Dirty Dozen 2 The Prohibition Years Initial Draft Topic

Owners:  (confirmed bolded)

ljemd; robboogi; papabilly; flippen; Sooners07; MMTDad; dbjerke; keymaster; kyip1986; glowguy; ChicagoAaron; Brocktoon93
1/17/2014 11:13 AM (edited)
Stadiums Available:

Baker Bowl
Crosley Field
Wrigley Field
2/2/2014 7:26 PM (edited)
League Rules:

1.  This is a 12 team, two divisions of 6 teams league, with interplay between the divisions.  There is no DH, no Waiver Wire, Trades are encouraged, and injuries can happen.  Two division winners play each other for the World Series Championship at the end of the season.  World Series Winner gets entered into the WIS tournament of champions and can win (once I made the third round!).  Salary Cap is set at $120 Million.

2.  There will be an inaugural 26 round snake style draft to determine your 25 man roster and your stadium.  Team names must reflect where your stadium is located (feel free to be creative!)  Draft order will be determined through random.org with the assistance of my two young daughters (who have no idea what this is). Eligible players for the inaugural draft must have WIS statistics for 1920. 

3.   Year to year we may be able to draft four AAA players, depending on the number of players available in that season.  If there are not enough players for the AAA draft, then computer generated AAA players can supplement the WIS pool (these will not be very good WIS AAA players by the way).  If there are enough players for the AAA draft, then computer generated AAA players are not allowed to be used for any game, and if used will lead to forfeiture of any game that they played in.  If we are not drafting AAA players for that season, then computer generated players can be used in games.  Computer generated AAA players can always be used to balance uneven trades. 

4.    1920 WIS player pool is 213 batters and 125 pitchers.  This allows up to 17-18 batters per team and 10-11 pitchers per team.  Assuming some of the batters and pitchers will have few PA/IP, I will state that there will be no draft for AAA players for the inaugural 1920 season.  Also teams can draft a maximum of 11 pitchers during the first draft.  Commish reserves the right to also appoint up to 4 additional players per team from previous years if there is a lack of talent available in later rounds.  Commish appointed players are AAA players, but can be used in game play.  Any confusion over the AAA rules will be made more clear once the draft happens.

5.   Babe Ruth is available for drafting.  There will be a League Discussion thread for owners to discuss whether there should be any penalty for drafting Ruth, such as missing a later pick.  Commish gets final say in this matter.   (note back in the day, Wayne Gretzky was never allowed in our NHL playoff pools, but that's another story...)

6.   Collusion and Tanking will be discouraged.  There will be a lottery for the bottom 4 teams at game 120 to determine the draft order for the first four picks (rounds 1 and 2).  Teams must win at least 40 games at game 120 to be eligible for the draft lottery, otherwise will draft 5th etc..  I'm not a fan of formulaic rules to further prevent tanking, but these can be adopted if it gets bad like this years NBA!

7.   Future draft orders will be based upon a worst to first order at game #120.   Note draft lottery is for the first two rounds only, as noted above.  Starting with round 3, draft order is worst to first, and will remain so throughout the draft and any AAA draft if one occurs.

8.  Teams must switch stadiums and potentially names if their stadium no longer was being used in a future season.

9.  In future drafts, each owner must post their maximum 20 keepers for the coming season.  I chose 20 to keep any team from stockpiling talent, but still give teams a chance to build a team for the future.  In any future draft if a player who was a "keeper" was accidentally left available on the "available player" thread, then for the first two rounds ownership of that player goes back to the original owner.  This gives teams a chance to review the "availables" thread to see if any of their players were accidentally made available.  Starting with the third round, any player left on the "availables" thread is fair game, unless the two owners can work something out.  I have seen this happen both ways so be vigilant!

10.   Commish holds the right to add in additional rules if problems arise.  Main principle ruling this league, is lets all have fun, and make this work together.  Good ideas are always appreciated!

