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MLB Network Countdown Twist

The Intimidators- 100m cap

Ever wonder if you packed a league with the most intense and intimidating players from the past 50 years whether there would be more brawls and ejections?

Welcome to the Intimidator Twist.   This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of simple twist leagues based on different rankings from the show MLB Network Countown, on the MLB Network.

Step 1- Choose a player from MLB Network’s list of the top 30 most intimidating players since 1970 (see below). 

Step 2- identify your intimidator’s debut game and final game (found via hyper links listed on all player pages at  and claim your unique Intimidator in the Forums by referencing his name next to the teams  that played in the intimidator’s debut game and final game.   If you choose an intimidator that is still active, like David Ortiz, then for purposes of this league, consider his last game played from last season as his final game.  It’s first come first serve.  The intimidator you select is unique, but only as a basis for your team, and not as a player in the league.  That is to say that if I select Vlad Guerrero as my intimidator, other owners may still roster Guerrero if he is part of their player pool.

Step 3 - Create a team using any player from any of the four teams that played in your intimidator’s debut game and final game, twisted to any year of their career.  Your player pool is not limited to players that actually played in the debut game and final game.  You may select any player that appears on the rosters for the teams that played in the debut game and final game.

Step 4- Make sure your intimidator is on your team.

Step 5- Your home stadium must be one of the home stadiums of one of the four teams in your player pool.


If I selected Vlad Guerrero, my player pool would consist of :

1996 Expos  (debut game)

1996 Braves (debut game)

2011 Redsox (final game)

2011 Orioles (final game)


$100M Cap
No Trades
No Clones
Live OK, not required

The Intimidators

30. Kirk Gibson
29. David Ortiz
28. Dave Parker
27. Vladimir Guerrero
26. Rob Dibble
25. Willie Stargell
24. Mariano Rivera
23. Darryl Strawberry
22. Jim Rice
21. Reggie Jackson
20. Frank Thomas
19. Pedro Martinez
18. Dave Winfield
17. Andre Dawson
16. Al Hrabosky
15. Manny Ramirez
14. Mark McGwire
13. Bo Jackson
12. Dick Allen
11. Dave Stewart
10. Lee Smith
09. Rickey Henderson
08. J.R. Richard
07. Goose Gossage
06. Albert Pujols
05. Albert Belle
04. Roger Clemens
03. Barry Bonds
02. Nolan Ryan
01. Randy Johnson



1)      Big_t- Bo Jackson
2)      thaneoffife- Al Hrabosky
3)      reddtrain- Albert Belle
4)     greggo72- Andre Dawson
5)     splitter24- J.R. Richard
6)     Mulder- Reggie Jackson
7)      finn2030- Vlad Guerrero
8)     ddodge02- Albert Pujols
9)     kriz-     - Barry Bonds
10)     Rattlers- Jim Rice
11)     sakensei- Pedro Martinez
12)     Tucker T's- Dave Winfield
13)     specsman- Willie Stargell
14)      vtspirits- Kirk Gibson
15)      alice- Darryl Strawberry
16)     jkorn- Mariano Rivera
17)      ff09- Mark McGwire
18)     celticus- Randy Johnson
19)     dodgebob- Roger Clemens
20)      busterglen- Manny Ramirez
21)      dodgerhaters- Nolan Ryan
22)      Napolean- David Ortiz
23)     eastonest- Rob Dibble
24)     gees51- Rickey Henderson

1/4/2014 8:45 PM (edited)
I'll take Al Hrabosky

Debut game:
1970 Cardinals
1970 Padres

Final game:
1982 Expos
1982 Braves

This could be fun!

12/27/2013 5:59 PM
Hmmmm...I'll take Albert Belle:

1989 Indians
1989 Rangers

2000 Orioles
2000 Yankees

12/27/2013 6:06 PM
You can put me down for Andre Dawson 1976 expos and pirates and 1996 marlins and astros
12/27/2013 6:27 PM
I'll take J.R Richard 1971 Astros/Giants and 1980 Astros/Braves.
12/27/2013 9:18 PM
I'll take Albert Pujols.   2001 Cards & Rockies, 2013 Angels & A's
12/27/2013 10:36 PM
I'll take Barry Bonds 

1986 Pirates/Cubs

2007 Padres/Giants
12/27/2013 10:57 PM (edited)

I will try Reggie Jackson  67  A's/Indians and 87 A's/white sox

12/27/2013 11:00 PM
I'll take your example... Bad Vlad.
12/27/2013 11:19 PM
Jim Rice 74 Red Sox/White Sox and 89 Red Sox/Indians
12/27/2013 11:57 PM
I'll take Pedro, 1992 Reds/Dodgers and 2009 Astros/Phillies
12/28/2013 12:31 AM
Dave Winfield

Debut:  Padres vs. Astros - 1973

Final:  Indians vs. Royals - 1995
12/28/2013 12:59 AM
Willie Stargell, 9/16/62 Giants/Pirates and 10/3/82 Expos/Pirates
12/28/2013 9:26 AM
If the players final game was postseason, do we use that postseason game or the final regular season game that is linked from
12/28/2013 1:00 PM
Welcome, you guys.  I should have a league number by this weekend.  I'm still trying to choose my intimidator. 
12/28/2013 1:01 PM
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Intimidator Twist- 100m Cap (waitlist) Topic

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