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Cool I didn't realize I made on of the GotNs even if I got buried in the 2nd half. That's awesome!
2/16/2014 2:17 AM
SotD: Today was the first day that a team that was previously ranked #1 gave up more than 100 points. Texas Lutheran gave up 102 points against Hardin-Simmons.
2/16/2014 11:27 AM
Missed another writeup yesterday.  I'm pretty much the worst.  Regardless, let's recap Friday's games and take a look at the final night of conference play.

Last Last Night
#1 Johnson and Wales 72   #11 S. Vermont 60
J-Dub slowly built a 6 point halftime lead and then were able to maintain that lead throughout the second half.  S. Vermont made a couple runs at a comeback but the visitors just kept sinking shots and stayed ahead.  J-Dub stayed #1 and undefeated in conference play with the win while S. Vermont slipped down a few spots in the rankings.

Also considered: #2 Trinity used a strong second half to come back and beat #18 Millsaps 83-73, Sewanee edged #8 Louisiana 96-90, and #6 Wooster got the big road win at Earlham 68-60.

Sim blowout watch: Moravian almost got doubled up but it was good enough for a cover against #15 Penn St. Altoona 46-86.

ITaLRbHAGotN: Babson clinched a division title with a solid 86-76 win at Cabrini.

#9 Wittenberg (21-4)(darnoc29099) at #6 Wooster (22-3)(pseudochamp)
Our only game between ranked teams tonight is a big one as the two rivals of the North Coast conference are both ranked in the top ten and meet on the last day of the regular season to determine the division title.  Smelly Wittenberg won the first game between these two earlier in the season so the defending champs will be looking for revenge at home.  Go Fighting Scots!

Also considered: Emmanuel at #1 Johnson and Wales, #7 Hardin-Simmons at Howard Payne, #8 Louisiana at Ozarks, Oglethorpe at #10 Piedmont, #18 Millsaps at Rhodes, #19 Stillman at Dallas, and Thomas More at #20 Transylvania

Sim blowout watch: UMass Boston is getting 48 points as they travel to #16 E. Connecticut St.

2/16/2014 3:48 PM
SotD: The top 5 FT shooters were all recruited by Sim AI. From my experience, I have noticed that many Sim teams have the best FT shooting. I am guessing it is a much higher priority for the Sim.
2/17/2014 9:36 AM
Final GotN writeup of the year, time for some conference tourney elimination action.  Thanks for taking the time to read another season's worth.

Last Last Night
#9 Wittenberg 72   #10 Wooster 71
After the final buzzer sounded Wittenberg coach darnoc walked over to shake the hand of his opponents.  When he got close to his coaching rival and extended his hand, pseudochamp screamed "We're still defending champs, so you can screw off!!!"  pseudo then flipped over a scorers table, pushed past a couple cheerleaders, and stormed into the locker room.  Certainly not the classiest of moments, but you have to admire his passion.

Also considered: #1 Johnson and Wales finished off another perfect conference season by downing Emmanuel 68-55, #6 Hardin-Simmons got a big road win over Howard Payne 104-95, #7 Louisiana hit a buzzer-beating 3ptr for the win at Ozarks 88-85, #8 Piedmont took care of Oglethorpe 67-51, #18 Millsaps pulled away from Rhodes 68-54, #20 Stillman held on for the win at Dallas 74-71, and #19 Transylvania cruised past Thomas More 84-66.

Sim blowout watch: UMass didn't keep it too close but good enough for a cover against #17 E. Connecticut St. 53-94.

Good luck in the conference tournaments everyone.

2/17/2014 2:34 PM
I'm pretty sure you also flipped me the bird and spit on my shoes-maybe the game tapes can confirm.  
2/17/2014 4:27 PM
Hopefully this will show up right.  Ron Swanson doing his best pseudo impression.

2/17/2014 5:13 PM
SotS: There have been 17 times a coach has been suspended this season due to inappropriate behavior after the game. I am pretty sure pseudo is responsible for 4 of these times.
2/17/2014 8:10 PM
Only 4?  Weaksauce.
2/17/2014 8:44 PM
Champions gallery

