16 x16, Version 15 (Full) Topic

16 Players, 16 Seasons, Version 15
Must Choose an Top 3 Salaried Season
$120M Salary Cap
1901 - 2013 Seasons Only
Peviously Used Players Blacklisted
Yes to DH

This is a 16 team league. Each owner will nominate 1 player that has played 16 seasons* or more in their career. Once all 16 players are announced, a draft order will be determined and each owner will draft a different season of each player nominated to be on their team. So all 16 teams will own the same 16 players, but each with a different version of that player. The other 9 rosters spots will be filled with teammates of your 16 drafted players.

* Note that if a player played 15 seasons, but played for 2 different teams in one season, that counts as 16 (you'll understand why after reading the remaining rules ). Also, since only years 1901-2013 are used in this version, the player must have 16 eligible seasons during this time frame. Example: if a player has 18 seasons (i.e., 1898-1915), but 3 of those seasons are 1898-1900, then he has only 15 eligible seasons and cannot be nominated.
To determine number of player seasons, choose Pos = ALL, Min Games = 0, Check "Include Secondary Positions" and set Season Type = Full/Combined and years 1901-2013 (i.e., Rickey Handerson has 29 seasons for purposes of this league). You can use a partial season of a multi-team player, but either the partial OR the combined season for a specific team can be used, not both.

A standard lineup will be used for nominations so we'll need C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF and 8 Pitchers (at least 4 SP). For players who played more than one position, there will be some leeway on which position you can nominate him at (i.e., A-Rod can be ss or 3b).

Upon signup, post your nominated player in the forum and site-mail me which of his seasons you are going to use. The season you select must be one of the highest three salaried seasons for that player. For purposes of ranking the highest salaried seasons, players who played for 2+ teams, only one of those seasons counts in the rankings. I will choose my player after at least five players have been selected. Once all 16 players are chosen, I'll post the seasons selected and the draft order. We'll have a 15 round draft to select the other 15 seasons used for each player. Draft order for each round will be based on the cumulative salary going into that round (lowest salary drafts first).

Here's where it gets fun
The remaining 9 roster spots must be filled with teammates of your drafted/nominated players. They must be from the same season. No Twisting. Nominated players cannot be used as teammates. If you draft a player season with 2+ teams, you choose which version of that season you want, and can only take teammates from that team. (This is how a player with 15 seasons, including one multi-team season can be allowed. Or similarly, a player with 14 seasons, w/ two multi-team seasons is allowed, etc.). There is no limit on number of teammates per drafted player. Many drafted players will not have any teammates. Some will have two or more. Usually, your nomintaed player will have multiple good teammate options.

Salary Cap = $120 million
Seasons - 1901-2013 only
Yes to DH
No Trades
No Clones
No Injuries
No Live Play
Any stadium
Random alignment

See the blacklist below. The blacklist includes any players taken in versions 1-14.
1/2/2014 9:35 AM (edited)
Sign up if interested...

Owners List
1. schwarze (Roger Bresnahan)
2. calhoop (Mark Guthrie)
3. horus_6 (Jimmy D y k e s)
4. mllama54 (Roberto Alomar)
5. shysters3 (Zack Wheat)
6. Relkcirts (Todd Helton)
7. slainte (Dan Plesac)
8. pmars2001 (Ron Fairly)
9. fatboydad54 (Randy Johnson)
10. good_beef (Orel Hershiser)
11. marlowe (Omar Vizquel)
12. bbondsmvp (Amos Otis)
13. specsman (Roger Clemens)
14. ejstockman (Mike Mussina)
15. pedrocerrano (Eddie Fisher)
16. njbigwig (LaTroy Hawkins)

Wait list
1. batandball

Site-Mail List (16 owners):
bbondsmvp; calhoop; ejstockman; fatboydad54; good_beef; horus_6; marlowe; mllama54; njbigwig; pedrocerrano; pmars2001; Relkcirts; schwarze; shysters3; slainte; specsman
1/6/2014 1:23 PM (edited)
Nominated Players List:
(Bold indicates that the player's nominated season was site-mailed to me)

C: Roger Bresnahan (16 seasons)
1B: Todd Helton (17 seasons)
2B: Roberto Alomar (19 seasons)
3B: Jimmy Dyk.es (20 season)
SS: Omar Vizquel (24 seasons)
OF: Zack Wheat (19 seasons)
OF: Ron Fairly (22 seasons)
OF: Amos Otis (17 seasons)

SP: Randy Johnson (24 seasons)
SP: Orel Hershiser (16 seasons)
SP: Mike Mussina (18 seasons)
SP: Roger Clemens (24 seasons)
RP: LaTroy Hawkins (20 seasons) 
RP: Mark Guthrie (18 seasons)
RP: Dan Plesac (20 seasons)
RP: Eddie Fisher (17 seasons) 
1/6/2014 2:53 PM (edited)
These are the guys you cannot nominate (they can be rostered as teammates though)

Bench, Johnny
Berra, Yogi
Burgess, Smoky
Dickey, Bill
Hartnett, Gabby
Pena, Tony
Porter, Darrell
Ruel, Muddy
Santiago, Benito
Schang, Wally
Torre, Joe

Cash, Norm
Clark, Jack
Evans, Darrell
Foxx, Jimmie
Galarraga, Andres
Judge, Joe
McGirff, Fred
Olerud, John
Sisler, George
Thomas, Frank