1/15/2014 8:55 PM (edited)
The Dirty Dozen 2: The Prohibition Years  Inaugural Player Pool



Elliott, Rowdy
Haeffner, Bill
Hannah, Truck
Manion, Clyde
Stanage, Oscar
Styles, Lena
Tragesser, Walt
Wheat, Mack
Withrow, Frank

First Base

Ellison, Babe
Griffin, Ivy
Jourdan, Ted

Second Base

Grimes, Roy
Herzog, Buck
Sicking, Ed

Third Base

Lear, Fred
Miller, Ralph
Thompson, Frank


Barbare, Walter
Caton, Howdy
Crane, Sam
Janvrin, Hal
McCabe, Bill
Ward, Chuck


Bigbee, Lyle
Johnson, Paul
Knode, Mike
Lewis, Duffy
Shotton, Burt
Spencer, Vern
Vick, Sammy
Walker, Frank
2/10/2014 9:28 AM (edited)
Available Pitchers

Faeth, Tony
Martin, Pat
Meador, Johnny 
Snyder, Bill
2/10/2014 9:29 AM (edited)
Draft Order Planning - each owner is assigned a number:

1. ljemd;
2. robboogi;
3. papabilly;
4. flippen;
5. Sooners07;
6. MMTDad;
7. dbjerke;
8. keymaster;
9. kyip1986;
12. Brocktoon93

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:

2 9 11 4 3 6 1 10 7 12 8 5

Timestamp: 2014-01-17 16:16:18 UTC

So Draft Order for Odd Rounds (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25) is:

1.    robboogie
2.    kyip1986
3.   ChicagoAaron
4.    flippen
5.   papabilly
6.   MMTDad
7.   ljemd
8.   glowguy
9.   dbjerke
10. Brocktoon93
11. keymaster
12. Sooners07

 Draft Order for Even Rounds (2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26) is:

1,   Sooner07
2.   keymaster
3.   Brocktoon93
4.   dbjerke
5.   glowguy
6.   ljemd
7.   MMTDad
8.   papabilly
9.   flippen
10. ChicagoAaron
11. kyip1986
12. robboogie

1/17/2014 11:24 AM (edited)
Round 1:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years Inaugural Draft__

1.    robboogie            Babe Ruth, OF
2.    kyip1986              Rogers Hornsby, 2b
3.   ChicagoAaron     Tris Speaker OF
4.    flippen                  George Sisler 1b
5.   papabilly               Eppa Rixey P
6.   MMTDad               Harry Heilmann 1b
7.   ljemd                     Pete Alexander P
8.   glowguy                Frankie Frisch 3b
9.   dbjerke                 Burleigh Grimes P
10. Brocktoon93        Dolph Luque P
11. keymaster            Red Faber P
12. Sooners07          Ty Cobb OF

Round 2:  Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years Inaugural Draft

1,   Sooner07             Eddie Collins 2b
2.   keymaster            Sam Rice OF
3.   Brocktoon93        Walter Johnson P
4.   dbjerke                 Baby Doll Jacobson OF
5.   glowguy                Urban Shocker P
6.   ljemd                     Joe Sewell SS
7.   MMTDad               Ken Williams OF
8.   papabilly               George Kelly 1b
9.   flippen                   Wilbur Cooper P
10. ChicagoAaron     Ross Youngs, OF
11. kyip1986               Charlie Jamieson OF
12. robboogie             Cy Williams OF

Round 3:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Monday January 20, 2014

1.    robboogie              Waite Hoyt P
2.    kyip1986                 Bob Shawkey P
3.   ChicagoAaron       Dave Bancroft SS
4.    flippen                   George Burns (NYG) OF
5.   papabilly                 Stan Covalevski P
6.   MMTDad                 Lee Meadows P
7.   ljemd                      Jesse Haines P
8.   glowguy                  Herb Pennock P
9.   dbjerke                   Edd Roush OF
10. Brocktoon93         Pie Traynor SS
11. keymaster             Babe Adams P
12. Sooners07            Eddie Rommel P

Round 4:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Monday January 20, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Carl Mays P
2.   keymaster              Zach Wheat OF
3.   Brocktoon93          Jack Fournier 1b
4.   dbjerke                   Howard Ehmke P
5.   glowguy                  Joe Judge 1b
6.   ljemd                      Bob O'Farrell C
7.   MMTDad                 Hooks Dauss P
8.   papabilly                 Bob Meusel OF
9.   flippen                     Jesse Barnes P
10. ChicagoAaron        Max Carey OF
11. kyip1986                  Art Nehf P
12. robboogie                Sam Jones P

