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I don't know if anybody else feels this way, but I think offensive fouls against teams that go uptempo or run the fastbreak offense are too low.
1/17/2014 2:14 AM

I really like the idea to allow you to guard a player instead of a position and to have higher IQ’s for some FR.

Here are some of my suggestions.  Sorry for the repeats and the length of this post.  Some of these were just copy and pasted stuff from things I posted way back when:

1.       One thing i've thought could help new users grasp the game quicker is to have info boxes associated with key terms.  For instance, if I am on the practice page and click athleticism, an info box will appear telling me the basic function of athleticism.  Also, under the explanation would be a link to the search function in the forums showing everything that has ever been discussed on the subject.  I think most new users don't notice the search function. If they did they could avoid making some rookie mistakes and not ask a question that has previously been asked. 

2.       Also, the faq and player’s guide need to be updated.

3.       Be able to put low potential equals x amount of added points, average this much, and high potential this much.  That would make player roles way more valuable for most people as it would simplify recruiting. 

4.       Make an app or at least make the site easier to navigate on smart phones. 

5.       The ability to make mass recruiting actions.

6.       Advanced statistics would not be that hard to add.  Most of us that play this love statistics so giving us more seems like a good idea.

7.       I have no idea if it's bothered anyone else, but there has been a couple times where I haven't been able to devote much time to scouting because I've been out of town during recruiting. My idea was that when jobs are posted users with no intention of changing positions could press an option to retain their current position for the following season. After they decided to retain they could no longer apply for job openings. The benefit to retaining their position would be that they would immediately get their recruiting budget, so, they could scout states sooner than the current process allows.

8.       The ability to have multiple depth charts saved.

9.       Be able to have a checkbox to sort stats from the last x amount of years in the records tab.

10.   Teams with only one or two open ships seem to be at a severe disadvantage in recruiting.  I would like to see money for ships to go down after a few open ships.  So, your 3rd and 4th ship are worth 80% of the first two, the 5th and 6th are worth 60% of the first two, etc…

11.    I don't like the way study hall is set up. I don't want to do away with it but changed so that the randomness is taken out of it. Unlike with game results and some other aspects of hd, randomness doesn't result in anything but frustration to users when it is used in conjunction with study hall. What study hall adds is an extra variable to take into account when recruiting. Beyond that, there isn't any advantage to having a 4.0 instead of a 2.5. So, the goal of any user is to do the bare minimum to keep players eligible. So, why not make it a flat line system and just have the option to put in the bare minimum minutes.  Players would still have different study hall times based off of high school GPA’s it would just be simpler to get the minimum necessary GPA for players.  I think the sim already does this so it would be an easy tweak for us.  That or make excess gpa points redeemable for a few skill points in any category of the users choice. 

12.   I would like to do away with the -2 through +2 scale used for 3 pt frequency.  Instead, make shot selection more specific.  For instance, be able to decide that when a play is set up for a specific player we could determine what percent of the time that player is looking to take a mid-range jumper, drive the lane, shoot 3’s, run the pick and roll, etc…

13.   Goal line blitz style dot play-by-play.

14.   I think it would increase interest to have a mini-game that utilizes the HD engine to gameplan a team through the NCAA tournament every March.  Would probably get some new users if they did stuff like that. 

1/18/2014 10:45 PM
As for #4, does anyone know how hard and/or difficult it would be to create something like that?
1/20/2014 9:35 PM
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I'm down to clown...if you`re down??? Topic

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