Biggio, Craig
Carew, Rod
Collins, Eddie
Franco, Julio
Frisch, Frankie
Gehringer, Charlie
Hornsby, Rogers
Kent, Jeff
Morgan, Joe
Offerman, Jose

Boggs, Wade
Brett, George
Caminiti, Ken
Cross, Lave
Jones, Chipper
Martinez, Edgar
Mathews, Eddie
Nettles, Graig
Schmidt, Mike
Taylor, Terry
Wallach, Tim

Bancroft, Dave
Campaneris, Bert
Dahlen, Bill
Davis, George
Fregosi, Jim
Jeter Derek
Ripken Jr., Cal
Schofield Sr., Dick
Smith, Ozzie
Stephens, Vern
Wagner, Honus

Baines, Harold
Brown, Tom
Burks, Ellis
Clarke, Fred
Cramer, Doc
Davis, Eric
Davis, Tommy
Davis, WIllie
Dawson, Andre
Delahanty, Ed
Foster, George
Gonzalez, Luis
Goslin, Goose
Griffey Jr., Ken
Gwynn, Tony
Henderson, Rickey
Keeler, Willie
Kingman, Dave
McGee, Willie
Medwick, Joe
Musial, Stan
Polonia, Luis
Raines, Tim
Ramirez, Manny
Ruth, Babe
Sheckard, Jimmy
Sheffield, Gary
Slaughter, Enos
Snider, Duke
Speaker, Tris
White, Rondell
Young, Robin

Adams, Babe
Alexander, Pete
Ames, Red
Andersen, Larry
Blue, Vida
Brown, Kevin
Bunning, Jim
Burba, Dave
Carlton, Steve
Darwin, Danny
Drabowsky, Moe
Eckersley, Dennis
Embree, Alan
Feller, Bob
Ford, Whitey
Forsch, Bob
Gibson, Bob
Gooden, Dwight
Gordon, Tom
Gossage, Goose
Grove, Lefty
Hoffman, Trevor
Hoyt, Waite
Hubbell, Carl
Isringhausen, Jason
Jackson, Grant
Jones, Doug
Jones, Todd
Koosman, Jerry
Lamp, Dennis
Lowe, Derek
Lyons, Ted
Maddux, Greg
Martinez, Pedro
Mathewson, Christy
Mays, Carl
McDaniel, Lindy
McGraw, Tug
McMahon, Don
Mercker, Kent
Mesa, Jose
Miller, Bob L. (57-74)
Miller, Stu
Millwood, Kevin
Moore, Earl
Morgan, Mike
Morris, Jack
Mulholland, Terry
Nehf, Art
Orosco, Jesse
Pennock, Herb
Pizarro, Juan
Plank, Eddie
Pollet, Howie
Quinn, Jack
Reardon, Jeff
Rhodes, Arthur
Rivera, Mariano
Rixey, Eppa
Roberts, Robin
Ruffing, Red
Ryan, Nolan
Schilling, Curt
Seaver, Tom
Smith, Lee
Smoltz, John
Spahn, Warren
Staley, Gerry
Sutcliffe, Rick
Sutton, Don
Tavarez, Julian
Tiant, Luis
Timlin, Mike
Wakefield, Tim
Weyhing, Gus
Whitehill, Earl
Wilhelm, Hoyt
Witt, Bobby
Wynn, Early
Vance, Dazzy
Zachary, Tom
1/1/2014 1:07 PM

The 16 people who played in v14 get first priority.  They need to let me know by Sunday, if they are in.  Others who want to join, sign up, but do not select a player yet, until I let you know that you're in.  

bbondsmvp - IN
calhoop - IN
dcmatcheck - OUT (replaced by pedrocerrano)
dvorr80 - OUT (replaced by ejstockman)
good_beef - IN
horus_6 - IN
marlowe - IN
mllama54 - IN
njbigwig - IN
pmars2001 - IN
schwarze - IN
shysters3 - IN
slainte - IN
specsman - IN
topkat - OUT  (replaced by fatboydad54)
zephyr1949 - OUT  (replaced by Relkcirts)

1/3/2014 9:18 PM (edited)
the best draft on the site.  Happy New Year.  I am in.  Player TBD
1/1/2014 1:40 PM
I'm in if you got room
1/1/2014 1:52 PM
Going to go with Freddy Garcia - P       16 seasons
1/1/2014 2:07 PM
I am also in.  Player TBD
1/1/2014 2:11 PM

Roberto Alomar 19 Seasons 2b.  I switched off of A-Rod.

1/1/2014 2:51 PM (edited)
I'm back w Zack Wheat
1/1/2014 7:22 PM (edited)
back - player TBD
1/1/2014 6:18 PM
I enjoyed the last one but plan to sit this one out.
1/2/2014 6:30 AM
Maury Wills only has 15 eligible seasons.  Remember to choose Season Type = Full/Combined for purposes of determining number of seasons.  THis is a good example to explain how this works...

Wills has 4 seasons in 1969, Pittsburgh full and partial & Montreal full and partial.  Any of those four '69 seasons can be drafted, but the reason why these four seasons count as only two seasons is that because if the 69 Pittsburgh full season gets drafted, the 69 Pittsburgh partial is now off the board.
1/2/2014 8:11 AM
Todd Helton 1B (17 seasons)
1/2/2014 9:04 AM
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