for extended periods of time. A real weekly update - even a brief one - would do a lot to bring life back to the site and build excitement for a new release instead of cynicism about it ever coming.
12/26/2013 10:09 PM
Tom, We all appreciate the update, but it is disappointing to hear that it took recent tickets and emails to generate a response. Surely you know the passion of those (that still remain) on this site, and obviously you are the main point of contact that the forum has with anyone at WIS. Until you got emails and tickets, it never crossed anyone's mind to give an update from the last communication over a year ago? That is flat out taking your customer base for granted. And that seldom ends well for the company. I look forward to frequent updates and a timeline for improving the game.
12/27/2013 2:02 AM
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I like Tom also, he has come across as the type of guy I want to have a beer with but he said there have been no efforts in the last 6 months. What are you appreciating & how the hell do you know he is doing the best that he can ? Do you have access to his monthly or yearly personnel evals ? YOU DON'T KNOW, I DON'T KNOW, NONE OF US KNOWS. Appreciate his honesty & his update but stop being so damn patronizing.
12/28/2013 4:50 PM
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The previous posts/comments are all quite understandable and I concur with the points made.  I (for one user), despite my criticisms of the SIM/WIS would prefer to be optimistic and Tom's comments helps on that end.  I remain hopeful that a revamp will "solve" my issues (and others problems as well) and allow for continued fun with this SIM program. That will remain my hope until I've exhausted my remaining games I've purchased. That should allow enough time to see IF the site/admin. are serious about addressing the concerns lately expressed by many of us.  I don't WANT to be dis-satisfied, I want to enjoy a competent and realistic SIM baseball experience. Given that, I will vocally and monetarily (continue) support(ing) this site!  Happily.  Happy New Year to everyone!
12/29/2013 4:09 PM
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Posted by dahsdebater on 12/29/2013 11:06:00 PM (view original):
What's TRULY patronizing is that you're still paying money for this.
Not the best at English, eh?
It was once said that there are those that know.....those that don't know.....and those that don't know that they don't know. I'll add to that those that don't know a good sentence when they see it.
12/30/2013 3:56 AM
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