With Biglen’s post and Admin’s promises of updates – and the responses those have inspired – I’ve been thinking a bit about the ‘sim fatigue’ so many of us seem to be feeling. Let me first say I agree, updates are long overdue and very necessary. However, having said that, I think that some of the sentiments expressed, while not disingenuous, are at least partially missing the mark.
Let’s say that the Sim was absolutely perfect, you could not imagine it being any better (I know, that’s impossible, if only because we all have different views of what perfection would be – just go with me on this). If that were the case, then there would never be any more updates, ever. All those who maintain that the lack of updates is what is making them contemplate leaving would then leave at some point, as there would be no more updates.
Now, let me reiterate that I agree we need updates; they are long overdue; and boredom with the current and long-extant cookie set is a major factor in people wanting to leave. Agreed. But when I think of the heyday of the Sim (at least to me), what made me want to log on the second I got home wasn’t the games – unless I was in the championship hunt – but the people. It was great having johngpf’s in-depth analysis (REALLY helped me early in my Sim career), but even more important to the enjoyment of the site were the characters – those who would goad you and call out your foibles like bosoxbill and mudbone; whackos like Caracarn and big_kahuna; pontificators like tombarrister; and flat-out arrogant (but could back it up) players like lemayripper. And scores of others. These were the people who made it interesting to me. We don’t have those characters any more. It’s not the game that’s stale, it’s the site.
Maybe I’m arguing chicken-and-egg: it’s not that the site is stale because the characters left, the characters left because the site is stale. I don’t know. But I do know in the old days I spent a lot more time in the forums than I did managing teams, and I had upwards of 20 teams pretty regularly; whereas now I check my teams, glance at the forums, and move on. 
So, while it may be too late, I want to ask Santa to bring me some characters. Leave Caracarn’s ‘Hand out!’ under my tree, put Lemay’s Challenge in my stocking, bring me one more error-prone but beautifully argued post from tombarrister in my company gift exchange. Oh, and an update, don’t want to forget about that.
1/4/2014 2:36 PM
I agree...and while playing the game is still my main reason for coming to WIS, to think of the hours I wasted/enjoyed reading through the sim forums and bantering back and forth with some of those guys was truly a reason to come to the site and stay on it. It used to be that you could get responses to the questions (or rantings) within minutes and it was nothing to have 10 page threads in the manner of hours. There was advice doled out, people called out and a whole bunch of insanity after midnight.

It was because people cared about the game. I would imagine that most of us are still here, but right now I agree that the forums are dead. It could be that there isn't much to debate about (aside from the fatigue shortcomings/gaming of the system, the general cookies that exist, the secondary positions defense issues, and the veritable lack of updates).

If you look back through the treads, people in the forums posted so much that we actually moved the needle on the game. You can find info on Normalization as the topic de jour, but think about the low OAV/BBs/9 era, the OBP strategies, the deadballers with 0 SBs issues and all the discussion on defense. The forums shaped the game we have now. One of the issues that we might be seeing regarding a staleness and lack of updates is that we are not using the forums to point out things that are wrong with the sim currently like we did in the past. Aside from the recent fatigue threads, I have not seen many threads like this.
1/6/2014 10:50 AM (edited)

If it's like this here, I can only imagine how much of a wasteland it is on the hockey/basketball/football sites.

The thing is... the WIS engine, as it stands isn't so bad so long as you're not playing OL's.  In progs, or themes where cookie strategies are undermined, the game is still as challenging and interesting as it ever was.  Unfortunately, the OL's are what attract new owners to the league, and were also good for an instant league fix. Want to play in a new league?  You could join and be in an up and running OL in approx. 24 hours.  Not so much the case anymore.  And besides, the OL experience is so no longer one that would entice someone to keep at it more than a handful of times.

I too, miss the breadth of characters, likeable and otherwise, that used to populate this site.  On the other hand, getting to know and compete with a more stable and committed group of owners also has it's perks.

Sure would be nice if they freshened the place up a bit, though.

1/8/2014 2:01 PM
Big Kahuna,  now there was a character.  I used to bait him often as I could.   Who could forget his posting of his picture next to the pink car with personalized plates, or his popping off about how he was "seen in a scene" on a Miami Vice episode.  Then he'd load up on helplessly poor power laden teams in Coors and....
1/8/2014 5:05 PM (edited)

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