Need 2 for the 1955 Team Icon Topic

We need two owners for the 1955 season of the Team Icon League. Basic rules are that you can only draft or trade for players who played for your team at some point in their career. The open teams are the Indians and the Red Sox.

Specific League Rules:


Keeper Rules - All players that fall in to the 2 keeper categories below will be forced on their respected franchise. They can not be traded or cut.

CAREER KEEPERS - Any player who has played his entire career for one team (or entire WiS career) will belong to that team. If a player has played for several teams but has only racked up 50 AB or 25 IP in a season for one team he will also belong to the team for which he played the bulk of his career. So if Player A plays four full seasons for the Dodgers, then goes to the Cubs where he only nets 30 ABs and is traded to the Mets where he gets another 30 he will be still be considered a Dodgers Career Keeper.

TEAM ICONS - Any player whose first ten or more eligible WIS seasons are with the same team, and who has had no more than 3 WIS seasons with other teams (including defunct teams) will be designated a Team Icon and belong to the team whom he played 10 years for.


-Any player who racked up more than 25 IP/50 AB with a single active franchise, regardless of seasons with a defunct franchise (Pirates, Cubs, Athletics, Senators) will be the property of the active franchise.

- If a player is traded during his 10th season he will still qualify and that season will not be used against his 3.

- If a player is traded during his first WIS season but has compiled say 30 ABs for Team A and 30 for Team B, teams can use this season to count towards the 10.

- If a player plays 11 seasons for team A, then for the next 4 seasons picked up 30 ABs for 2 different teams each season (so 60 total each year), he will not be eligible. 

- Any players being kept this way is allowed to be put on IR any season he did not play for your franchise.

- Any Team Icon being may be placed on IR any season he did not play for your franchise.

- Any player who played every game for an expansion/defunct team or has fewer than 25 IP/50 AB will not be eligible to be drafted by any team.


*Every other player who does not fall in to one of these rules will be eligible to be drafted by any team he appeared in 1 game for (any team that shows up on his B-R page at the time of the draft).

Remember any TI/CK that has less than 50IP/130AB can be put in AAA. Any Team Icons that did not play for your team that season can be put on IR. There are a few new TIs in the list because of the four defunct franchises (CHC, PIT, PHA, WSH.)
1/23/2014 10:49 AM

1955 Boston Red Sox
23 Keepers
Need 2 Picks

C Sammy White (BOS, MLN, PHI)
C Matt Batts (DET, BOS, BAL, CHW, CIN)
1B Norm Zauchin RED SOX TI
1B Vic Wertz (BOS, BAL, CLE, DET)
2B Pete Runnels RED SOX TI
2B Billy Goodman (BOS, CHW, BAL)
3B George Kell (BOS,DET, CHW, BAL)
3B Vern Stephens (BOS, BAL)
OF Ted Williams RED SOX CK
OF Jim Piersall (BOS, CLE)
OF Faye Throneberry RED SOX CK
OF Roman Mejias RED SOX TI
P Johnny Schmitz (BOS, BRO, CIN, NYY)
P Billy Hoeft (BOS, DET, CHC, SFG, BAL)
P Frank Sullivan (BOS, PHI)
P Willard Nixon RED SOX CK
P Tom Brewer RED SOX CK
P Dean Stone (STL, BOS, BAL, CHW)
P Mel Parnell RED SOX CK
P Ellis Kinder (BAL, BOS, STL, CHW)
P Dave Hillman RED SOX TI

C Pete Dailey RED SOX TI
3B Floyd Baker (BOS, CHW, PHI, BAL)
SS Milt Bolling RED SOX CK Until '56
OF Karl Olson RED SOX TI Until '56
P Russ Kemmerer (CHW, BOS) IR until '57

The Red Sox pick 2nd in the 1955 Draft and own the rights to the Indians 1st and 2nd Round Picks as well (#10.) They have the following rookies available. There will be more availables based on cuts and undrafted players from previous drafts.

Billy Klaus (BOS, PHI, MLN, BAL)
Frank Baumann (BOS, CHW)
Rudy Minarcin (BOS, CIN)
Tom Sturdivant (NYY, BOS, DET)
George Susce (BOS, DET)

Due to the nature of the draft trading is pretty active so if none of those guys interest you trading the pick to another team for players/future picks is definitely doable.

1/23/2014 11:40 AM (edited)

1955 Cleveland Indians
23 Keepers
Need 2 Picks

C Sherm Lollar (CHW, BAL, NYY, CLE)
C Ed Fitz Gerald INDIANS TI
C Hal Naragon INDIANS TI
1B Mickey Vernon (CLE, BOS, MLN)
2B Bobby Avila INDIANS CK
SS Billy Hunter (BAL, NYY, BAL, CLE)
3B Fred Marsh (BAL, CHW, BAL, CLE)
OF Wally Post (CIN, PHI, CLE, MIN)
OF Gene Woodling (CLE, NYY, BAL)
OF Harry Simpson (NYY, CLE, CHW)

P Mike Garcia INDIANS TI
P Bud Podbielan (BRO, CIN, CLE)
P Art Houtteman (CLE, DET)
P Sam Jones (CLE, STL, NYG, DET)
P Jack Harshman (CHW, CLE, BAL, NYG, BOS)
P Don Mossi (CLE, DET, CHW)
P Bob Grim (NYY, STL, CIN, CLE)

1B Joe Altobelli INDIANS TI
OF Dale Mitchell INDIANS CK
P Jose Santiago INDIANS CK

The Indians traded away their 1st and 2nd Round Picks to the Red Sox last season but if you take over this team you will get a compensation pick at the end of the 1st Round to make up for that.

Available Rookies
C Hank Foiles (CLE, CIN, BAL, DET)
1B Bob Hale (BAL, CLE, NYY)
OF Jim Bolger (CIN, PHI, CLE)
OF Jim King (NYG, STL, CLE, CHW)
OF Bubba Phillips (CHW, CLE, DET)
P Ted Abernathy (CIN, CLE, MLN, STL)
P Pedro Ramos (CLE, NYY, CIN, PHI)
P Humberto Robinson (MLN, PHI, CLE)
P Herb Score (CLE, CHW)
P Bobby Tiefenauer (MLN, STL, CLE, NYY)

1/23/2014 11:48 AM (edited)
Also if anyone is interested in one of the other two defunct AL teams we have already developed a system of moving teams so you could pick either of these two teams and move them to Washington or Kansas City. The Senators have Killebrew starting in 1955 so you'd get him for free if you moved one of these teams to Washington.
1/23/2014 12:37 PM
I would like the Red Sox if you'll have me for this league.
1/23/2014 2:30 PM
I'll take the redsox
1/23/2014 2:40 PM
aww crap, just missed it
1/23/2014 2:40 PM
The Indians are still available. They are a pretty strong team in the AL with a lot of solid talent.
1/23/2014 6:52 PM
I will take the Indians, hope they are available. Please PM me with league # and I will enter soon. ht.
2/5/2014 11:48 AM
Both teams have been filled for 1955. Thanks for your interest though!!
2/5/2014 1:09 PM
Need 2 for the 1955 Team Icon Topic

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