Round 5:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years- Tuesday January 21, 2014

1.    robboogie              Rabbit Maranville SS
2.    kyip1986                Irish Meusel OF
3.   ChicagoAaron        Eddie Ciccote P
4.    flippen                    Milt Stock 3b
5.   papabilly                 Bill Doak P
6.   MMTDad                  Muddy Ruel C
7.   ljemd                       Jack Tobin OF
8.   glowguy                   Jack Quinn P
9.   dbjerke                     Wally Pipp 1b
10. Brocktoon93           George Uhle P
11. keymaster               Fred Toney P
12. Sooners07              Bobby Veach OF

Round 6:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Tuesday January 21, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Wally Schang C
2.   keymaster              Jake Daubert 1b
3.   Brocktoon93          Ira Flagstead OF
4.   dbjerke                    Bucky Harris 2b
5.   glowguy                   Harry Hooper P
6.   ljemd                       Bill Sherdel P
7.   MMTDad                 Aaron Ward 3b
8.   papabilly                 Tom Zachary P
9.   flippen                      Jack Scott P
10. ChicagoAaron         Hippo Vaughn P
11. kyip1986                   Jimmy Ring P
12. robboogie                Joe Bush P

Round 7:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Wednesday January 22, 204_

1.    robboogie             Jimmy Johnson 3b
2.    kyip1986                Charlie Grimm 1b
3.   ChicagoAaron       Steve O'Neill C
4.    flippen                    Ivy Olson SS
5.   papabilly                 Cy Perkins C
6.   MMTDad                 Hugh McQuillan P
7.   ljemd                       George Burns OF (Clv/Pha)
8.   glowguy                   Roger Peckinpaugh SS
9.   dbjerke                    Dutch Ruether P
10. Brocktoon93          Jimmy ***** 2b
11. keymaster              George Mogridge P
12. Sooners07            Charlie Hollocher SS

Round 8:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Wednesday January 22, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Joe Jackson OF
2.   keymaster              Buck Weaver 3b
3.   Brocktoon93           Earl Smith C
4.   dbjerke                    Hank Severeid C
5.   glowguy                   Del Pratt 2b
6.   ljemd                        Joe Dugan 3b
7.   MMTDad                  Whitey Witt OF
8.   papabilly                  Tilly Walker OF
9.   flippen                      Leon Cadore P
10. ChicagoAaron        Heine Groh 3b
11. kyip1986                  Tony Boeckel 3b
12. robboogie                Frank Snyder C

Round 9:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Thursday January 23, 2014_

1.    robboogie              Rip Colllins P
2.    kyip1986                Phil Douglas P
3.   ChicagoAaron        Earl Hamilton P
4.    flippen                   Ray Schalk C
5.   papabilly                 Elmer Myers P
6.   MMTDad                 Rube Marquard P
7.   ljemd                       Billy Southworth OF
8.   glowguy                  Jim Bagby Sr. P
9.   dbjerke                    Pat Duncan OF
10. Brocktoon93           Carson Bigbee OF
11. keymaster               Clarence Mitchell P
12. Sooners07             Larry Gardner 3b

Round 10:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Thursday January 23, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Joe Oeschger P
2.   keymaster              Patsy Gharrity C
3.   Brocktoon93          Elam Van Gilder P
4.   dbjerke                   Happy Felsch OF
5.   glowguy                  Austin McHenry OF
6.   ljemd                      Bill Wambganss 2b
7.   MMTDad                 Wally Gerber SS
8.   papabilly                 Stuffy McInnis 1b
9.   flippen                     Hy Myers OF
10. ChicagoAaron        Ralph Young 2b
11. kyip1986                  Max Flack OF
12. robboogie                Ray Powell OF

Round 11:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Friday January 24, 2014_

1.    robboogie              Hod Ford 2b
2.    kyip1986                Alan Sothoron P
3.   ChicagoAaron        Ed Konetchy 1b
4.    flippen                   Joe Gedeon 2b
5.   papabilly                 Al Mamaux P
6.   MMTDad                 Walter Holke 1b
7.   ljemd                       Rube Benton P
8.   glowguy                  Elmer Smith OF
9.   dbjerke                    Ray Chapman SS
10. Brocktoon93           Sherry Smith P
11. keymaster               Zeb Terry SS
12. Sooners07              Slim Salee P