ASC -- Hardin-Simmons (sublightd) and Texas Lutheran tied at 15-1, but HS won the head-to-head by 10, so bragging rights to them.
Capital -- Goucher (Sim) went 15-1 to win by three games. Goucher's last banner was Season 54.
Centennial -- Haverford (Sim) went 15-1 and tied Dickinson for best record. Point differential in the head-to-heads gives it to the silicon warrior and a banner for the first time since Season 47.
CUNY -- CCNY (curtis36) went 15-1 to win it by a game in his first season. Last CCNY banner was Season 62.
CCIW -- Millikin (favre3xmvp) was 15-1 and tied Northland for best record, but gets bragging rights on virture of a 2-point regular season win head-to-head.
Coast -- Wentworth (chewchad) was 15-1 and the beat goes on as he cruises to a 3-game margin of victory.
Commonwealth -- Susquehanna (zeuspole) was 16-0 to win by two games. That's back-to-back baby!
Empire -- Vassar (theriddler) was also 16-0, for perfect season number four. Nobody was close as 13-3 was the next-best record.
Freedom -- Carnegie Mellon (pork_melon) was 15-1, four games better than anyone else. Pork is raising back-to-back banners as well.
GNE -- Johnson and Wales (spasticity) is 16-0 and three games better than the field. We have some nice Sims if someone would like to come in and show us how to knock this guy off after back to back 16-0's.
Heartland -- Transylvania (tooslim) was 15-1, winning by 2 games and earning slim his first conference banner at the school.
Iowa -- Simpson (profgreen) went 15-1 and cruises to a two-game margin of victory.
Little East -- ECSU (dickg) was undefeated to win by three games. ECSU is partying after the first banner in seven seasons gets raised.
Michigan -- Calvin (prc56) won them all to cruise to its fifth conference title in a row. 13-3 was the league's next-best.
Midwest -- Beloit (Sim) was 15-1 and three games better than the field. Back to back for Simmy!
Minnesota -- Hamline (foofighter13) was perfect to win by two games, earning league title number six in a row.
NESCAC -- Amherst (Sim) was 15-1 to win. After 34 seasons without a battner, Amherst now owns two of the last four.
New Jersey -- Ramapo (pgj930) was undefeated to win by three games. The bigger story was the opposite division, where 9-7 was good enough to win the No. 1 seed.
N. Atlantic -- Castleton St (Sim) was 16-0, winning by four games. Simmy has won it in 4 of the last 6 seasons.
NCAC -- Wittenberg (darnoc29099) was 15-1 and two games better than that other W school, ending a two-year title drought.
Northeast -- Willamette (bullman17) was 15-1 to win by two games. It was the first conference loss in three seasons for Willamette though...are there cracks in the foundation?
Ohio -- John Carroll (whit6r) was 15-1 to score back-to-back titles by a narrow one-game margin
ODAC -- Lynchburg (googs04) went undefeated at 16-0, the fourth time he's done that in five seasons.
Penn -- Babson (oldave) went 15-1, scoring a three-game win over the league and securing back-to-back titles for the school.
Skyline -- US Merchant Marine (lynchmob1414) is in its usual spot here, 15-1 in league play, three games up on the field and looking at a string of banners stretching back to Season 55.
So. Cal. -- Whittier (windixies) was 16-0 to claim back-to-back perfection in a league that historically does not set up well from repeat sweeps.
St. Louis -- Webster (mschulte24) wins by five games over the field while recording his eighth straight 16-0 season. Is there no one else? Is there no one else?
SUNY -- Cortland (cuck) was 15-1 and is now 6-for-6 in league titles at the school, which now has eight consecutive banners.
University -- Emory (phalla) goes 15-1 in a league where nobody should be able to dominate to that tune. But he did, besting the field by three games.
Upstate -- St. Lawrence (joewhatever) goes perfect for back-to-back titles after winning all 16 this season in league play.
USA South -- Piedmont (bunkerbuster) has now taken four of the last five titles after going 15-1 and finishing clear by three games in the conference table.
Wisconsin -- LaCrosse (theaaskimo) stormed to a four-game victory in the conference, winning all 16 of their league games. theaaskimo is now 47-1 over the past three seasons in conference.

Self-brag moment...25 of 32 leagues ended as predicted in the preseason writeup...
2/18/2014 3:03 PM (edited)
Darrel Philson is averaging 9.3 rebounds per game. He's a 48 rated rebounder, and has pulled in double digit rebounds 9 times this season.
2/18/2014 2:52 PM
Should be some epic battles in the U tonight with the top 4 seeds making it through to the semifinals. That alone was no small task with 3 out of 4 games lastnight pushed to overtime.
2/19/2014 8:28 AM
Posted by bullman17 on 1/19/2014 11:38:00 AM (view original):
Here is a question for you guys.  How much of an affect does coaching have on a team?  For example, if a SIM coached team is rated 50 on a scale of 100, what would you say the rating would be if it was coached by a legendary coach, good coach, average coach, and a newbie?  I may try and incorporate a coaching factor into my ratings system and would appreciate any input you guys have.
hey bman,

 try factoring the effect Alvernia's  "coach" had on them this year.... you had them winning the of Penn conf and finishing with an 80ish rpi i think.   and i really dont think that was out line given thier talent.  

their new coach was able to coax one win out of them (and a nailbiter at that) and finished at 1-26 with 379 rpi.  i tried to reach  out to him but no reply.  id say ghost ship but really worse than that as he set everyone to "jack three pointers and stay in the game until dead red" before going awol.   i have pondered whether it has been better to have him as my lone confmate, or would i have preferred ettaE?  i almost cant believe im saying this, but i think id prefer ettaE
2/20/2014 12:07 AM
id be remiss if i didnt point out that babson senior Alfred "the butler" Considene is looking like he'll become the first player ive ever had to lead the nation in scoring.   

"the butler" recently pushed his season average up north of 30 ppg and has opened up a considerable lead over bman's Keith "easter" Lilley.   Lilley had grabbed the lead after an impressive run of six games where he averraged 38ppg in mid-late conf season, but the butler responded with a similar 6 game stretch up through last night in which he averaged about 37ppg.   i should probably point out that the Penn league is not exactly known for our defense.  the only human coach we faced is awol and his gameplanning makes simai look like coachK.   and i dont recall the exact number,  but it seems we face more than our share of 2-3 zones, too.

still, considene is an absolute stud on both ends of the floor and has been a joy to coach.  he has obliterated all the school scoring records and has an outside shot of scoring 2,000 points for his career.    i think itss a given that he will be named CPoY tonight and of course will make first team all conf for the second straight year (after second team as a soph)   and maybe most impressively,  he will likely be named defensive PoY in the Penn league for an unprecendented third straight year. not sure if Al will win any national accolades (he was preseason HonMen)  as our weak schedule makes it hard to compare him to players on the top teams.  but no woriies, ..

and  of course,  the butler has been adamant that these accolades are merely footnotes and his only goal is to win the Penn CT and go dancing  (and if he can be allowed to dream a little,  to win an NT game for the first time in 35 years)


2/20/2014 12:49 AM
pseudo has to have saved some for that conference tourney game. What's the high/low for how many times he pounds the floor today saying, "We were so close!!!"?
2/20/2014 7:45 AM
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