Kenny Powers Season 14 - FULL Topic

Kenny Powers, a world of competitive, active owners has rolled over and is now recruiting for Season 14!  Sitemail me or post here if interested in joining.  More details on the world and available teams is listed below

World Rules
Salary Cap - $100 MIL:  Teams are not allowed to exceed $100 million in player payroll
No Tanking/Minimum Win Requirement: Minimum win thresholds (Effective Season 12) are 55 wins for one season (50 if it's your first season in the world) and 185 wins for 3 seasons. You can incur 2 strikes against the threshold and stay in the world if it is determined that a reasonable effort is being made to improve, and that other world rules have been followed. Owners found to be tanking will be ejected from the world immediately.
Cash In Trades: Cannot exceed the players' remaining salary
City Changes: Owners may change cities one time. New owners may select the city of their choice
Maintaining Minors: Auto-pilot is fine, but you must have enough active players to avoid extreme fatigue so players are not run into the ground.

BLOG - we have an active world blog, check it out!  Kenny Powers World Blog

Below are the available teams.  Sitemail me or post here if you are interested.  Thanks!

1/7/2014 10:25 AM (edited)
I'll try not to say what everyone says about their leagues, but that might be difficult.  As the active commissioner of ULB, I will say I learned about caring for your league from alogman, among others.  I won't say there's no drama, because we all know there's always a little here and there.  But we keep it to a minimum.  The league rules are fair and easy.  A great group of guys always willing to help, or to break 'em on you.  And a top-notch blog.  I suggest you follow the link and take a look.  And when your done, send alogman a sitemail and join us.
12/31/2013 3:08 PM
Start your New Year off right by joining Kenny Powers!
1/1/2014 1:40 PM
Had a great time in my first season in this league. Big kudos for the Commish who does a fantastic job on the Blog. This Blog without a doubt really enhances the league enjoyment. Also a fun group of GM's and some great fantasy players help to make this league one I will continue to play for many seasons to come.  Come join our league you have a great time too.
1/1/2014 9:08 PM
Likewise enjoyed my first season in this league. It's a good one.
1/2/2014 7:53 AM
Come on, I'm sure it was payday for most of you on the fence.  Nut up (or ***** up if your a chick) and take the plunge to join Kenny.  Check out the blog, send a sitemail to a current owner to get the feel of the league.  Once your here, you won't want to leave.  Come join us!!
1/3/2014 3:46 PM
Great league and alogman does a great job with the league and the blog! Join up while you can!
1/3/2014 11:09 PM
great world, with a nice blog, join today!
1/4/2014 1:36 PM
New Years resolution .. Join a great league? Welcome to Kenny Powers! Come try us for a season and I am sure you will stay for many seasons to come.
1/4/2014 10:15 PM
There's a blizzard outside. What better way to burn a few hours than starting in a cool league?
1/5/2014 9:18 AM
join today and we can roll!
1/5/2014 5:16 PM
Hurry up and get your spot while you still can in this great world!
1/6/2014 11:04 AM
Just need one more...join today!
1/6/2014 2:39 PM
One?  Yup, one spot left.  For that adventurous person that wants to have fun in a solid league with great owners, minimal drama, a great blog (I suggest you check it out) and a free buffet during happy hour.  Join today so we can roll!!
1/6/2014 4:22 PM
The free Buffett did me in.
1/6/2014 7:06 PM
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Kenny Powers Season 14 - FULL Topic

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