Round 12:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Friday January 24, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Ray Fisher P
2.   keymaster              Hod Eller P
3.   Brocktoon93          Elmer Pondor P
4.   dbjerke                   Dixie Davis P
5.   glowguy                  Slim Harriss P
6.   ljemd                       Hal Carlson P
7.   MMTDad                 Mule Watson P
8.   papabilly                 Art Fletcher SS
9.   flippen                     Lefty Williams P
10. ChicagoAaron        Jeff Pfeffer P
11. kyip1986                 Neimo Leibold OF
12. robboogie                Jack Smith P

Round 13:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Saturday January 25, 2014

1.    robboogie             Bernie Friberg 2b
2.    kyip1986               Duster Mails P
3.   ChicagoAaron        Joe Wood OF
4.    flippen                   Cliff Heathcoate OF
5.   papabilly                 Clyde Milan OF
6.   MMTDad                 Allen Russel P
7.   ljemd                      Tommy Griffith OF
8.   glowguy                  Vern Clemons C
9.   dbjerke                    Howie Shanks 3b
10. Brocktoon93           Glenn Myatt OF
11. keymaster               Casey Stengel OF
12. Sooners07              Jack Wisner P

Round 14:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Saturday January 25, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Guy Morton P
2.   keymaster              Johnny Rawlings 2b
3.   Brocktoon93           Everett Scott SS
4.   dbjerke                    Dickie Kerr P
5.   glowguy                  Hank Gowdy C
6.   ljemd                       Doc Johnston 1b
7.   MMTDad                 Pete Kilduff 2b
8.   papabilly                  Buddy Napier P
9.   flippen                      Frank Nicholson OF
10. ChicagoAaron         Dave Keefe P
11. kyip1986                   Mickey O'Neill C
12. robboogie                Jackie May P

Round 15:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Sunday January 26, 2014

1.    robboogie              Dana Filingim P
2.    kyip1986                 Larry Kopf SS
3.   ChicagoAaron        Lefty Tyler P
4.    flippen                    Rollie Naylor P
5.   papabilly                 Ross Wrightstone 3b
6.   MMTDad                 Amos Strunk OF
7.   ljemd                       Chick Galloway SS
8.   glowguy                  Dick Niehaus P
9.   dbjerke                    Walter Schmidt C
10. Brocktoon93          Ferdie Schupp P
11. keymaster              Jessie Winters P
12. Sooners07             Les Mann OF

Round 16:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Sunday January 26, 2014

1,   Sooner07               John Sullivan OF
2.   keymaster              Walton Cruise OF
3.   Brocktoon93          Babe Pinelli 3b
4.   dbjerke                   Shano Collins 1b
5.   glowguy                  Eddie Foster 3b
6.   ljemd                       Mike Menosky OF
7.   MMTDad                  Ivy Wingo C
8.   papabilly                 George Cutshaw 2b
9.   flippen                      Otto Miller C
10. ChicagoAaron        Lloyd Christenbury OF
11. kyip1986                  Elmer Jacobs P
12. robboogie                Cliff Lee C

Round 17:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Monday January 27, 2014

1.    robboogie              Huck Betts P
2.    kyip1986               Bevo Lebourveau OF
3.   ChicagoAaron      Jimmy Zinn P
4.    flippen                   Morrie Rath 2b
5.   papabilly                 Harry Harper P
6.   MMTDad                 Dode Paskert OF
7.   ljemd                       Roxie Walters C
8.   glowguy                  Scott Perry P
9.   dbjerke                    George Smith P
10. Brocktoon93          Greasy Neale OF
11. keymaster              Yankee Stadium
12. Sooners07            Turner Barber OF

Round 18:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Monday January 27, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Nick Allen C
2.   keymaster              Bob Hasty P
3.   Brocktoon93           Eddie Ainsmith C
4.   dbjerke                   Forbes Field
5.   glowguy                  Polo Grounds V
6.   ljemd                       Donie Bush SS
7.   MMTDad                 Bill Bayne P
8.   papabilly                 Ben Kerr P
9.   flippen                      Lou North P
10. ChicagoAaron        Bill Killefer C
11. kyip1986                   Bob McCraw P
12. robboogie                 Dave Robertson OF

Round 19:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years- Tuesday January 28, 2014

1.    robboogie             Tiger Stadium
2.    kyip1986                Comiskey I
3.   ChicagoAaron       George Mohart P
4.    flippen                    Fenway Park
5.   papabilly                 Claude Hendrix P
6.   MMTDad                  Ebbetts Field
7.   ljemd                       Dutch Leonard P
8.   glowguy                   Benny Kauf OF
9.   dbjerke                    Frank Welch OF
10. Brocktoon93          Ray Caldwell P
11. keymaster              Red Shannon SS
12. Sooners07            Cliff Brady 2b

Round 20:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years- Tuesday January 28, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Charlie High OF
2.   keymaster              Joe Schultz OF
3.   Brocktoon93          Griffith Stadium
4.   dbjerke                   Bob Jones 3b
5.   glowguy                  Frank Ellerbe 3b
6.   ljemd                       Red Oldham P
7.   MMTDad                 Bert Gallea P
8.   papabilly                 Josh Billing C
9.   flippen                     Gene Paulette 1b
10. ChicagoAaron        Braves Field
11. kyip1986                   Johnny Enzman P
12. robboogie                Eric Erickson P

Round 21:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years- Wednesday January 29, 2014

1.    robboogie              Tim Hendrix OF
2.    kyip1986               Sweetbread Baileys P
3.   ChicagoAaron      Braggo Roth OF
4.    flippen                   Charlie Deal 3b
5.   papabilly                 Sammy Hale 3b
6.   MMTDad                 Jimmy Austin 3b
7.   ljemd                       League Park II
8.   glowguy                  Jose Acosta P
9.   dbjerke                   Frank O'Rourke SS
10. Brocktoon93         Ernie Krueger C
11. keymaster              Gene Bailey OF
12. Sooners07            Earl Smith 3b

Round 22:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Wednesday January 29, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Charlie See OF
2.   keymaster              Pickles Dillhoefer C
3.   Brocktoon93          Possum Whitted 3b
4.   dbjerke                   Roy WIlkinson P
5.   glowguy                  Frank Brower OF
6.   ljemd                       Val Picinich C
7.   MMTDad                 Paul Carter P
8.   papabilly                 Shibe Park
9.   flippen                      Bill Hubbell P
10. ChicagoAaron        Doc Ayers P
11. kyip1986                   Harry Lunte SS
12. robboogie                Dick Burrus 1b

Round 23:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Thursday January 30, 2014

1.    robboogie             Les Nunnamaker C
2.    kyip1986               Bill Rariden C
3.   ChicagoAaron      Jim O'Neill SS
4.    flippen                   Doc Lavan SS
5.   papabilly                Swede Risberg SS
6.   MMTDad                 Al Pierotti P
7.   ljemd                       Harry Courtney P
8.   glowguy                  Dots Miller 2b
9.   dbjerke                   Speed Martin P
10. Brocktoon93         Bernie Neis OF
11. keymaster             Gary Fortune P
12. Sooners07            Babe Twombley P

Round 24:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Thursday January 30, 2014

1,   Sooner07              Sportsman's Park III
2.   keymaster            George Payne P
3.   Brocktoon93        Carl Weilmann P
4.   dbjerke                   Roy Moore P
5.   glowguy                  Fred Merkle 1b
6.   ljemd                       Red Causey P
7.   MMTDad                 Al Schaact P
8.   papabilly                 Ping Bodie OF
9.   flippen                      Chick Shorten OF
10. ChicagoAaron        Eddie Murphy OF
11. kyip1986                  Ernie Shore P
12. robboogie               Joe Evans OF

Round 25:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Friday January 31, 2014

1.    robboogie             Hank Thormalein P
2.    kyip1986               Fred Thomas 3b
3.   ChicagoAaron      Bunny Hearn P
4.    flippen                   Walt Kinney P
5.   papabilly                Billy Burwell P
6.   MMTDad                 Mike McNally 2b
7.   ljemd                       Joe Deberrry P
8.   glowguy                  Jim Shaw P
9.   dbjerke                   Frank Okrie P
10. Brocktoon93         Charlie Pick 2b
11. keymaster             Fred McMullin 3b
12. Sooners07            Mike Kircher P

Round 26:     Dirty Dozen II: The Prohibition Years - Friday January 31, 2014

1,   Sooner07               Dick Rudolph P
2.   keymaster              Bill Morrisette P
3.   Brocktoon93          Marv Goodwin P
4.   dbjerke                   Eddie Eayres OF
5.   glowguy                  Larry Doyle 2b
6.   ljemd                       Lee King OF
7.   MMTDad                 Tom Daly C
8.   papabilly                 Ray Schmandt 1b
9.   flippen                     Jack Graney OF
10. ChicagoAaron       Bill McKechnie 3b
11. kyip1986                   Bob Clark P
12. robboogie                Ossie Vitt 3b
2/10/2014 9:31 AM (edited)

     Robboogie              kyip1986               ChicagoAaron           flippen                 papabilly             MMTDad  

1.  B.Ruth OF           R.Hornsby 2b           T.Speaker OF        G.Sisler 1b          E.Rixey P           H.Heilmann 1b
2. C.Williams OF      C.Jamieson OF       R.Youngs OF         W.Cooper P        G.Kelly 1b          K.Williams OF
3.  W.Hoyt P              B.Shawkey P            D.Bancroft SS        G.Burns OF     S.Covalevski P     L.Meadows P
4.  S.Jones P             A.Nehf P                  M.Carey OF           J.Barnes P         B.Meusel OF        H.Dauss P
5.  R.Maranville SS    I.Meusel OF            H.Vaughn P             M.Stock 3b          B.Doak P             M.Ruel C
6.  Joe Bush, P           J.Ring P                  E.Ciccote P            J.Scott P             T.Zachary P            A.Ward 3b
7. J.Johsnson 3b       C.Grimm 1b              S.O'Neill C           I.Olson SS         C.Perkins C         H.McQuillan P
8. F.Snyder C             T.Boekel 3b              H.Groh 3b             L.Cadore P          T.Walker OF         W.Witt OF
9. R.Collins P            P.Douglas P             E.Hamilton P        R.Schalk C          E.Myers P             R.Marquard P
10. R.Powell OF         M.Flack OF              R.Young 2b          H.Myers OF          S.McInnis 1b        W.Gerber SS
11.  H.Ford 2b            A.Sothoron P            E.Konetchy 1b      J.Gedeon 2b         A.Mamaux P        W.Holke 1b
12. J.Smith OF            N.Leibold OF             J.Pfeffer P           L.Williams P        A.Fletcher SS      M.Watson P
13. B.Friberg 2b          D.Mails P                 J.Wood OF       C.Heathcoate OF     C.Milan OF          A.Russel P
14.  J.May P                   M.ONeill C               D.Keefe P            F.Nicholson OF    B.Napier P           P.Kilduff 2b  
15.  D.Fillingim P         L.Kopf SS                  L.Tyler P                 R.Naylor P     R.Wrightstone 3b    A.Strunk OF
16.  C.Lee C                 E.Jacobs P         L.Christenbury OF       O.Miller C          G.Cutshaw 2b      I.Wingo C
17.  H.Betts P          D.Lebourveau OF         J.Zinn P                   M.Rath 2b         H.Harper P          D.Paskert OF
18.  D.Robertson OF     B.McGraw P      B.Killefer C                 L.North P             B.Karr P               B.Bayne P
19.  Tiger                       Comiskey            G.Mohart P                  Fenway             C.Hendrix P             Ebbetts
20.  E.Erickson P      J.Enzmann P              Braves                   G.Paulette 1b     J.Billing C             B.Gallea P
21.  T.Hendrix OF       S.Baileys P               B.Roth OF                 C.Deal 2b          S.Hale 3b            J.Austin 3b
22.  D.Burris 1b         H.Lunte SS                D.Ayers P                 B.Hubbell P           Shibe                  P.Carter P
23.  L.Nunamaker C B.Rariden C            J.O'Neill SS               D.Lavan SS      S.Riseberg SS      A.Pierotti P
24.  J.Evans OF         F.Thomas 3b          E.Murphy OF            C.Shorten OF         P.Bodie OF        A.Schaact P
25.  H.Thormalein P   B.Clark P               B.Hearn P                  W.Kinney P          B.Burwell OF     M.McNally 2b
26.  O.Vitt 3b                E.Shore P          B.McKechnie 3b           J.Graney OF       R.Schmandt 1b    T,Daly C

       ljemd                          glowguy                dbjerke             Brocktoon93          keymaster        Soooners07   
1.  P.Alexander P          F. Frisch 3b         B.Grimes P          D.Luque P               R.Faber P           T.Cobb OF
2.  J.Sewell SS            U.Shocker P        B.Jacobson OF    W.Johnson P         S.Rice OF            E.Collins 2b
3.  J.Haines P              H.Pennock P         E.Roush OF        P.Traynor SS        B.Adams P            E.Rommel P
4.  B.O'Farrell C           J.Judge 1b            H.Ehmke P          J.Fournier 1b         Z.Wheat OF          C.Mays P
5.  J.Tobin OF              J.Quinn P               W.Pipp 1b              G.Uhle P              F.Toney P             B.Veach OF
6.   B.Sherdel P            H.Hooper OF         B.Harris 2b         I.Flagstead OF    J.Daubert 1b         W.Schang C
7.  G.Burns OF       R.Peckinpaugh SS    D.Ruether P          J.***** 2b           G.Mogridge P      C.Hollicher SS
8.  J.Dugan 3b             D.Pratt 2b               H.Severeid C       E.Smith OF           B.Weaver 3b       J.Jackson OF
9.  B.Southworth OF  J.Bagby Sr P          P.Duncan OF       C.Bigbee OF         C.Mitchell P         L.Gardner 3b
10. B.Wambgnss 2b   A.McHenry P          H.Felsch OF         E.VanGilder P       P.Gharrity C       J.Oeschger P
11. R.Benton P            E.Smith OF          R.Chapman SS       S.Smith P             Z.Terry SS          S.Salee P
12. H.Carlson P           S.Harriss P            D.Davis P             E.Ponder P            H.Eller P             R.Fisher P
13. T.Griffith OF           V.Clemons C         H.Shanks 3b          G.Myatt OF          C.Stengel OF       J.Wisner P
14. D.Johnston 1b       H.Gowdy C             D.Kerr P                E.Scott SS          J.Rawlings 2b       G.Morton P
15. C.Galloway SS      D.Niehaus P          W.Schmidt C         F.Schupp P          J.Winters P           L.Mann OF
16. M.Menosky OF       E.Foster 3b            S.Collins 1b          B.Pinelli 1b          W.Cruise OF         T.Barber 1b
17. R.Walters C           S.Perry P                G.Smith P                G.Neale OF            Yankee               C.Brady 2b
18. D.Bush SS              Polo V                        Forbes              E.Ainsmith C            B.Hasty P            E.Smith 3b
19.  D.Leonard P          B.Kauff OF              F.Welch OF          R.Caldwell P       R.Shannon SS     B.Twombly P
20.  R.Oldham P          F.Ellerbe 3b            B.Jones 3b            Griffith                    J.Shulltz OF        M.Kircher P
21.  League Park         J.Acosta P              F.O'Rourke SS     E.Krueger C           G.Bailey OF         D.Rudolph P
22.  V.Picinich C           F.Brower OF         R.Wilkinson P       P.Whitted OF          P.Dillhoefer C       J.Sullivan OF
23.  H.Courtney P         D.Miller 2b             S.Martin OF           B.Neis OF             G.Fortune P            N.Allen C
24.  R.Causey P           F.Merkle 1b             R.Moore P          C.Weillman P         B.Morrisette P        C.High OF
25.   P .Deberry P          J.Shaw P                  F.Okire P             C.Pick 2b              G.Payne P            Sportsmans
26.   L.King OF             L.Doyle 2b              J.Graney OF       M.Goodwin P           F.McMullin 3b          C.See OF

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I'll make I quick

Babe Ruth-OF
1/17/2014 3:02 PM
kyip1986 takes Rogers Hornsby
1/17/2014 3:24 PM
OF Tris Speaker
1/17/2014 3:38 PM
George Sisler, 1B
1/17/2014 4:46 PM
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